Sri Sita Ram marriage, farewell Shri Ramcharitmanas

Sri Sita Ram marriage –The beauty and beauty of the beautiful Mangal (women of Ranivas) and Sakhis went to Sitaji with respect. All the beauties are following the tricks of elephants adorned with sixteen adornments. After listening to his delightful anthem, the sage leaves the meditation, and Cupid’s cuckoos are also ashamed. Page, panini, and beautiful Konkan are playing very beautifully at the pace of the rhythm.

Instantly, the beautiful Sita is adorning in a group of women in this way, as if the woman in the form of the most beautiful beauty is beautiful among the group of pictures.

The beauty of Sitaji cannot be described, because the intellect is very small and the beauty is very large. The bararatis saw the holy form and the holy Sita in all respects.

Everyone bowed down to them. On seeing Sri Ramachandraji, all of them became complete. King Dasharathaji was delighted with his sons. The joy he had in his heart cannot be said.

The deities salute the flowers. The blessings of the original sages of the marshes are being heard. There is a loud noise from the words of songs and songs. All men and women are engrossed in love and joy.

Thus Sitaji came to the pavilion. Muniraj is very happy reading the peace text. The Vice-Chancellors, all manner, behavior, and virtue of that occasion.

By doing the rituals, Guruji is getting pleased and worshiping Gauriji, Ganeshji, and Brahmins (or getting Gauri and Ganesh worshiped by Brahmins). Gods appear and receive worship, give blessings, and are getting great happiness. Madhuparka, etc., whatever time you want to have in your mind, the servants are ready to fill them in gold urns and vases at the same time.

Suryadev himself tells all the rituals of his family including love and they are all being done respectfully. Thus, by worshiping the gods, the monks gave a beautiful throne to Sitaji. Seeing each other between Shri Sitaji and Shri Ramji and their mutual love is not getting lost in anyone, what is beyond the best mind, intellect, and speech, why should the poet reveal it?

At the time of Havan, Agnidev holds the body and accepts the sacrifice with great pleasure, and all Vedas brahmins hold the Vesha and explain the methods of marriage.

Knowing the time, the best sages called him. On hearing this, the pleasant women brought them respectfully. Sunayanaji (Janakaji’s patrani) is thinking like this on the left side of Janakji, as if Manaji is pleased with Himachal.

The beautiful vases of gold vase and jewels filled with holy, fragrant, and marshes water, the king and queen brought their hands with joy and placed them before Shri Ramchandraji.

Muni is reading Vedas from Mangalavani. Knowing the opportunity, there has been a flowering of flowers from the sky. Seeing the dulah, the king and queen fell in love and began to foster their holy feet.

He started to foster the lotus feet of Shri Ramji, pulkavali is enveloping his body with love. As the sound of songs, drums, and cheering in the sky and the city rose in all four directions, Charan Kamal always resides in the heart of Kamdev’s enemy Shree Shivji, who, even once, recalls the clearness in the mind Comes and all the sins of Kali Yuga run away.

On whose touch Gautam Muni’s woman Ahalya, who was sinful, found the ultimate glory, the charankamalas whose Makarand rasa (Ganga Ji) is seated on Shivji’s forehead, which the gods tell the limits of purity, the monks and yogis who make their mind a bumblebee When we get the desired speed by consuming it, Janakji is washing the same feet of fate (Bad Bhagabhi), seeing that everyone is cheering.

The gurus of both clans joined the palms of the bride and the girl and started decorating. On seeing the eclipse, the Brahmin gods, humans, and sages were filled with joy. Seeing the original happiness of happiness, the body of the king-queen was pulsed and the heart was filled with joy. Maharaja Janakji, as a figure of kings, bestowed the folk and Vedic rituals.

Just as Himwan gave Shiva to Parvatiji and Sagar to Lord Vishnu as Lakshmiji, similarly Janakji dedicated Sita to Sri Ramachandraji, which brought a beautiful new glory to the world. Videha (Janakji) how to beg! That dark idol actually made him Videha (devoid of body-mind). Havan was done in a ceremonial manner and whirlpools started happening.

Hearing the sound of Jai Sound, Vandi Sound, Veda Sound, Mangalgana and Nagadas, clever deities are cheering and showering the flowers of Kalpavriksha.

