Sri Ram Lakshmana and Parashurama-Samvad

Sri Ram-Lakshmana and Parashurama-Samvad-

Hey Nath! Only one of your slaves will break Shivaji’s bow. What is the order, why not ask me? Hearing this, the angry sage sighed and said -॥

A servant is one who does service work. One should fight only by doing enemy work. Hey Ram! Listen, the one who broke the bow of Shiva, he is my enemy like Sahasrabahu.

If he leaves this society and gets separated, otherwise all the kings will be killed. On hearing Muni’s words, Laxmanji smiled and insulted Parashuramji and said-

Hey Gosain! In boyhood, we broke a lot of arms, but you never had such anger. For what reason is there so much love on this bow? On hearing this, Parashuramji, the flag form of the Bhrigu dynasty, was angry and said.

Hey Rajput There is nothing conscious in speaking to you due to the control of time. Is this bow of Shivji, known in the whole world, is like a bow?

Laxmanji laughed and said – O God! Listen, in our life, all bows are the same. What a loss and gain in breaking the old bow! Shri Ramchandraji saw it with the deceit of Naveen.

Then it broke as soon as it touched, there is no fault of Raghunathji either. Muni! Why do you rage without reason? Parshuramji looked at his furs and said – Hey wicked! You have not heard my nature.

I do not kill you as a child. Hey idiot! Do you know me completely? I am child-friendly and very angry. The enemy of Kshatriyak is famous worldwide.

With the help of my arms, I made the earth devoid of kings and very often gave it to the Brahmins. Hey prince! See this part of me who cut the arms of Sahasrabahu!

Hey boy of the king! Do not let your parents think. My ax is very terrible, it is also going to destroy the children of the womb.

Laxmanji laughed and said with a soft voice- Aho, Munishwar considers himself a very heavy warrior. Repeatedly show me the ax. Want to blow mountains

There is no potter’s Batya (small raw fruit) here, which dies on seeing the index finger (foremost). Seeing the ax and bow and arrow, I said with some pride.

By understanding Bhriguvanshi and seeing Yagyopaveet, I tolerate what you say, by stopping the anger. Gods, Brahmins, devotees of God and Go – these do not show valor in our clan.

Because killing them is a sin and losing them is a disgrace, so even if you kill, you must have your feet. Your every word is like crores of thunderbolts. You wear the bow and arrow and the ax in vain.

Seeing them (bow and arrow and ax) I have said something inappropriate, so O Dhir Mahamuni! forgive. Hearing this, Bhriguvanshmani Parashuramaji uttered a solemn voice with anger -॥

Oh Vishwamitra! Listen, this child is very malicious and devious, he is becoming fatal to his family due to the age. This is the stigma of the full moon in the form of Suryavansh. It is absolutely defiant, foolish, and fearless.

In just a moment, it will become the eras of time. I call out, then I do not blame. If you want to save it, then refuse it by telling us your majesty, strength, and anger.

Laxmanji said- O Muni! Who else can describe your beauty? You have described yourself many times with your own mouth in many ways.

If you are not satisfied even then, then say something. Do not bear unbearable sorrow by stopping anger. You are fasting, patient, and hard-wired of valor. Do not be proud of abusing

The knights do it in war (the act of valor), saying they do not kill themselves. Cowards boast of their majesty only after getting the enemy present in battle.

You act as if you call Kaal again and again and call him for me. On hearing the harsh words of Laxmanji, Parashuramji corrected his terrible ax and took it into his hands.

(And said-) Now people don’t blame me. This Kaduna speaking child is only eligible to be killed. Seeing this boy, I saved a lot, but now it has really come to die.

Vishwamitra said – forgive the crime. Sadhus do not count the faults and virtues of children. (Parshuramji said-) The sharpened shark ax, I am merciless and angry and this gurudrahi and criminal in front of me -॥

Is answering Even then I am leaving it without beating it, oh Vishwamitra! Only with your modesty (love). Otherwise, by cutting it from this rigid ax, a little hard work would be borrowed from the Guru.

Vishwamitra laughed in the heart and said – Muni is feeling green only (that is, because he is victorious everywhere, he considers Shri Rama-Lakshman as ordinary Kshatriya too), but this Lohmayi (made only of steel) Khand (Khale) -Khadg), is not a khand (of juice) (which melts as soon as you take it in the mouth. Sorry,) The sages are still unaware, not understanding the effect.

Laxmanji said- O Muni! Who doesn’t know your modesty? He is famous all over the world. You have come to the parents very well, now the debt is owed to the Guru, who has a big thought in his life.

It was as if we had our own buttermilk. Many days have passed, this would have increased the interest too. Now call an accountant, then I open the bag immediately.

