Shri Ramji's anger

Shri Ramji’s anger at the sea and the solicitation of the sea, the glory of Shri Ram’s praise

Religious story

Shri Ramji’s anger at the sea and the solicitation of the sea, the glory of Shri Ram’s praise

Three days have passed here, but the root sea does not agree. Then Shri Ramji said with anger – there is no love without fear!

Hey Laxman! Bring a bow and arrow, soak the sea with fire. Modesty with the foolish, love with the devious, naturally beautiful policy from the miser (preaching of generosity),
The story of knowledge from a man trapped in Mamta, the description of disinterestedness with great avarice, the talk of Shami (peace) with anger, and the story of God from Kami, have the same fruit as sowing seeds in Osar (ie in Osar Like sowing seeds, it all goes in vain)
Saying this, Shri Raghunathji offered a bow. This opinion was very good for Laxmanji’s mind. The Lord made terrible (fire) arrows, due to which the flame of fire rose inside the heart of the sea.
However, snakes and groups of fish were disturbed. When the sea made the creatures burn, then after filling the many jewels (gems) in the gold platter, he left the pride and came as a Brahmin.
(Kakbhushundiji says-) O Garuda! Listen, irrespective of the number of measures irrigated, but the banana grows only after cutting. Lowly does not respectfully, he bends only when rebuked (comes on the way).
The sea frightened and held the feet of the Lord and said – O Nath! Forgive all my demerits (faults). Hey Nath! Sky, air, fire, water and earth – doing them all is root by nature.
With your inspiration, Maya created them for the creation, this is what all the texts have sung. For which, as the owner has commanded, he gets pleasure in living in the same way.
The Lord has done well which gave me education (punishment), but Maryada (nature of creatures) is also yours. Drums, Gandar, Shudra, animals and women – they are all entitled to education.
I will be dried up by the Lord’s majesty and the army will cross over, there is no praise for me (I will not be dignified). However, the Lord’s command is apel (ie, your command cannot be violated). Now whatever you like, I will do the same immediately.
Hearing the very gracious words of the sea, kindly Shri Ramji smiled and said – O Tat! As the army of monkeys crosses, tell me the solution.
(The sea said)) O Nath! Neil and Nal are two monkey brothers. He was blessed with a sage in his childhood. Only by touching them, heavy mountains will also float on the sea with your majesty.
I will also hold the sovereignty of the Lord in my heart and help according to my strength (as far as I can be made). Hey Nath! In this way bind the sea, so that your beautiful glory can be sung in all the three worlds.
With this arrow slaughter the evil men of sin living on my north coast. Kripalu and Randhir Shri Ramji, upon hearing the anguish of the mind of the sea, defeated him immediately (ie, killed those wicked with arrows).
Seeing the huge force and courage of Shri Ram, the sea became happy and happy. He told the whole character of those wicked people to God. Then after worshiping the feet, the sea went away.
Samudra went to his house, Mr. Raghunathji liked this idea (his advice). This character is about to defeat the sins of Kali Yuga, sung by Tulsidas according to his wisdom. The virtues of Shri Raghunathji are the abode of happiness, the destroyer of doubt and the suppressor of depression. Oh stupid mind! Give up all hope and confidence of the world and sing and listen to them constantly.
The praise of Shri Raghunathji is to give the whole beautiful forests. Those who will listen to it with respect, they will permeate Bhavsagar without any ship (other means).Masparayan, twenty-fourth rest
Iti Srimadramacharitmana from Sakalkalikalusvidhavanshne fifth: Sopan: Finish:
This fifth step of Shri Ramcharit Manas, who destroyed all the sins of Kali Yuga, ended.
(Sunderkand ended)


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