Skanda and Karthikeya are same: know the story

Skanda and Karthikeya are one and the same.

So Shiva’s second son Kartikeya is also known as Subramaniam.

Murugan and Skanda.

So According to the story of his birth, when Lord Shiva’s wife

So ‘Sati’ was consumed by jumping in the sacrificial fire of Father Daksha.

then Shiva mourned and fell into deep austerity.

So By doing this, the creation becomes powerless.  Because The monster takes advantage of this chance and fright spreads around the monster called Tarkasura on earth.

Because The gods face defeat.  So There is chaos all around Because when all the gods pray to Brahma. Brahma then says that Taraka will end with Shiva’s son. Indra and the other gods go to Lord Shiva, then Lord Shankar tests his affection for ‘Parvati’

So is please with the penance of Parvati and thus Shivaji and Parvati get

married in the lucky clock and lucky time. Thus Kartikeya is born.

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Because Kartikeya strikes down Tarakasura and gives the Devas their place.

So According to the Puranas, Lord Kartikeya was born on Shashti Tithi, So hence his worship has special value on this day.

So He became the commander of the gods in the famous Devasur Sangram.  Even So, Their glory is described in the Puranas as Kumar and Shakti.

So Kartikeya is worshiped mainly in south India. So People of Yazidi caste also worship them in Arabia, they are their main god. Because He ruled under the name Skanda only in the

So particular region of Uttar Kuru, a region near the North Pole. Skanda Purana is named after him. Lord Skanda is also known by the name ‘Kumar Karthikeya’.


70 amazing names of Lord Kartikeya

Karthikeya Ji is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. So Their worship has special value on the day of Skanda Shashti.
The divine names of Karthikeya are being given here. So One who recites them receives money, fame, and heaven, there is no doubt in this. The list of famous names of Karthikeya is as follows. Let’s know …

1. Karthikeya,
2. Mahasen,
3. autopsy,
4. conspiracy,
5. Parvatinandan,
6. Skanda,
7. fighter,
8. Agnibhu,
9. Guh,
10. Baguley,
11. Tarakajit,
12. Shikhavahana,
13. Shaktiswar,
14. Kumar,
15. Crunching,
16. igneous,
17. Scand,
18. Deeptakirti,
19. Anonymous,
20. Mayurketu,
21. Dharmatma,
22. Bhutanese,
23. Mahishmardan,
26. Kant,
27. Sarawak,
28. Bhubaneswar
24. Kamajit,
25. Kamada,,
29. baby,
30. Soon,
31. Shuchi,
32. Chand,
33. Deepavarna,
34. Shobhana,
35. Infallible
36. Anagh,
37. Raudra,
38. Dear,
39. Chandran,
40. Dipashakti,
41. Pranama,
42. Bhadrakrata,
43. Kutmohan,
44. Religious,
45. Dharmatma,
46. ​​Holy,
47. Maternal,
48. Convector,
49. Divided,
50. Swede,
51. Revathisut,
52. Lord,
53. Leader,
54. Visakha,
55. Nagmay,
56. Sudushar,
57. Subrata,
58. Children’s Popular,
59. Obedient,
60. Brahmachari,
61. Shur,
62. cremation
63. Religious,
64. Devasenapriya,
65. Vasudevapriya,
66. Skanda,
67. dear
68. Beloved
69. Murugan
70. Beautiful

These are the 70 Divine Names of Karthikeya.

So This is the story of Skanda and Karthikeya

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