Shri Ram Valmiki Dialogue ayodhyaakaand

Shri Ram Valmiki Dialogue -Seeing the beautiful forests, ponds and mountains, Lord Ramchandraji came to Valmiki’s ashram. Shri Ramchandraji saw that Muni’s residence is very beautiful, where there are beautiful mountains, forests and holy water.

Trees are blooming in the lotus and forests in the ponds, and the bunnies mashed in Makaranda juice are making beautiful humming. Many birds and animals are clamoring and wandering with a happy heart, devoid of hatred.
Kamal Nayan Shri Ramchandraji was delighted to see the holy and beautiful ashram. Hearing the arrival of Raghu Shrestha Shri Ramji, Muni Valmikiji came forward to take him.
Shri Ramchandraji worshiped the sage. Vipra Shrestha Muni blessed him. On seeing the image of Shri Ramchandraji, Muni’s eyes became cold. Respectfully munis brought them to the ashram.
The best sage Valmikiji found the beloved guests and asked for sweet tubers, origin and fruits for them. Shri Sitaji, Laxmanji and Ramchandraji ate the fruits. Then the sage told them (to rest) beautiful places.
(Muni is sitting near Shri Ramji and his) Valmikiji is enjoying a lot of happiness by seeing the Mangal idol with eyes. Then, Shri Raghunathji joined the hands of Kamalasuddha, and said the sweet words which give pleasure to the ears.
Hey Muninath! You are trikaldarshi. The whole world is like a plum on your palm. Lord Shree Ramachandraji narrated the story in detail, saying the way Rani Kaikeyi gave exile again.
(And said-) Oh God! The obedience of the father, the interest of the mother and the brother of (affectionate and righteous) brother like Bharat and then I see you, all this is the effect of my virtue.
Hey Muniraj! Today, all our virtues became successful by seeing your feet (we got the fruits of all virtues). Now where you have your orders and where no monk udveg is received –
Because monks and ascetics suffer from it, those kings are burnt without fire (from their evil deeds). Satisfaction of Brahmins is the root of all forests and the anger of Bhudev Brahmins consumes crores of clans.
Thinking this in your heart – tell me the place where I go with Lakshmana and Sita and make beautiful leaves and grass pits there, O kind! I stay for some time.
Hearing the simple speech of Shri Ramji, the learned sage Valmiki said – Blessed! Blessed! O flag of Raghukul! Why wouldn’t you say that? You always observe (protect) the dignity of the Vedas.
Hey Ram! You are the protector of the dignity of the Vedas, Jagadishwar and Mayankiji (your form Bhuta) Maya, who creates, maintains and destroys the world by finding your stance of grace. Sheshaji Lakshman, the lord of the pasture, who is the owner of snakes with a thousand heads and who holds the earth on his head. For the work of the gods, you have taken the body of the king and destroyed the army of evil demons.
Hey Ram! Your form is imperceptible of speech, beyond intelligence, latent, inexplicable and inexhaustible. The Vedas constantly describe it as ‘Neti-neti’.
Hey Ram! The world is visible, you are about to see it. You are also going to dance Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. When they too do not know your heart, then who else is going to know you?
He only knows you, whom you give birth to, and knows that he becomes your form. Hey Raghunandan! O sandalwood that cools the hearts of devotees! By your grace devotees get to know you.
Your body is chidanandamay (it is not karmic bondage, trideha specific myik, made of naturalistic Panch mahabhutas) and is devoid of all vices (genesis-destruction, growth-decay etc.), this secret is known only by the possessive men. You have worn a (divine) male body for the work of deities and saints and say and do like Prakrit (a body made of elements of nature, ordinary) kings.
Hey Ram! The foolish people get fascinated by seeing and hearing your characters and the knowledgeable ones are happy. Whatever you say, all that is true (justified), because you must dance as much as you can.
You asked me where should I live? But I can ask you to state the place where you are not. Then I will show you the place to live.
Hearing the words written by the Muni’s Premaras, Shri Ramchandraji smiled in his mind for fear of revealing the secret. Valmikiji laughed and then dipped the sweet voice soaked in nectar juice.
O Lord Rama! Listen, now I tell you the place where you, along with Sitaji and Laxmanji, reside. Whose ears are like the sea from many beautiful rivers like your beautiful story.
