Shri Ramcharitmanas Balkand know in detail

Shri Ramcharitmanas Balkand  First step

I worship Saraswatiji and Ganesha performing letters, semantic groups, juices, verses, and marshes.

I offer obeisance to Shree Parvatiji and Shree Shankarji in the form of reverence and faith, without whom Siddhajans cannot see God in their conscience.

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I praise the guru of knowledge, continual, Shankar, due to his dependence, the zealous moon is also blessed everywhere.

I salute Kavishwar Shri Valmikiji and Kapishwar Shri Hanuman, who are pure monkeys of Shri Sitaramji, who live in the sacred forest.

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I salute Shri Sitaji, the beloved of Shri Ramchandraji, who originates, conditions (abides) and destroys, defeats tribulations, and performs all welfare.

The entire world, dominated by Maya, is a Brahmin god and demon, whose power, like the serpent’s illusion in the rope, makes this whole scene seem to be true and whose only steps are the only boats for those who wish to escape from Bhavnagar. For all the reasons (due to all the reasons and best) I worship Lord Hari, who is knows as Rama.

Consistent with many Puranas.

Vedas, and (Tantra) scriptures and which are mentioned in the Ramayana and also available elsewhere.

Tulsidas elaborates the story of Shri Raghunathji in a very beautiful language for the pleasure of his conscience.

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Those who remember all the works are prove.

those who are the lord of the ganas and the face of the beautiful elephant.

only those who have the zodiac of wisdom and the auspicious properties (Shri Ganesha) please me.

By whose grace the dumb become very beautiful.

the clumsy man climbs the inaccessible mountain, let the merciful (God) burn me with all the sins of the Kali Yuga (have mercy).

So Those who are black like Nilkamal.

like a blossoming red lotus who has eyes and who sleeps on Kshirasagar always.

may God (Narayana) reside in my heart.

So Those who have the same (gaur) body of a blossoming flower and the moon.

the beloved of Parvatiji and the abode of mercy and who have affection for the poor.

Because they should please me (Shankarji), who mourns Kamdev.


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