Shri Sitaji enters Yagyashala Shri Ramcharitmanas

Shri Sitaji enters Yagyashala –Knowing this opportunity, Janakji called Sitaji. All the clever and beautiful words were moved by him. The beauty of form and qualities cannot be described by the beauty of Jagjjanani Janaki. For them, I find all analogies (of poetry) insignificant, because they are fond of the parts of cosmic women (that is, they are given to the organs of the women of the world). (Poems of poetry are all derived from the trinitarian, mystic world, to use the formless power of God for Shri Jankiji’s unnatural, Chinmaya organs is to insult him and make himself laughable.

In the description of Sitaji, who should be called Kukavi by giving the same metaphors and become a part of the misdemeanor (that is, for Sita to use those similes is to be reputed to be a Sukavi and to buy a dishonor, no Sukavi shall do such foolish and improper act.) If Sita is compared with a woman, then where in the world is there such a beautiful woman (whose analogy is given to them)

(Regardless of the women of the earth, if the women of the gods are seen, if we are more divine and beautiful than us, then Saraswati is very talkative, Parvati is the antardangini (that is, her half-feminine form) Half of the body belongs to the woman, the remaining half belongs to the man-Shiva), Rama, the woman of Kamadeva, is very sad to know the husband without having (body) and whose poison and alcohol (like being born from the sea) dear. Brother, like those Lakshmi, how can Jankiji be told?

(The Lakshmiji, mentioned above, was descended from the brackish sea, to which the Lord took the form of a tortoise with a very stiff back, the great poison made by rope, Vasuki Nag, made the act of churning the very hard Mandrachal mountain. And all the gods and demons together.

All these ugly and natural hard tools made to reveal the Lakshmi, who is called Sushma Shobha’s Khan and Anupam Sundari. With such tools, Lakshmi manifested Shri Janaki’s equanimity. Yes, (on the contrary), if the image is a sea of ​​nectar, the ultimate form of a tortoise, the form of beauty is a rope, the mountain of makeup (rasa) and (the sea of ​​that image) Kamadeva himself beheaded with his own luster,

Thus, when the original Lakshmi of beauty and happiness arises, even then the poets will (very) hesitate to call him like Sitaji.

(The beauty of which the sea will be blessed by Kamadeva will also be the natural, cosmic beauty, because Kamadeva itself is a disorder of the Trigunmayi nature. Therefore, the Lakshmi revealed by churning that beauty is even more beautiful and divine than the above Lakshmi. It will also be Prakrit itself

so it would be a matter of great hesitation for the poet to compare Jankiji with him. The beauty with which Jankiji’s Divinity has become the ultimate divine deity.

So that beauty is unnatural different from the beauty mentioned above – in fact, the same unnatural form of Laxmiji.

She cannot come to the cupid’s churning and she is the form of Janaki Ji

so no different and simile is given to her with a different object. Apart from this, Janaki Ji has appeared in her own glory, to reveal them in a different way. The instrument is not expected. That is, Shakti is integral to Shaktimaan.

Advaita Tattva, therefore it is inimitable.

So this esoteric philosophical element is expressed by the devotee Shiromani poet with great beauty through this phenomenal form.)

Sayani Sakhiyan started singing songs with Manohar Vani along with Sitaji. A beautiful sari is adorned on the Naval body of Sitaji. The great image of Jagjjanani is incomparable.

All the ornaments are adorned in their respective places, which have been worn by the Sakhis well in their limbs. When Sitaji set foot in the Rangbhoomi, then seeing his (divine) form, women and men all became fascinated.

So The Gods cheered and play drums and started singing Apsaras with flowers. Jayamala is adorne in Sitakam’s Karakamalas. All the kings were surprised and suddenly look towards them.

Sitaji began to look at Shri Ramji with an astonishing mind, then all the kings lost their fascination. Sitaji saw the two brothers (sitting) near the sage.

Because their eyes enticed him to find his treasure started going there (in Shri Ramji).

But with the shame of the gurus and seeing a very large society, Sitaji was hesitant. She brought Sri Ramachandraji in her heart and looked towards the friends.

Seeing the form of Shri Ramchandraji and the image of Sitaji-

men and women stopped blinking (everyone started looking at them). Everyone thinks in their mind, but they say it. They plead with the Creator in mind –

Hey creator! Take Janak’s foolishness soon and give such beautiful wisdom to us that without thinking about it-

Because the king should leave his vow and marry Sita to Ramji.

The world will call them good, because everyone likes this thing. By persistence, in the end, So the heart will burn. Everyone is engross in this longing that this groom is a worthy bride.

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