On hearing the bitter words of Laxmanji, Parashuramaji embraced the ax. Hi all! Cried out (Laxmanji said-) O Bhrigushrestha! Are you showing me the ax? But you enemies of kings! I am saving as a Brahmin (I am giving).

Meaning: – You have never met Randhir Balwan Veer. O Brahmin deity! You are big at home. Hearing this, everyone shouted saying ‘it is unfair, unfair’. Then Shri Raghunathji stopped Laxmanji with a gesture ॥4॥

From the north of Laxmanji, who was like shut, seeing the fiery fire of Parashuramji rising, Sage Shri Ramchandraji of Raghukul spoke (calming) words like water -॥

Hey Nath! Please child. Do not be angry with this straight and milked baby. If it knew the effect of (your) lord, would this senseless equal you?

Even if the children do some agility, the Guru, Father, and Mother are filled with joy in the mind. So please be pleased to know this as a small child and a servant. You are an observant, gentle, patient, and knowledgeable monk.

After hearing the words of Shri Ramachandraji, he got cold. Laxmanji smiled again after saying something. Seeing them laughing, there was anger from Parashuramji’s fingernail to Shikha (all over the body). They said- O Ram! Your brother is a big sinner

It is darker than the body, but the heart is darker. It is poisonous, not milk. Nature itself is sinful, does not follow you (there is no one like you). I do not see this lowly age like me.

Laxmanji laughed and said – O Muni! Listen, anger is the root of sin, under whose control humans do improper actions and walk (harm all) against the world.

Hey Muniraj! I am your slave Now leave anger and have mercy. A broken bow will not connect to anger. Standing feet must have hurt, sit down.

If the bow is very dear, then some remedy should be taken and a great quality (artisan) is called and the twin is added. Janaki gets scared due to Laxmanji speaking and says- Just keep quiet, it is not good to speak inappropriately.

The men and women of Janakpur are trembling (and saying in their hearts) that Chhota Kumar is very bad. Hearing Laxmanji’s fearless voice, Parashuramji’s body is being burnt with anger and his strength is being lost (his strength is decreasing).

Then, owing a favor to Shri Ramchandraji, Parashuramji said – I am saving you by thinking of your younger brother. How is it dirty of mind and beautiful of body, like a gold pot filled with poison juice!

Laxmanji laughed again after hearing this. Then Shri Ramchandraji looked at him with a skewed eye, so that Lakshmanji Sakuchakar, leaving the opposite speech, went to Guruji.

Shri Ramchandraji with both hands folded softly and softly said, “O Nath!” Listen, you are intelligent by nature. Do not pay attention to the word of the child (make him heard and heard).

Burray and child have a nature. Santana never accuses them. Then he (Lakshmana) has not done anything, O Nath! I am your criminal

Hence, my lord! Kindness, anger, slaughter, and bondage, whatever you want to do, like a slave (that is, assuming a slave) do it on me. As soon as your anger is dispelled. Hey Muniraj! Tell me, I should take the same remedy.

Muni said- O Ram! How to get angry, your younger brother is still looking crooked. I did not run the ax on its neck, so what did I do in anger?

I am watching this enemy king alive while listening to my ax, which kills the wombs of the kings.

The hand does not move, the chest is lit with anger. (Hi!) This ax of the kings was also frustrated. The Creator turned the opposite, this changed my nature, otherwise, how can I have grace in my heart at any time?

Today Daya is suffering this sad sorrow for me. Hearing this, Laxmanji smiled and nodded his head (and said-) The air of your grace is also favorable to your idol, words are spoken, as if the flowers are falling.

Hey monkey! If your body gets burnt due to kindness, then the anger will protect the body. (Parashuramji said-) O, father! See, this foolish child stubbornly wants to live (stay) in Yampuri.

Why do not you fix it soon? This Rajaputra is small to see, but it is very bad. Laxmanji laughed and said in his heart – no one is thereafter taking a blind eye.

Then Parashuramji filled his heart with great anger and said to Shri Ramji – Hey chatter! You break the bow of Shiva and teach us knowledge in reverse.

This brother of yours speaks bitter words with your consent and you plead with folded hands. Either make me satisfied in the war, or else leave it called Rama.

Hey Shivdrohi! Fight me with deceit. Otherwise, I will kill you along with my brother. In this way, Parashuramji is lifting the ax and Shri Ram Chandraji is bowing his head and smiling.

(Shri Ramchandraji said in his mind-) The crime (dosha) makes Lakshmana’s wrath on me. There is also a big flaw in straightness at some places. Everybody worships anyone by knowing the zigzag, the crooked moon does not even crave Rahu.

Shri Ramchandraji (appear) said- O Munishwar! Release anger Ax in your hands and my head is forward, the way to your anger, Lord! Do the same. Know me your servant (slave).

How is the war between the master and the servant? O Brahmin Shrestha! Renounce anger On seeing your (heroic) disguise, the child had said something, in fact, he also has no-fault.