Hearing the sound of Jai Sound, Vandi Sound, Veda Sound, Mangalgana and Nagadas, clever deities are cheering and showering the flowers of Kalpavriksha.

The beautiful shadows of Shri Ramji and Shri Sitaji are shining in the pillars of the beads, as if Cupid and Rati are seen in many forms, watching the unique marriage of Shri Ramji.

They (Kamadeva and Rati) have nothing less than a desire for darshan (meaning there are many) and that is why they appear and hide again and again. All the watchers became blissful and like Janakji, everyone forgot their own memory.

The munis happily flashed the whirlpools and fulfilled all the rituals including neg. Shri Ramchandraji is giving vermilion in the head of Sitaji, this grace is not said in any way.

It is as if the snake is feeding the moon with the greed of nectar after filling the lotus well with red pollen. (Here Shri Ram’s hand is made of lotus, pollen is sent away, Shri Ram’s black arm is snake and Sita’s face is given the likeness of the moon.) Then Vashistha commanded, then Dulah and Dulahin sat on a pedestal. 4

Shri Ramji and Janaki ji sat on the superior posture, seeing them, Dashrathji was very happy in his mind. Seeing new fruits (came) in his well-known kalpa tree, his body is pulsing again and again. Fourteen Bhuvanas got excited, everyone said that Shri Ramchandraji got married. The tongue is one and this Mars is great, then well, how can it be finished by describing it.

Then, after getting the order of Vashistha, Janakji decorated the wedding items and called Mandviji, Shrutakirtiji and Urmilaji, these three princesses. Raja Janak lovingly married Bharatji in all manner to the elder daughter of Kush flag, Mandviji, who was a form of virtue, modesty, happiness and beauty.

Knowing Jankiji’s younger sister Urmilaji as the best man in all the beauties, he honored Laxmanji in all respects, married Laxmanji, whose name is Shrutakirti, who is beautiful eyes, beautiful mouth, all qualities and is exposed in form and piety. The king married Shatrughna to them.

Dulah and Dulahin are delighted at the heart of each other, seeing their respective pair. Everybody is happy and appreciates their beauty and Devgan is showering flowers. All the beautiful bridegrooms are having such a beauty in the same pavilion with beautiful grooms, as if all the four states (awakening, dreaming, sleeping and twilight) are seated in the heart of the creature with its four masters (Vishwa, Taizas, Pragya and Brahma).

On seeing all the sons with daughters-in-law, Awadh King Dasarathaji is as joyful as if he has attained all the four fruits (Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha) including the kings’ Shiromani Kriyas (Yajnacarya, Shraddharya, Yogacarya and Jnanakriya).

All the princes were married in the same manner as described in the marriage of Shri Ramchandraji. The excess of dowry is not said, the whole pavilion was filled with gold and pearls.

Many blankets, garments and variously silk fabrics, which were of little value (ie, were precious) and adorned with elephants, chariots, horses, slave-maids and jewels like Kamadhenu cows -॥

(Etc.) There are many things, how to count. They cannot be described, those who have seen, they know. On seeing him, the Lokpal also went to Siha. Avadhraj Dasharathaji accepted everything with pleasure and accepted happiness.

They gave the dowry items to the petitioners, which they liked. The one who remained, came in public service. Then Janakji folded his hands and spoke with a gentle voice respecting the whole procession.

Respecting the whole procession through honor, charity, humility and brag, King Janaka worshiped and worshiped a group of munis lovingly (pampered) with great joy. After turning the head, celebrating the gods, the king started saying with folded hands that the gods and the sages only want emotion, (they are happy with love, how can anyone satisfy those full-bodied nobles by giving them something), can an Anjali The sea can be satisfied by giving water somewhere.

Respecting the whole procession through honor, charity, humility and brag, King Janaka worshiped and worshiped a group of munis lovingly (pampered) with great joy. After turning the head, celebrating the gods, the king started saying with folded hands that the gods and the sages only want emotion, (they are happy with love, how can anyone satisfy those full-bodied nobles by giving them something), can an Anjali The sea can be satisfied by giving water somewhere.

