Speech of Shri Vashistha ayodhyaakaand

Speech of Shri Vashistha –Bharatji bowed down at Guru’s feet and sat in obedience. At the same time, all the members of Brahmins, Mahajan, ministers, etc. came together.

The best sage Vashistha said, in a timely manner – O councilors! Hey Sujan Bharat! listen. Surya Maharaj Shri Ramchandra of Suryakul is a religious and independent God.

He is the true pledge and the protector of the dignity of the Vedas. The incarnation of Shri Ramji is for the welfare of the world. They are going to follow the words of Guru, Father, and Mother. Those who destroy the party of the wicked and are beneficial to the gods.

Nobody knows policy, love, self-interest, and self-interest as much as (realistically) Shri Ramji. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahadev, Chandra, Surya, Dikpal, Maya, Jiva, all karma and Kaal,

Seshaji and (other earthly and kingly) kings etc. As far as sovereignty and the principles of yoga, which are sung in the Vedas and scriptures, have a good thought in the heart, (then it will be clear that) Shri Ramji’s order It is on everyone’s head (ie Shri Ramji is the only great Maheshwar of all).

Therefore, we will all have an interest in keeping the order and attitude of Shri Ramji. (Understanding this element and mystery) Now, you grown people, who agree with everyone, do the same together.

The coronation of Shri Ramji is pleasing to all. This is the only way for Mars and bliss. (Now) How should Shri Raghunathji go to Ayodhya? Think and say, the same remedy should be taken.

Munishrestha Vasishthaji’s policy, a voice rooted in charitableness and selfishness (cosmic interest), all listened respectfully. But no one knows the answer, everyone became naive (devoid of thought power). Then Bharat bowed his head and folded his hands.

(And said-) In the Suryavansha, there have been many kings of more than one. Due to the birth of all, there are father-mothers and the creator of good-inauspicious deeds (fruits of actions).

Your blessing is the only one who suppresses all sorrows and adorns all welfare, this world knows. Hey master! You are the one who also stopped the Vidhaata’s motion (Vidhan). Who can postpone what you have given (you have decided)?

Now you ask me the solution, it’s all my misery. Hearing the loving words of Bharatji, Guruji’s heart rose in love.

(He said-) O, Tat! This is true, but only by the grace of Ramji. Ram Vimukh does not get success even in his dream. Hey Tat I can say one thing. Seeing wise people always go away (to protect half) they leave half.

So both of you brothers (Bharata-Shatrughna) go to the forest and be returned to Lakshmana, Sita, and Shri Ramchandra. Both brothers were delighted after hearing these beautiful words. All their parts were filled with ecstasy.

His mind became happy. Sharp embellished in the body. It is as if King Dasharathaji has risen and Shri Ramchandraji has become king! Other people seemed to have more profit and less loss in this, but the queens had the same sorrow and happiness (Rama-Laxman living in the forest or Bharata-Shatrughna, there would be the separation of two sons), realizing that they all started crying.

Bharatji began to say- By doing what the sage said, it would be the fruit of giving his desired thing to the creatures of the world. (No period of fourteen years) I will live in the forest for a lifetime. There is no greater happiness for me than this.

Shri Ramchandraji and Sitaji are aware of the heart and you are omniscient and intelligent. If you are saying this truth then O Nath! Prove your words (arrange them accordingly).

Hearing the words of Bharatji and seeing his love, Muni Vasishthaji, including the whole assembly, became Videha (no one was aware of his body). The great glory of Bharatji is the sea, the wisdom of the sage stands like an abla woman on its banks.

She wants to go beyond (that sea), for that she must find a solution in the heart! But (means of crossing it) the boat, ship, or fleet cannot find anything. Who else will praise Bharatji? Can the sea be contained in Talaiya’s clamshell too?

Bharati liked the conscience of Muni Vashisthaji very much and he came to Shri Ramji along with the society. Prabhu Shri Ramchandraji bowed and gave a good posture. Everybody sat down after listening to the orders of the monk.

After considering the best sage country, time, and occasion, he said the words – O omniscient! Hey Susan! O god of righteousness, policy, virtue, and knowledge, Ram! Listen-.

You live within everyone’s heart and know the good and bad feelings of everyone, in which the interests of the priests, mothers, and Bharata, tell the same remedy.

Aart (grieving) people never say thoughtfully. The gambler finds his own bet. Hearing the sage’s words, Mr. Raghunathji said – O Nath! The remedy is in your hands.

Everyone has an interest in keeping your attitude and obeying your command truthfully. First I should do the same instruction on my forehead.

Then O Gosain! Whomever you say, he will be engaged in service (will obey). Muni Vashistha said, “O Ram!” You told the truth But the love of Bharata did not allow the idea to remain.

That is why I say again and again, my intellect has become under the devotion of Bharata. In my understanding, whatever will be done with the interest of Bharat, Shiva is a witness, it will be auspicious.

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Bharatji’s congregation welcomed by forest dwellers, Kaikeyi’s remorse

Bharatji’s congregation welcomed by forest dwellers, Kaikeyi’s remorse



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