Signs of saints

Signs of saints and inspiration for satsang bhajan

Religious story

Signs of saints and inspiration for satsang bhajan

Those who do not abandon illusion and worship such a lord, they are pauper of knowledge, unintelligent and unfortunate. Then Narada Muni said with respect – O science-wise Shri Ramji! Listen-.

Hey O Raghuveer! O my grandfather who destroys bhav-bhaya (fear of birth and death)! Now please tell the signs of saints! (Shri Ramji said-) O Muni! Listen, I say the qualities of saints, because of which I live under their control.
Those saints (Kama, Rage, Greed, Moh, Mad and Matsar-in) live the six vikas (doshas), sinless, uncircumcised, nishchal (stable), akichan (omnipotent), holy from outside, the abode of happiness, Infinite knowledgeable, wishless, Mitahari, truthful, poet, scholar, yogi,
Careful, respectful to others, arrogant, patient, extremely skillful in knowledge and conduct of religion,
The houses of virtues are devoid of sorrows of the world and completely untouched by doubts. Except for my feet, they are neither dear to my body nor home.

Jatayu-Ravana-war, keeping Sitaji in Ashoka Vatika

They are able to listen to their qualities with their ears, they are especially happy by listening to the qualities of others. They are cold and cold, never giving up justice. He is simple and loves everyone.
They are engaged in chanting, penance, fasting, courage, restraint and niyam and have love at the feet of Guru, Govind and Brahmin. In them there is reverence, forgiveness, friendship, kindness, mudita (happiness) and genuine love at my feet.
And there is accurate knowledge of Vairagya, Vivek, Vinaya, Vigyan (knowledge of the essence of God) and Veda-Purana. They never do boast, pride and item and do not forget to set foot on the doorway.
Although the Lord has many names and the Vedas say that they are all greater than one, yet O Nath! Ramnam should be more than all names and for a group of sinful birds it should be like a law.
On hearing this, ‘Shesh and Sharada also cannot say’ Naradji took hold of Shri Ramji’s feet. Deenbandhu Kripalu Prabhu thus spoke to his Shrimukh the qualities of his devotees. Naradji went to Brahmaloka after having been repeatedly beheaded at the feet of God. Tulsidasji says that those men are blessed, who have given up all hope and are colored in the color of Shri Hari only.
Those who will sing and listen to the holy fame of Shri Ramji, the enemy of Ravana, will find strong devotion to Shri Ramji without any disinterest, chanting and yoga.
A woman’s body is like a flame of a lamp, O mind! You should not become his wife. Praise Shri Ramchandraji and always satsang, except work and item.
Masparayan, twenty-second sabbatical etc. from Srimadramcharitman to Grosskalikalusvidhvansane III: Sopan: Finish. This third step of Shri Ramcharitmanas, who destroyed the entire sins of Kali Yuga, ended. (Backwoods end)


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