Taking these girls as a walk, they will follow with new kindness. I was very proud to call you here, forgive the crime. Then Bhushan Dasarathaji of Suryakul made a fund of complete respect to Samadhi Janakji (so much that he became a repository of honor). Their mutual pleas are not said, the hearts of both are full of love.

The deities are showering flowers, the king should go on public life. The sound of the drums, the sound of Jayadhvani and Veda, there is a lot of curiosity in both the sky and the city (bliss is extinguishing), then, after getting the order of Munishwar, the beautiful women went to Kohbar with the bridegroom, including the bridegroom.

Sitaji looks at Ramji again and again, but does not mind him. The thirsty eyes of love are haunting the image of beautiful fish.

Masparayan, eleventh rest

The dark body of Shri Ramchandraji is beautiful by nature. Her beauty is going to make millions of Cupids jealous. Charan lotus with Mahavar is very pleasant, on which the eyes of the monks are always covered with eyebrows.

The holy and beautiful yellow dhoti takes the early morning sun and the light of light. The waist has beautiful kinkini and katisutra. Beautiful ornaments are adorned in huge arms.

Yellow Janeu is adorning the great. The ring of the hand steals the mind. They are adorned with all the wedding attire. Beautiful ornaments of heart are adorned on the broad chest.

The yellow scarf Kankhasoti (like Janeu) is adorned with gems and pearls on both ends. There are beautiful eyes like lotus, beautiful coil in ears and mouth is the treasure of all beauty.

Has beautiful eyebrows and a beautiful nose. Tilak is the home of beauty on the forehead, in which there are beautiful pearls and gemstones, such a beautiful maur is sleeping on the forehead.

Precious stones are knotted in Sundar Maur, all organs steal the mind. Seeing the Dulah, the women and the beauty of all the cities are breaking the straw (taking their lights) and performing the aarti and performing Mangalan, after throwing away the gem, clothes and jewelery. The gods are showering flowers and are telling yarn, magadha, and bhat suyyash.

Suhagini women found happiness, brought Kunar and kumaris to Kohbar (place of Kuldevata), and started singing cosmic rituals by singing the song Mangal with great love. Parvatiji teaches Shri Ramachandraji to Lahkaur (grooming bride and groom) and Saraswatiji teaches Sitaji. Rivas is engrossed in the bliss of Haas-Vilas, (seeing Shri Ramji and Sitaji) is attaining the ultimate fruits of all births.

In the hands of his hands, the store of beautiful form Shri Ramchandraji’s shadow is not visible. Seeing this, Janaki Ji does not shake her eyes and eyes in fear of being disconnected in the philosophy. The joy and love of the laughter and humor of that time cannot be called, it is known only by the strictures. Subsequently, all the beautiful women got married to the bride.

At that time, wherever you listen in the city and in the sky, the sound of blessing is heard and great joy is there. Everyone said with a happy heart that the four beautiful couples should be Chiranjeevi. Yogiraj, Siddha, Munishvara, and the gods looked at Lord Sri Ramachandra and played with joy, and they went to their respective folk, cheering and showering flowers and saying ‘Jai Ho, Jai Ho, Jai Ho’.

Then all (four) Kumar came to father along with daughters-in-law. It seemed as if Janvasa was overflowing with beauty, glory, and joy.

Then a lot of kitchens were made Janakji called the baraatis. King Dasarathaji walked with sons. The feet of unique clothes get worn.

With respect, everyone washed their feet and made everyone sit on suitable generations. Then Janakji washed the feet of Awadhpati Dashrathji. His modesty and affection cannot be described.

Then washed the feet of Shri Ramchandraji, who hides in the lotus heart of Shri Shivji. Knowing the three brothers to be like Shri Ramchandraji, Janakji washed his feet with his own hands.

King Janakji gave proper postures to all and called all the participants. With respect, the leaves started falling, which were made by putting gold nails from the leaves of the beads.

Clever and gracious cooks are beautiful, tasty, and pure dal-bhaat and cow’s (fragrant) ghee sprinkled in front of everyone in a moment.

