Sri Laxman Sumitra Dialogue ayodhyaakaand

Sri Laxman Sumitra Dialogue –He came to Mother Sumitraji with a cheerful heart, as if the blind has regained the eye. He went to the feet of the mother, but his mind was with Shri Ramji and Janaki, who gave pleasure to Raghukul.

Mother asked him (reason) on seeing a sad heart. Laxmanji narrated all the stories in detail. On hearing the harsh words, Sumitraji felt ashamed as if the deer was scared to see fire in the forest all around.

Laxman saw that today (now) he was in vain. This affection will spoil the work! That is why they are afraid to ask for goodbye (and think in mind) that O Creator! Mother will ask to go with him or not?

Sumitraji, having understood the form, graceful modesty and nature of Shri Ramji and Shri Sitaji and seeing the love of the king on him, beat his head and said that Papini Kaikeyi was badly ambushed.

Sumitraji, having understood the form, graceful modesty and nature of Shri Ramji and Shri Sitaji and seeing the love of the king on him, beat his head and said that Papini Kaikeyi was badly ambushed.

But knowing patience, took patience and by nature, Sumitraji, who wanted interest, said with a soft voice – O Tat! Janaki ji is your mother and Shri Ramchandraji, who is affectionate in all respects, is your father!

Ayodhya is where Shri Ramji resides. Where there is sunlight, it is the day. If Sita-Ram definitely goes to the forest, then you have no work in Ayodhya.

Guru, father, mother, brother, deity, and master, all of them should be served like life. Then Shri Ramchandraji is also dear to the souls, is also the life of the heart and the selfless interest of all.

As far as revered and most loved people are in the world, they are all worthy of being considered (revered and most dear) by Ramji. Knowing this in your heart, O Tat! Go forest with them and take advantage of living in the world!

I go to Balihari, (O son!) You, including me, deserved a lot of good fortune, which your mind has given up on deceit and got a place at the feet of Shri Rama.

The only young woman in the world is a daughter, whose son is a devotee of Shri Raghunathji. Otherwise, one who knows his interest from a son alienated from Rama, he is only sterile. Like an animal, it is calving (son delivery) is meaningless.

By your luck, Shri Ramji is going to the forest. Hey Tat There is no other reason. The biggest fruit of all virtues is that there should be natural love at the feet of Shri Sitaramji.

Raga, fury, jealousy, item, and love – do not be in your dream. Renounce all types of disorders and serve Shri Sitaramji with mind, words, and deeds.

You have all the comforts in the forest, with which Shri Ramji and Sitaji are father and mother. Hey son You should do the same so that Shri Ramchandraji does not have tribulation in the forest, this is my preaching.

Hey Tat This is my preaching (that is, to do the same), so that Shri Ramji and Sitaji may enjoy happiness because of you in the forest and forget the memories of father, mother, beloved family, and the pleasures of the city. Tulsidasji says that Sumitraji thus instructed our Lord (Shri Lakshmanji) to go (to the forest) and then blessed that at the feet of Shri Sitaji and Shri Raghuvirji, your pure (nimakam and exclusive) and deep love always – Always new!

Loving his head at the feet of the mother, fearing in the heart (that there is still no disturbance), Lakshmanji immediately walked as if fortunately a deer had run away after breaking a hard noose.

Laxmanji went to the place where Shri Jankinathji was and was very happy in his heart after being with his beloved. After worshiping the beautiful feet of Shri Ramji and Sitaji, he walked with them and came to the Raj Bhavan.

The men and women of the city are saying among themselves that the Creator spoiled the matter by making a lot! Their bodies are lean, sad, and sad. They are distraught as if honey bees are distraught when honey is taken away.

Everybody is rubbing their hands and repenting (beating) their heads. As if the birds without wings are getting distraught. There is a huge crowd at Rajdwar. Great depression can not be described.

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