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Shri Ramji’s preaching to the subjects (Shri Ramgita), gratitude to the people

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Shri Ramji’s preaching to the subjects (Shri Ramgita), gratitude to the people

Once Shri Raghunathji’s summoned Guru Vasishthaji, Brahmin and all other city dwellers came to the meeting. When Guru, Muni, Brahmin and all other gentlemen sat down as deservedly, then Shri Ramji, who eradicated the birth and death of the devotees, said -॥

O all city dwellers! Listen to me I do not say this by bringing some affection in the heart. Neither do I speak of evil nor there is any sovereignty in it, so (except for fear and fear, pay attention) listen to my words and (then) if you like it, do it accordingly!
He is my servant and he is my favorite, who obey me. Hey brother! If I say something evil, forget the fear (defiantly) stop me.
With great luck this human body has been found. All the texts have said that this body is rare (met with difficulty) even to the gods. It is the abode of means and the door to salvation. Even after finding it, who has not made the hereafter,
He finds sorrow in the hereafter, beats his head and repents and (without considering his guilt) puts a false blame on Kaal, Karma and God.
Hey brother! The fruit of the attainment of this body is not subjective (no matter the enjoyment of this world) the enjoyment of heaven is also very little and in the end is going to give sorrow. Therefore, those who get a human body and focus their mind on subjects, they change the foolish nectar and take poison.
The one who takes the knob in return after losing Parasmani is never called good (wise). This indestructible organism (Andaj, Svedaj, Jarayuz and Uddijj) keeps circling in four mines and eighty-four lakh yonies.

The description of Ramayana

It always wanders (surrounded by time, deeds, nature and virtue) by the inspiration of Maya. Without loving reason, God rarely gives mercy to a human body.
This human body is a raft (ship) for bhavasagar (wiring from). My grace is favorable air. Sadhguru is the Karnadhar (seer) of this strong ship. In this way, rare (difficult-to-find) means have become accessible (readily to Bhagavatkripa),
A person who does not get such means from the Bhavsagar, is ungrateful and has a weak intellect and attains the speed of suicide.
If you want happiness both here and here, listen to my words and hold them firmly in your heart. Hey brother! This path of my devotion is accessible and pleasing, the Puranas and Vedas have sung it.
Knowledge is agam (inaccessible) (and) there are many obstacles in its realization. His instrument is difficult and there is no basis for the mind. If someone gets him after suffering a lot, then he is not dear to me due to being devotionless.
Bhakti is independent and the mine of all pleasures, but without satsang (with saints) beings cannot attain it and saints cannot be found without virtue. Satsangati is the end of sanskriti (cycle of birth and death).
In the world, virtue is one, (like him) not another. That is – worshiping the feet of Brahmins with mind, action and speech. The one who serves the Brahmins after renouncing the fraud, the muni and the deity delight in him.
There is another secret view, I tell him with folded hands that without Bhajan of Shankar ji, man cannot attain my devotion.
;Say, what is the hard work on the path of devotion? There is no need of yoga in it, nor yajna, chanting, penance and fasting! (It is necessary here only) to have a simple nature, do not have deviousness in mind and always have satisfaction in whatever you get.
If someone hopes for humans by being called my servant, then you say, what is his faith? (That is, his faith in me is very weak.) What am I doing by increasing my talk? Hey brothers! I am under this behavior.
Neither hate anyone, fight or quarrel, nor hope, nor fear. All directions are always happy for him. Whoever does not initiate (karma with the desire of fruit), who does not have one’s own house (who does not have motherhood in the house), who is honorable, sinless and angerless, who is skillful (in devotion) and science.
With the love (satsang) of the saints, who always have love, all the things in their mind, even to heaven and liberation (in front of devotion) are similar to the trinity, which stubbornly favors devotion, but (contradicting the opinion of another Of doing) does not commit foolishness and has swept away all the misdeeds.
The one who is devoid of my merit groups and my name, and devoid of affection, love and attachment, knows the happiness of the one who (divinely) attains the bliss.
Hearing the words like Shri Ram Chandra’s nectar, everyone held the feet of Kripadham (and said-) O Kripadhanan! You are our mother, father, guru, brother, and everything is more dear than life.
And O Ramji, who defeats the refugees! You are the one who is interested in our body, wealth, house and door. No one can give such education except you. Parents (are benevolent and also teach) but they are also selfish (hence do not give such supremely beneficial education).
O enemies of Asuras! There are only two (unselfish) benefactors in the world without any reason – one you, the other your servant. In the world (the rest) are friends of all selfishness. Oh, Lord! They do not even have a sense of charity in their dreams.
Shri Raghunathji was delighted in the heart after hearing the words of everyone’s love. Then on getting permission, all of them went to their respective homes describing the beautiful conversation of God.
(Shiva says-) O Uma! Men and women living in Ayodhya are all grateful, where Sachchidanandaghan Brahma Sri Raghunathji is the king himself.

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