Shri Ramji’s request for marriage with Shivji

Shri Ramji’s request for marriage with Shivji –

(Then he said to Shiva-) O, Shiva! If you have affection for me, now you hear my request. Ask me to go and marry Parvati.

Shivji said- Although this is not fair, but Swamy’s words cannot be met. Hey Nath! It is my ultimate religion that I obey your command on my head.

It should be consider (auspicious) to consider the words of mother, father, guru, and master without considering it auspicious. Then you are my ultimate benefactor in all respects. Hey Nath! Your command is on my head.

Birth and penance of Parvati


Lord Ramchandraji was satisfied after listening to Shivji’s devotion, knowledge, and religion. God said – O every! Your promise has been fulfilled. Now what we have said, keep it in the heart.

By saying this, Shri Ramchandraji became intradicted. Shivji kept that idol in his heart. Saptarshi came to Shiva at the same time. Lord Mahadevji said very pleasant words to him.

Go to Parvati and test her love and ask Himachal (send her to bring Parvati to Liva) and send Parvati home and clear her doubts.

So this is the story Shri Ramji’s request for marriage with Shivji –

Importance of Parvati in the examination of the Saptarshi

Shri Ramji's

How did the sages (going there) see Parvati, as if the idol was ascetic? Muni said – O Shailkumari! Listen, what are you doing such harsh penance?

Whom do you worship and what do you want? Why don’t you tell us your true secret? (Parvati said-) Saying this, the mind feels very uncomfortable. You will laugh at my foolishness.

The mind has stubbornly does not listen to the sermon and wants to raise the wall on the water. Knowing the truth of what Naradji said, I want to fly without a face.

Hey monks! You see my ignorance that I always want to make Shivji my husband.

On hearing Parvati ji, the sages laughed and said – Your body is born from the mountain itself! Well, say, whose house is settle till date after listening to Narada’s sermon?

He had gone and preached to the sons of Daksha, so that he did not even return and see the face of the house. Narada destroyed Chitrakettu’s house. Then the same situation happened for Hiranyakashipu.

Men and women who listen to the teachings of Narada must leave the house and become a beggar. His mind is insidious, gentlemen’s mark on his body. They want to make everyone like them.

Believing in his words, you want a husband who is, by nature, indifferent, virtuous, shameless, bad-tempered, wearing a garland of male-skulls, a totalless, without a home, naked and carrying snakes on his body.

Say on meeting such a groom, what will be the happiness for you? You forgot the excuse of that thug (Narada). At first Shiva married Sati at the behest of Panchas, but then abandoned her and got her killed.

Now Shiva is not worriy, begging and eating and sleeping soundly. With such nature, how can women stay alone even in the house of those who live alone?

Even now, as if we said, we have a good groom for you. He is very beautiful, pious, pleasing and gentle, whose fame and leela sing the Vedas.

He is devoid of defects, the sum of all virtues, lord of Lakshmi and hailing from Vaikunthapuri. We will bring such a groom and meet you. On hearing this, Parvatiji laughed and said-

You have said the truth that this body of mine has originated from the mountain, so the persistence will not be missed, even if the body is left out. Gold is also produced from stone, so even after being burnt, it does not leave its nature (gold).

Therefore, I will not leave the words of Naradji, whether settled or deserted, I am not afraid of this. One who does not believe in the words of the Guru, he is not happy even in dreams and happiness.

Admittedly, Mahadevji is the abode of the demons and Vishnu is the abode of all virtues, but the one whose heart is full of rum, he only has to work with it.

Hey monks If you would have met earlier, I would have listened to your sermon with head and forehead, but now I have lost my birth to Shivji! Then who should consider the merits and demerits?

If there is a lot of stubbornness in your heart and you cannot keep going without talking (marriage) to the marriage, then there are many bridesmaids in the world. Those who mess up do not have laziness (and go somewhere else).

My stubbornness will remain so for a million births, that either I will go to Shiva, or else I will remain a virgin. Even if Shivji himself says a hundred times, I will not give up Naradji’s teachings

Jagjjanani Parvati ji again said that I fall on your feet. You go home, it’s too late. Seeing the love of Parvatiji in Shiva, the learned sage said – O Jagjjanani! Hey Bhavani! We salute you! Jai Ho!!.

You are Maya and Lord Shiva. You are both parents of the whole world. (Saying) The sage walked at the feet of Parvatiji and walked. Their bodies were pulsing again and again.

The sages went and sent Himavan to Parvatiji and they pleaded and brought him home, then the Saptarshi went to Shiva and told him the whole story of Parvati.

Shiva was delights after hearing Parvatiji’s love. Saptarshi pleased and went to his home (Brahmaloka). Then Suzanne Shivji stabilized the mind and started meditating on Shri Raghunathji.

At the same time, there was an asura named Tarak, whose arms had great power, brilliance and sharpness. He conquered all loks and lokpalas, all gods became devoid of happiness and wealth.

He was ajar-immortal, so no one was win. The gods lost a lot of battles with him. Then he went to Brahmaji and made a call. Brahma saw all the gods grieving.

Brahmaji explained to everyone and said – The death of this monster will happen when a son is born from Shiva’s semen, he will win it in battle.

So Take measures after listening to me. God will help and work will be done. Satiji, who sacrificed his body in the Yajna of Daksha, has now taken birth in Himachal’s home.

So He has done penance to make Shivji a husband, Shivji has left everything and sits in a tomb. Although it is a matter of great confusion, yet listen to me.

You go and send Kamdev to Shivji, he will create anger in Shivji’s mind (dissolve his samadhi). Then we will go and lay the head at the feet of Shiva and force (persuade him) to get marry.

In this way even if the gods are interested (and there is no way) everyone said – this opinion is very good. Then the gods praised with great love. Then the cupid holding the asymmetrical (five) arrow and the flag bearing the symbol of the fish appeared.


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