Everyone started eating Panchakour (ie ‘Pranaye Swaha, Apanaye Swaha, Vyanaye Swaha, Udanaye Swaha and Samayaye Swaha’ with the first five gras reciting these mantras). He fell in love with the song of abuse. Like many types of nectar (delicious) dishes were served, which cannot be described.

Clever cooks started serving many types of dishes, who knows their name. There are four types of food (chavya, choisya, lehua, drinkie chewing, sucking, licking, and drink-eatable)There are so many substances made of each method that they cannot be colored.

They were many beautiful (delicious) dishes of the six juices. There are countless types of each juice. At the time of eating, after taking the names of men and women, women are abusing with sweet sound (singing abuses).

The beautiful abuses of time are being admired. King Dasharathaji, including the society, is laughing after listening to him. In this manner, everyone ate food, and then all were given Ashman (water to wash hands and mouth) with respect.

Then Janak JI worshiped Dasharathaji along with the society. Sir Dasharathaji, the head of all the kings (Chakravarti), pleased and went to the public.

New mangals are happening every day in Janakpur. Day and night pass as a moment. Dasarathaji, the crown jewel of the great kings woke up. The petitioners began to sing their virtues.

How can it be said that the joy of seeing four Kumaris with beautiful brides is like that? He went to Guru Vashistha after performing the morning. There is great joy and love in his mind.

The king bowed and worshiped, then folded his hands as if the voice immersed in the nectar said – O Muniraj! Listen, by your grace, today I am completely done.

Hey master! Now call all Brahmins and give them cows adorned with all kinds of (jewelry and clothes). Hearing this, Guruji praised the king and then sent the men to call.

Then came groups of ascetic superior sages like Vamdev, Devarshi Narada, Valmiki, Jabali and Vishwamitra etc.

The king paid obeisance to everyone and worshiped them with love and gave them good postures. Asked for four lakh good cows, which were as good-natured and pleasant as Kamdhenu’s.

After decorating them all (with ornaments and clothes), the king was pleased and gave them to the Bhudev Brahmins. The king is pleading in such a way that in the world I got the benefit of living today.

(From the Brahmins) The king was pleased with the blessings. Then called the groups of the petitioners, and asking everyone their interest, Dasharathaji gave gold, clothes, gem, horse, elephant, and chariot (whoever wished) to enjoy Suryakul.

They all went on singing the praises and saying ‘Jai Ho, Jai Ho, Jai Ho’ to the Lord of Suryakul. In this way there was a celebration of the marriage of Shri Ramchandraji, who has a thousand faces, even Seshaji cannot describe him.

Repeatedly, the king nods at the feet of Vishwamitra and says: O Muniraj! All this happiness is the offering of your kindness.

King Dasharathaji appreciates Janakji’s affection, modesty, love, and beauty in all respects. Everyday (in the morning), the King of Ayodhya asks for goodbye. But Janakji keeps them with love.

Respect is constantly increasing. There are thousands of guests every day. There is new joy and excitement in the city, no one likes Dasharathaji.

Thus many days have passed, as if the procession is tied with a rope of affection. Then Vishwamitra and Shatanandaji went and explained to King Janak and said-

Although you cannot leave affection (tame them), still give orders to Dashrathji. ‘O, Nath! Very good ‘Janakji called the ministers. He came and gave the head by saying ‘Jai Jeeva’.

(Janaki said-) Ayodhyanath wants to walk, tell the news inside (in Rani was). Hearing this, ministers, Brahmins, members, and King Janak also fell in love.

The people of Janakpur heard that the procession would go, then they became distraught and started asking each other. It is true to know that, after hearing this, everyone became sad as if the lotus had become compressed in the evening.

While coming, many types of direct (kitchen items) were sent to wherever the wedding processions were held. Many types of nuts, dishes, and food items that cannot be baked –

On countless oxen and kahars were sent (loaded). Also, Janakji sent many beautiful beds (beds). One lakh horses and twenty-five thousand chariots all decorated from nail to crest (top to bottom).

Ten thousand adorned elephants, seeing which the elephants of the directions are also ashamed, filled the trains with gold, clothes, and gems (gems) and buffaloes, cows, and many other things.

(Thus) Janaki again gave an infinite dowry, which cannot be said and seeing that the wealth of the people of Lokpal also seemed little.