Seeing you wearing an ax, arrow, and bow and considering it heroic, the child got angry. He knew your name, but he did not recognize you. According to the nature of his dynasty (Raghuvansh), he replied.

If you come like a monk, then O lord! The child would lay the dust on your feet. Forgive the mistake of ignorance. Brahmins should have a lot of compassion in their hearts.

Hey Nath! How do you compare us? Say no, where the stage and where the head is! Where my Ram is just a small name and where your bad name is a big name.

Hey, God! We have only one quality bow and your ultimate sacred (Sham, Dum, Tapa, Poop, Forgiveness, Simplicity, Knowledge, Science, and Belief) are the nine qualities. We have lost you in every way. Hey Vipra! Forgive our crimes.

Shri Ramchandraji repeatedly called Parashuramji ‘Muni’ and ‘Viprawar’. Then Bhrigupati (Parshuramji) furious (or laughing with anger) said – You are as sinful as your brother.

Do you consider me a staunch Brahmin? I tell you as I am. Hear the bow as a bow, the arrow as a sacrifice, and my anger as a fierce fire.

Chaturangini Sena are beautiful tributaries (the wood that is lit in the yajna). Big kings have come in and have sacrificed animals, which I have cut off and sacrificed. I have done millions of such chanted warriors (that is, as chants are offered with the word ‘Swaha’, likewise, I have called and sacrificed kings).

You do not know my influence, that is why you are speaking disrespect to the Brahmin by insulting me. Break your bow, your pride has increased a lot. Such is arrogance, as if standing by conquering the world.

Mr. Ramchandraji said- O Muni! Speak thoughtfully Your anger is very big and my mistake is very small. There was an old bow, it broke on touching. Why should I boast?

Hey Bhrigunath! If we really disrespect a Brahmin, then listen to this truth, then who in the world is such a warrior, whom we should give fear to the head?

Gods, demons, kings, or many other warriors, whether they are equal to us in force or are more powerful, if anyone challenges us in the battle, we will fight it happily, no matter the time.

Holding the body of a Kshatriya, who was afraid of war, the lowly man blamed his clan. I say by nature, not by praising the family, that Raghuvanshi is not afraid of Kaal even in battle.

Such is the sovereignty (glory) of the Brahmin dynasty that one who is afraid of you, becomes the most fearless (or one who is fearless, he is also afraid of you). Hearing the soft and mysterious words of Shri Raghunathji, the curtains of Parashuramaji’s intellect were opened.

(Parashuramaji said-) O Ram! Hey Laxmipati! Take the bow in your hand (or the bow of Lakshmipati Vishnu) and pull it, so that my doubts are cleared. Parshuram started bowing, then he himself went away. Then Parashuramji had a big surprise in his mind.

Then he came to know the influence of Shri Ramji, (due to which) his body became pulsed and elated. He spoke with folded hands – love was not in his heart.

O sun of lotus forest as Raghukul! O Agni, who burns the thick forest of the form of demons! We salute you! O God, the Brahmin, and the benefactor of Go! Hail thee. O item, the loser of attachment, anger, and confusion! Hail you ॥1॥

O very clever in the creation of the sea and words of virtues, modesty, grace, etc. Hail thee. O pleasers of servants, who are beautiful with all the limbs and who wear the images of millions of Cupids in the body! Hail to you.

What can I praise you with one mouth? O lord of Mansarovar as Mahadevji’s mind! Hail thee. I inadvertently told you many inappropriate words. O brothers of forgiveness both brothers! Excuse me॥

O Ramchandraji in the form of the flag of Raghukul! Hail, hail, hail. Having said this, Parashuramji went to the forest for meditation. (Seeing this), the wicked kings, without any reason (Mana Kalpit) fearing (Parashuramji also lost to Ramachandraji, we insulted them, now they don’t take revenge on him, scared of this vain) They cowardly Silently ran everywhere

The gods played drums, they showered flowers on the Lord. All men and women of Janakpur were delighted. His pompousness (resulting from ignorance) was erased.

The instruments started ringing very loudly. Everyone dressed up in beautiful mangoes. Beautiful women with beautiful faces and beautiful eyes and sweet speaking like a cuckoo started flocking to the herd.

The happiness of Janakji cannot be described, as if the poor of birth had found a treasure of wealth! Fear of Sitaji continued, she became happy as if the moon’s rise made the daughter of Chakor happy.

Janaki bowed to Vishwamitraji (and said-) By the grace of God, Shri Ramchandraji has broken the bow. Both brothers gave me gratitude. Hey master! Now say whatever is appropriate.

The sage said – O clever king! Listen, as the marriage was under the bow, the marriage took place as soon as the bow was broken. Everyone knows the deity, man and serpent.

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