Shri Ramji walks with the army of monkeys to reach the beach.

Shri Ramji walks with the army of monkeys to reach the beach.

Vanararaj Sugriva soon called the monkeys, groups of generals arrived. Herds of apes and bears are of many colors and they have incredible strength.

They give heads in the lotus feet of the Lord. Great bears and roars are roaring. Shri Ramji saw the whole army of apes. Then looked at him with lotus eyes kindly.
With the power of Ram’s grace, the great apes became big mountains with wings. Then Shri Ramji cheered and departed. There were many beautiful and auspicious things.

Reaching across the ocean, returning everyone, Madhuvan entry, Sugriva Milan, Shri Ram-Hanuman dialogue

For those whose fame is complete with all the marshals, it is the policy to be present at the time of their departure (Leela has dignity) Lord Jankiji also knew the departure of God. His left limbs would tear apart as if to say (that Shri Ramji is coming).
Whatever Shakun used to be to Jankiji, he became a bad omen for Ravana. Who can describe how the army went? Numerous apes and bears roar.
Only those who have weapons, they are walking through the sky and some are going to the earth, holding the bear-monkey mountains and trees running at will (everywhere uninterrupted). They are roaring like lions. The elephants of the directions are distracted (by their walking and roaring).
Elephants in the direction began to chirp, the earth began to tremble, the mountains became fickle (shook) and the sea began to fizzle. Gandharvas, Gods, sages, nagas, eunuchs all rejoiced in the mind ‘that (now) our sorrows have been averted. Many crores of monkey warriors are chopping and crores are running. They are singing to their virtues, calling out ‘Prabal Pratap Kosalnath Shri Ramchandraji ki Jai Ho’.
Even the benevolent (supreme and great) Sarparaj Sesha ji cannot bear the burden of the army, he gets fascinated (baffled) again and again and again grabs the stiff back of the turtle with teeth. While doing this (ie, by repeatedly biting the teeth and pulling a line on the back of the tortoise), how they are adorning as if writing the immaculate holy journey of Shri Ramachandraji on the back of the serpent, Sheshaji Kachhap, knowing his immaculate holy story 4
In this way Kripanidhan Sri Ramji went to the beach. Many bears and monkeys started eating fruits everywhere.

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