Shri Ram-Vashistha

Shri Ram-Vashistha Dialogue, Shri Ramji’s visit to Amrai with brothers

Religious story

Shri Ram-Vashistha Dialogue, Shri Ramji’s visit to Amrai with brothers

Once Muni Vasisthaji came to the place where Shri Ramji was the abode of beautiful happiness. Shri Raghunathji honored him very much and washed his feet and took Charanamrita.

The Muni folded her hands and said – O Kripasagar Shri Ramji! Listen to some of my requests! Seeing your demeanors (human characters), there is immense fascination (confusion) in my heart.
Oh God! Your glory is not limited, even the Vedas do not know it. How can I say that? The karma (occupation) of the priest is very inferior. The Vedas, Puranas and Smriti all condemn it.
When I did not take him (priestly work of Suryavansha), then Brahmaji told me – O son! You will benefit greatly from this later. Brahma, the Supreme Personality of God himself, will be the Bhushan King of Raghukul.
Then I thought in my heart that for which yoga, yagya, fasting and charity are done, I will be able to get it from this karma, then there is no other religion like it.
Chanting, penance, niyam, yoga, religion of their own (Varnashrama), many auspicious deeds, wisdom, mercy, dum (indriyenigrah), pilgrimage, etc. arising from Srutis as far as Vedas and saints have called religions (their To do) – 4
(And) Lord! The best fruit of reading and listening to many tantras, Vedas and Puranas is the same and all the means also have such a beautiful fruit that your feet always have love forever.
Does scum wash leave dirt? Can anyone get ghee from churning water? (Similarly) O Raghunathji! Without love (pure) water, the feces of conscience never go away.
He is omniscient, he is a philosopher and a pundit, he is a house of virtues and a monolithic scientist, he is clever and full of all the remedies, who has love in your feet.

Farewell of apes and nishad

Where are you? Hey Sri Ramji! I ask for a bridesmaid, please give me. In the feet of Lord (you), my love should never fall in birth after birth.
Saying this, Muni Vashistha came home. He liked the mind of Shri Ramji very kindly. Subsequently, Shri Ramji, who gave happiness to the servants, took Hanumanji and Bharatji brothers together.
And then Kripalu went outside Shri Ramji Nagar and asked for elephants, chariots and horses. Seeing them, the Lord appreciated everyone and gave them what they wanted, considering it appropriate.
The lord who defeated all the labor of the world experienced labor (in distributing elephants, horses etc.) and went to (to eradicate the labor) where there was a cold amrai (garden of mangoes). Bharatji laid his clothes there. God sat on him and all the brothers started serving him.
At that time, Pawanputra Hanumanji started doing Pawan (fan). His body became pulsed and water filled the eyes (of Premashru). (Shivji started saying-) O Church! Like Hanumanji, there is neither a great partner nor a lover of the feet of Shri Ramji, whose love and service (himself) has been magnified repeatedly by the Lord from his Shrimukh.


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