Souptik Parva ~ Mahabharat Stories

Souptik Parva ~ Mahabharat Stories

Souptik Parva -In the Saptik Parva, there is only one subfamily called Aishik Parva. It has 18 chapters. Ashwatthama, Kritavarma, and Kripacharya — The rest of these three maharanis of the Kaurava side rest in the forest, Matrana about the further work of the three, to make Kriparatya and Kritavarma aware of their cruel determination by Ashwatthama, the departure of the three towards the Pandavas’ camp, Ashwatthama entered the Pandavas’ camp at night and killed all the sleeping Panchal heroes, slaughtered Draupadi’s sons, Draupadi’s mourning and Dronaputra’s slaughter, Bhima’s departure to kill Ashwatthama and Shri Krishna Arjuna and Yudhishthira’s Bhima’s Going back, Ashwatthama sitting on the Ganges is being challenged by Bhima, the use of Brahmastra by Ashwatthama, the use of Brahmastra by Arjuna to get rid of that Brahmastra, Arjuna with Brahmastra by Vyasa’s command, taking the gem of Ashwatthama and honoring Ashwatthama The theme of departure in the forest is described in this festival.

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Mandodari-Lament, Ravan’s funeral

Slaughter of the sons of Dhrishtadyumna and Draupadi

After the war, Krishna moved to another place with the Pandavas. Kripacharya, Kritavarma and Ashwatthama reached the camp of the three heroic Pandavas and stayed under a tree. Ashwatthama saw that an owl-like bird came flying in the darkness of night and killed the sleeping crows one by one.

Ashwatthama also decided that it is okay to kill the enemy at night. He spoke his mind to Kritavarma and Kripacharya. He denied it as injustice, but Ashwatthama wanted to kill his father’s killer Dhrishtadyumna. He woke up and entered the camp of Panchalas. Being forced, Kritavarma and Kripacharya also had to be ready to support their commander. Ashwatthama said to both of them, you stop at the gate and do not leave Jinda whatever comes out. Ashwatthama attacked the sleeping Dhritadhyumna with a sword and on hearing the clamor, whoever ran out, was killed by Kritavarma and Kripacharya. Ashwatthama went to the Pandavas’ camp and beheaded the five sons of Draupadi and set the camp on fire.

Death of duryodhana

Ashwatthama thought that these are the heads of the Pandavas. He reached Duryodhana and told that he had killed all the Panchalas and the Pandavas. Duryodhana asked Bhima’s head and hit him with a punch, and it turned out that it was not Bhima’s head. In the morning, Duryodhana saw that they are the sons of Draupadi’s head, so he said that there was no one left in the clan. Thus, King Duryodhana died while shouting.

Ashwatthama’s death

Early in the morning, the Pandavas came to their camp and saw the destruction. Bhima was filled with anger and set out in search of Ashwatthama. Krishna was worried because he knew that Ashwatthama has a mahastra named ‘Brahmashira’ which Bhima cannot escape when used. Krishna, Arjuna and Yudhishthira also followed him. Ashwatthama left the Brahmashira weapon on seeing the Pandavas and said that all the Pandavas should be destroyed. Then Arjuna left Pashupat Mahastra. Fire started around. Seeing the destruction of the universe, Ved Vyasa and Narada stood in the middle of those weapons and prayed to both of them to withdraw their weapons. Arjuna agrees to say them, but Ashwatthama said that I do not know how to stop my weapon. Both these sages said that Ashwatthama’s weapon effect would destroy the womb of Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara and Ashwatthama would have to give some of her valuable item to Arjuna in exchange for Arjuna’s weapon. At this point Ashwatthama had to give the gem of his head. As soon as he gave the gem, he was languishing and lived in the ashram of Vyas and spent the life of an ascetic.

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