In this way, King Janak sent all the goods to Ayodhyapuri. On hearing this the procession would go on, all the queens became as perplexed as if the fishes were splashing in some water.

She adopts Sitaji again and again and gives blessings and teachings – May you always be the beloved of your husband, your soul is immovable, this is our blessing.

Serving mother-in-law, father-in-law, and guru. Seeing the husband’s attitude, obeying his orders. Sayani Sakhi teaches women religion with gentle speech under extreme affection.

By treating all daughters (women’s religion) with respect, the queens repeatedly planted them from the heart. Mothers visit again and again and say why Brahma created the female caste.

At the same time, as the flag of Suryavansh, Shri Ramchandraji, along with his brothers, went to Janakji’s palace to leave them happy.

By nature, men and women of the city ran to see the beautiful four brothers. Somebody says – today they want to go. Video has prepared all the farewells.

The four sons of the king look at the (handsome) form of these lovely guests with an eye. Hey Sayani! Who knows, by what virtue, the Creator has brought them here and made us a guest of our eyes.

Just as the dying gets the nectar, the starved Kalpavriksha of the birth and the living (or worthy of hell) living beings in hell, like the Supreme Father of God, their visions are the same for us.

Take away the glory of Shri Ramchandraji and hold it in the heart. Snake your mind and make their idol a gem. In this way, all the princes went to the palace giving fruits to the eyes.

Seeing all the brothers of the sea, Roop was happy. Mother-in-law performs a clean and aarti with a very happy heart.

Seeing the image of Shri Ramchandraji, she became very engrossed in love and under the special control of love, again and again, he started taking steps. There was love in the heart, it was not ashamed. How can their natural affection be described?

He, along with the brothers, got Shri Ramji boiled and bathed and made a status meal with great love. Knowing the opportunity, Shri Ramchandraji Sheel, affection and hesitant voice said -॥

Maharaj wants to run Ayodhyapuri, he has sent us here to leave. Hey mother Give orders with a happy heart and will always maintain affection by knowing us your children.

Rivas became depressed after hearing these words. Mother-in-law cannot speak with love He took all the Kumaris to heart and entrusted them to their husbands and begged for a lot.

After pleading, he dedicated Sitaji to Shri Ramchandraji and folded his hands and said again and again, O Tat! Hey Susan! I am sacrificed, you know the speed of everybody. You will know that family, ancestors, me, and the king love Sita like life. O lord of basil! Seeing its modesty and affection, consider it as your maid.

You are a complete work, Suzanne is Shiromani and you are emotional (love you, dear). Hey Ram! You are the followers of the merits of the devotees, the destroyer of defects, and the abode of mercy.

Saying so, the queen remained (silent) holding the steps. As if his speech had dissolved into a swamp of love. Hearing the best voice soaked with affection, Shri Ramchandraji respected the mother-in-law in many ways.

Then Shri Ramchandraji bowed with folded hands and saluted again and again. After getting the blessings and then giving the head, Shri Raghunathji walked along with the brothers.

Bringing the beautiful sweet idol of Shri Ram into the heart, all the queens became relaxed with affection. Then, wearing patience and calling the Kumaris, the mothers started offering them (hugging) again and again.

She delivers daughters, then returns. There was not a little love in the mutual (that is, a lot of love grew). The moms are separated by repeated mating. For example, someone can separate a recently married cow from its baby calf (or heifer).

The entire Ranivas, including all men and women and friends, are being subjected to a special love. (It seems like) Karuna and Viraha have camped in Janakpur.

The parrot and maina which Janaki had raised and taught in a cage of gold, are distraught and say- where is Vaidehi. Who will not give up their patience after listening to such words (that means everyone’s patience goes away)?

How can the condition of humans be said when the birds and animals have become like this? Then Janakji came with his brother. Water filled with love in his eyes (of Premashru).

He was called the supreme recluse, but upon seeing Sitaji, he was also patient. The king took Jankiji to his heart. (By the effect of love) the great dignity of knowledge has disappeared (the dam of knowledge is broken)

All intelligent ministers explain them. Then the king thought of not knowing the time of grief. Used beautiful adorned palanquins with frequent daughters.