He is constantly filling, but never full (His contented), His heart is a beautiful home for you, And those who have kept their eyes shattering, Who are always longing for your visible cloud.
And those who disrespect heavy rivers, oceans and lakes, and a drop of your beauty (cloudy) becomes happy with water (that is, the slightest, subtle, in front of a tableau of any part of one of your divine truthful images And the reason is to despise the beauty of the three worlds i.e. Earth, Heaven and Brahmalok), O Raghunathji! Reside in those heart-pleasing buildings with the help of brothers Lakshmanji and Sitaji.
In your fame as Nirmal Mansarovar, whose tongue remains a swine, you continue to devour the pearls of your quality, O Ramji! You dwell in his heart.
Whose nostrils receive (smell) the sacred and fragrant (Pushpadi) beautiful offerings of the Lord with constant reverence and those who offer food to you and wear robes as your offerings,
Whose foreheads bow with tenderness on seeing the gods, gurus and Brahmins, whose hands worship the feet of Shri Ramchandraji (you) every day, and whose heart trusts Shri Ramachandraji (you), not the other,
And whose feet go in the shrines of Shri Ramchandraji (you), O Ramji! You stay in their mind. Those who regularly chant your (Rama name form) Mantraraj and worship you with family (parikar).
Those who perform tarpan and havan in many ways and give food to the Brahmins by giving them a lot of donations, and those who know the Guru more (bigger) than you in the heart and respectfully serve them.
And by doing all these deeds, everyone asks for the only fruit that we should have love at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji, both of you settled in the temples of the hearts of those who enjoy Sitaji and Raghukul.
Those who have neither work, anger, item, pride and fascination, neither greed, nor anger, nor passion, nor malice, nor hypocrisy, conceit and illusion – O Raghuraj! May you live in their heart.
Those who are loved and loved by all, who have the same sorrow and joy and praise (brag) and abusive (condemnation), who think and speak truthful and dear words, and those who are awake are your refuge.
And except you who have no other speed (shelter), O Ramji! You settle in their mind. Those who know a foreigner like a mother who gives birth to a woman, and alien wealth which is heavier than poison.
Those who are happy to see other’s wealth and are especially sad to see other’s woes and O Ramji! Those whom you love like life, their hearts are auspicious buildings for you.
Hey Tat Whose masters, sakhas, fathers, mothers, and gurus are all you, in the temple of your mind, both of you brothers along with Sita should reside.
Those who take away the qualities of everyone except the demerits, suffer for the Brahmin and Go, the beautiful mind of those who have dignity in the world, in policy-mastery, is your home.
Whoever considers your qualities and doshas as yours, who trusts you in all ways and resides with Sita in the heart of the devotee whom Ram loves.
Caste, husband, wealth, religion, bravado, loving family, and a house that gives happiness, leaving everyone who holds you only in your heart, O Raghunathji! You stay in his heart.
Heaven, hell and salvation are equal in sight, because he sees you everywhere, wearing a bow and arrow, and who is your servant with karma, word and mind, O Ramji! You encamp in his heart.
Whoever does not need anything and whoever has a natural love for you, reside continuously in his mind, it is your own home.
In this way Muni Shrestha Valmikiji showed the house to Shri Ramchandraji. May Shri Ramji’s heart be liked by his loving words. Then the sage said – O lord of Suryakul! Listen, now I call this time a soothing ashram (I will tell you the place of residence).
If you live on Mount Chitrakoot, there is all kinds of facilities for you. It is a pleasant mountain and beautiful forest. It is a shrine for elephants, lions, deer and birds.
There is the holy river, which is praised by the Puranas, and which Anasuya, the wife of Atri Rishi, brought from his Tapobal. She is the stream of Gangaji, her Mandakini name. To eat all that sinful children is the form of a witch.
Many excellent sages reside there, who tightens the body by doing yoga, chanting and penance. O Lord Rama! Come, make everyone’s hard work successful and glorify even the best Chitrakoot mountain.

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