Shurpanakha’s proximity to Ravana, Sri Sita’s fire entrance and Maya Sita

Shurpanakha’s proximity to Ravana, Sri Sita’s fire entrance and Maya Sita.

Shurpanakha’s proximity to Ravana, Sri Sita’s fire entrance and Maya Sita – Seeing the destruction of Khar-poll, Shurpanakha went and provoked Ravana. He spoke the word with great anger – you forgot the memory of the country and the treasure.
He drinks alcohol and sleeps day and night. You do not know that the enemy is standing on your head? Labor is the result of getting wealth without state and religion without policy, doing good deeds without surrendering to God, and studying knowledge without generating conscience. Saints with subjects, kings with bad advice, wisdom with honor, shame with alcohol,
Without humility (no humility), love and the item (ego) quickly destroy qualities, thus I have heard the policy.
Enemies, diseases, fire, sins, masters and serpents should not be understood by truncating. Saying this, Shurpanakha started crying in many ways.
In the midst of (Ravana’s) meeting, she is distraught and crying in many ways, saying, “Hey Dashagriva!” Should I have such a situation in your life?
Ascendant Akula arose on hearing the words of Shurpanakha. He grabbed Shurpanakha’s arm and picked it up and explained it. Lankapati Ravana said- tell me your point, who cut off your nose and ears?
(She bid-) The son of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya, who is like a lion in men, has come to hunt in the forest. I have understood their doing so that they will make the earth devoid of demons.
Whose arms are available, O Dashmukh! Munis are fearless wandering in the forest. They are children to see, but they are like time. He is supremely patient, a superior archer, and possesses many qualities.
The strength and brilliance of the two brothers are incomparable. They are engaged in killing the wicked and are going to give pleasure to the gods and sages. He is the shrine of Shobha, ‘Ram’ is his name. There is a young beautiful woman with him.
The creator has made that woman such an amount that a hundred crores of Rati (woman of Cupid) are relishing on her. His younger brother cut off my nose and ears. Hearing that I am your sister, they started laughing at me.
Hearing my call, weeding and corruption came to help. But he killed the entire army in a moment. Hearing the killing of Khar-Dushan and Trishira, all the parts of Ravana got burnt.
He explained his power to Shurpanakha in many ways, but (in his mind) he went to his palace with great anxiety, he did not sleep all night.
(He started thinking in his mind-) There is no one among the gods, humans, demons, snakes, and birds who can find even my servant. The fraud was as strong as mine. Who else can kill them except God?
If God, who gives pleasure to the gods and has taken away the weight of the earth, has incarnated, then I will go and stubbornly dislike him and leave my life with the arrow of God (Lord) and go away from Bhavnagar.
There will not be a hymn from this tamas body, so the mind, word, and deed have the same determination. And if they will be a prince in human form, then they will win both of them in battle and take away their woman.
A terrible army of demons has arrived. With Jankiji, you go to the mountain canopy. Be careful. Hearing the words of Lord Shri Ramchandraji, Laxmanji walked with Sri Sitaji with a bow and arrow in his hand.
When Laxmanji went to the forest to take the Kanda-root-fruit, (in solitude) Shri Ramachandra, a group of grace and happiness, laughed and said to Jankiji
Hey, honey O beautiful husbandmen who follow religion listen! Now I will do some beautiful man Leela, so till I destroy the demons, then you stay in the fire.
Shri Ramji explained everything as soon as he said, as soon as Shri Sitaji held the feet of the Lord in the heart and fell into the fire. Sitaji kept his own shadow idol there, which was as humble as his nature, and equally humble.
Laxmanji did not even know the secret that God created. Swarth Parayan and lowly Ravana went to where Marich was and gave him head.
The bowing (humility) of lowly is also very painful. Such as bead, bow, snake and cat bending. Hey Bhavani! The sweet voice of the wicked is also (likewise) frightening, like a flower without season!

Onward departure of Shri Ramji, Viradha slaughter and sharabhang affair

So This is the story if Shurpanakha’s proximity to Ravana, Sri Sita’s fire entrance and Maya Sita

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