Shri Ram to reach Shringverpur, served by Nishad

Shri Ram to reach Shringverpur -Pure (devoid of the naturalistic trinity, unmatched celestial Mars) Satchidananda-Kande Swaroop, the flag form of Sun Kul, Lord Sri Ramachandraji has a character similar to humans, which is like a bridge to cross the ocean like the world.

When Nishadraj Guh got this news, he rejoiced, he called his loved ones and siblings and went to meet him by taking fruits, mool (tubers) to present, and filling them in loads (bhangis). There was no cross of joy in his heart.
He offered obeisance and kept looking at the Lord with great love. Shri Raghunath ji, sitting under natural affection, asked him to sit with him and ask him.
Nishadraj replied – O Nath! Only by seeing your Charankamal is efficient (after seeing your Charanvarindas) today I have come to the count of fortunate men. Hey, God! This earth, money and home are all yours. I am your lowly servant with family.
Now please come to Pur (Shringverpur) and increase the prestige of this slave, so that everyone will magnify my fortune. Mr. Ramchandraji said- O sujana sakha! Everything you said is true, but Father has given me more orders.
(According to his knowledge) I have to stay in the forest for fourteen years, fasting and wearing monkeys and eating food worthy of them, it is not right to live within the village. Guh felt very sad to hear this.
Seeing the form of Shri Ramji, Lakshmanji and Sitaji discusses with love the men and women of the village. (Someone says-) Hey friend! Say, how are those parents who have sent such (beautiful Sukumar) children to the forest?
Some say: The king did well, on the pretext that Brahma gave us the benefit of the eyes. Then Nishad Raj conjectured in the heart, then considered Ashoka tree (for his stay) beautiful.
He took Shri Raghunathji and showed him the place. Shri Ramchandraji (seeing) said that it is beautiful in all respects. The people of Puhar returned to their respective homes after performing the ritual (Vandana) and had to go to the evening to worship Shri Ram Chandraji.
Guh (meanwhile) decorated and spread the soft and beautiful companions of Kush and soft leaves, seeing the holy, the sweet and the tender, filled both the fruit-root and the water (or filled the fruit-root with his hand). – Keep it completely)
Raghukul Mani Shri Ramchandraji lay down after eating the root-fruit of fruits including Sitaji, Sumantraji and brother Lakshmanji. Brother Laxmanji started pressing his feet.
Then, knowing Lord Shree Ramachandraji was sleeping, Lakshmanji got up and asked Komal Vani to sleep to the minister Sumantraji from there and started waking up (guarded) with a bow and arrow, some distance away.
Guh summoned the confidant guards and appointed him from place to place with great love, and you sat near Laxmanji by tying the waist in the waist and putting an arrow on the bow.
Seeing Prabhu sleeping on the ground, Nishaad Raj became sad in his heart. His body became pulsed and water started flowing from the eyes (of the prematures). He started uttering words to Laxmanji with love.
The palace of King Dasharathaji is beautiful by nature, even Indrabhavan whose equality can not be found. There are chaubare (bungalows above the roof) made of beautiful jewels, which is made by Rati’s husband Kamadeva by decorating his own hands.
Those who are pure, very eccentric, full of beautiful pleasures and decorated with the fragrance of flowers, where there are beautiful beds and lamps of the mind and all kinds of rest,
Where (there are many clothes, pillows, and mattresses) which are soft, serene (bright) and beautiful like milk froth, (in those quarters) Shri Sitaji and Shri Ramchandraji used to sleep at night and show their beauty. Used to destroy the pride of Rati and Cupid.
The same Shri Sita and Shri Ramji have slept without any clothes, tired on the grass. In such a situation, they are not seen. Mother, father, family member, people, friends, friends, good-natured slaves, and maids –
All those who used to do the same as their souls, the same Lord Ramchandraji is sleeping on earth today. Whose father is Janakji, whose influence is famous in the world, whose father-in-law is Indra’s friend Raghuraj Dasarathaji?
And a husband is Shri Ramchandraji, the same Janaki ji is sleeping on the ground today. Who is not the creator unfavorable! Are Sitaji and Shri Ramchandraji worthy of the forest? People tell the truth that karma (destiny) is the prime.
Kaikeyaraj’s girl, a low-minded, Kaikeyi, did a lot of mischiefs, which made Raghunandan Shri Ramji and Janaki ji sad at the time of happiness.
She got axed for a tree-like Suryakul. That evil spirit made the whole world sad. Nishad felt very sad to see Shri Ram and Sita sleeping on the ground.

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