The whole family is forced into love. Knowing the beautiful Muhurta, the king remembered Ganesha along with Siddhi and offered the girls on palanquins.

The king explained the daughters in many ways and taught them the religion of women and the tradition of the family. Many maid-slaves were given, who were beloved and trustworthy servants of Sitaji.

Janakpur residents got distraught while going to Sitaji. The zodiac signs of Mars are becoming auspicious. King Janakji, along with the society of Brahmins and ministers, went together to deliver them.

Seeing time, the instruments started ringing Chariots, elephants, and horses were decorated by the baraatis. Dashrathji summoned all the Brahmins and filled them with charity and honor.

The king rejoiced after placing his feet on the lotus dust and receiving his blessing, and after remembering Ganesha, he departed. The roots of the forests are many.

The gods are blissfully showering flowers and the nymphs are singing. Avadhapati Dasarathaji happily went to Ayodhyapuri after playing the song.

King Dasarathaji begged and returned the reputed ones and summoned all the men with respect. They were given jewels, clothes, horses, and elephants, and after affirming them with love, made everyone complete, that is, forceful.

They all repeatedly returned Virudavali (Kulakirti) and kept Sri Ramachandraji in their heart. Kosrathish Dasharathaji asks to return again and again, but Janakji does not want to return with love.

Dasharathaji again said pleasant words – O Rajan! Came too far, now come back. Then King Dasarathaji got down from the chariot and stood up. The flow of love increased in his eyes (the flow of courtship flowed).

Then Janakji folded his hands as if immersed in the nectar of affection and said the words – how do I make (in what words) a request. Hey chef! You have given me great praise.

Ayodhyanath Dashrathji respected his family member in all respects. There was a lot of humility in meeting each other and there was such a love that was not in the heart.

Janaki beheaded the Muni troupe and received blessings from all. Then with respect, he met the brothers, his sons-in-law, with the wealth of form, modesty, and virtues.

And like beautiful lotus, with folded hands, uttered words that were born of love. O, Lord Rama! How can I praise you You are the swan of Munsarovar as the mind of the sages and Mahadevji.

Yogis for whom the Yogas are performed by renouncing anger, fascination, affection, and item, which are omnipresent, Brahman, Avyakta, imperishable, Chidananda, Nirguna, and the amount of virtues.

Those who do not know speech with the mind and all those who presume, no one can reason, whose glory is described by the Vedas as ‘Neti’ and those who (Sachchidananda) live in all the three periods are monogamous (all-time and completely devoid).

They were the origin of all happiness (you) concerning my eyes. All the benefit to the living being in the world is good if it is favorable to God.

You magnified me in all respects and adopted me as your public. If there are ten thousand Saraswati and the rest and keep counting for crores of kalpas.

Even then Raghunaji! Listen, the story of my good fortune and your virtues cannot be ended by telling. Whatever I am saying, it is on your own strength that you are happy with very little love.

I repeatedly ask with folded hands not to forget your mind and leave your feet. Shri Ramchandraji was satisfy after listening to Janakji’s best words, which were confirm by love.

He honored his father-in-law Janakji by pleading gracefully, like his father Dasharathaji, Guru Vishwamitraji, and Vice-Chancellor Vasisthaji. Then Janakji begged Bharatji and together with love again blessed him.

Then the king met Lakshmanji and Shatrughnaji and blessed him. They started to fight with each other repeatedly due to mutual love.

After repeatedly pleading and praising Janakji, Shri Raghunathji went with all the brothers. Janaki went and took hold of Vishwamitra’s feet and put the feet of his feet in the head and eyes.

(He said-) O Munishvara! Listen, nothing is rarer than your beautiful vision, I have such a belief in my mind, who wants happiness and Suyyesh Lokpal, but (considering it impossible), which he pleases while wishing.

Hey master! That happiness and happiness became accessible to me, all the achievements are going to follow your philosophy. In this way, repeatedly begged and returned the king Janak, having received his head and blessed him.

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Friends may be more or not friendship friendship should be excellent.


Sending Janakji’s messenger to Dasarathaji, departure of the procession from Ayodhya


Durga Saptashati Chapter Thirteen

Sri Ram Lakshmana and Parashurama-Samvad



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