Shri Ramji, Laxmanji, Sitaji go to ask goodbye to Maharaj Dasharatha, Dasharathaji to convince Sitaji

Shri Ramji, Laxmanji, Sitaji go to ask goodbye to Maharaj Dasharatha, Dasharathaji to convince Sitaji  –Saying ‘Dear Ramji hai’, the minister picked up the king and made him sit. On seeing both the sons (ready for the forest) including Sita, the king was very distraught.

So On seeing the two beautiful sons, including Sita, the king leaves Akula and affectionately puts them on his heart.

The king is distraught, cannot speak. There is terrible grief in the heart from mourning. Then the hero of Raghukul, Shri Ramchandraji with great love turned his head and woke up and asked for farewell.

Because Hey daddy Bless and command me Why are you mourning at the time of joy? Hey Tat Due to the love of the beloved, doing pramad (error in duty) will continue to gain fame and condemnation in the world.

Because Hearing this, the king got up with affection and grabbed the arm of Shri Raghunathji and seated him and said – O Tat! So Listen, for you sages say that Shri Ram is the owner of the pasture.

So According to auspicious and inauspicious deeds, God gives thought in the heart and gives fruit, he who performs the work gets the same fruit. Because Such is the policy of Vedas, all of them say it.

(But the opposite is happening on this occasion,) If someone else commits the crime, and someone else suffers its fruits. Because God’s Leela is very strange, who is there in the world to know that?

The king thus took a lot of measures to keep Sri Ramachandra, leaving a trick, but when he saw the attitude of the religious, patient, and wise Shri Ramji and he did not know while he was living.

Then the king engaged Sitaji with his heart and gave a lot of education with great love. Because Saying the sadness of the forest as sorrow. Then explained the pleasures of the mother-in-law, father-in-law, and father (to be near).

But the mind of Sitaji was attached to the feet of Shri Ramchandraji, so he did not like the house, and neither did the forest feel terrible. Then all the people also explained the abundance of plagues in the forest and explained to Sitaji.

The wife of Minister Sumantraji and Arundhatiji, the lady of Guru Vashistha, and more clever women, with affection, says to the gentle voice that you (the king) have not given exile, so whatever father-in-law, guru, and mother-in-law say, you do the same.

Because Sitaji did not like hearing this soft, benevolent, sweet, and soft learning.Because (She became distraught in this way) As if the moon of the autumn moon had started to become confused.

So Sitaji hesitantly does not answer. Because After hearing these things Kaikeyi blushed. So He brought the clothes, jewelery (garland, mekhala, etc.) and utensils (kamandalu, etc.) of the sages and placed them in front of Shri Ramchandraji and said to the gentle voice-॥

Because Hey Raghuveer! So The king loves you like a life. So Bheeru (a lovingly weak heart) King will not leave modesty and affection! Virtue, beautiful fame, and the hereafter may be destroyed, but they will never tell you to go to the forest.

So Think of what you like and do it. Hearing the mother’s teachings, Shri Ramchandraji found (great) happiness, but the king felt these words as arrows. (They started thinking) Still, the unfortunate soul (why) did not come out!

So The king fainted, people are distraught. Because Nobody seems to know what to do. So Shri Ramchandraji immediately made a disguise for the Muni and left the parents with their heads.

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