Story of Keechaka slaughter ~ Mahabharata

Story of Keechaka slaughter ~ Mahabharata

Story of Keechaka slaughter -The Pandavas spent ten months living in the capital of Matsya King Virat. Suddenly one day, King Virat’s brother-in-law Keechaka came to meet his sister Sudeshna. When his eyesight fell on Sairandhri (Draupadi), he became agitated and started looking for an opportunity to meet Syndri in solitude.

Draupadi also sensed Keechaka’s erotic attitude. He also told Maharaja Virat and Maharani Sudeshna that Keechak casts his wrath on me. I have five Gandharva husbands. One day they will surely kill Keechaka, but both of them did not care about Draupadi.

Being helpless, one day Draupadi told Bhimsen about Kichak’s misfortune and misconception. Hearing the words of Draupadi, Bhimsen said- “O Draupadi! Give a message to meet that evil witch in the dance hall at midnight. I will go to your place in the dance and kill her.”

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According to the plan of Ballav (Bhimsen), Syrandhri signaled Keechak to meet him in the dance hall at night. Pleased with this sign of Draupadi, when the night reached the dance hall, Bhimsen was lying there covering his body and mouth with a sari of Draupadi.

Considering him as Syndri, he shouted sarcasm – “Oh dear! I owe everything to you Now you get up and have fun with me. ” On hearing the words of Keechaka, Bhimsen jumped up and stood up and said, “Oh sinner! You are not Sairandhri, standing before your death. Now, taste the fruit of putting a pity on the lady. ” Having said this, Bhimsen started kicking Keechaka with a kick and a punch. Just as the fierce storm shook the trees, in the same way, Bhimsen started to beat Keechak in the whole dance hall. After hitting him several times on the earth and twisting it, he twisted his neck with his arms and killed the animal’s death.

After killing such a pestle, Bhimsen twisted all his limbs and made him into a chunk of meat and said to Draupadi – “Panchali! Come and see what I have done to the worms of this work. ” Draupadi got a lot of satisfaction after seeing that degradation of her.

Then Ballav and Sairandhri went to their respective places and slept. In the morning when news of Keechak’s slaughter was received by everyone, then Queen Sudeshna, King Virat and other brothers of Keechak started mourning. When the body of the Keechaka was taken to the crematorium, Draupadi said to the king Virat- “It has got the fruit of putting me on the evil side, surely my Gandharva husbands have done this plight.” Hearing the words of Draupadi, the brothers of Keechak got angry and said, “Our very strong brother has died due to this Syndri. So it should also be burnt with a pyre of insects. ” Having said this, he forcibly tied Draupadi with the Keechaka meaning and started to take him to the crematorium.

Draupadi’s plight was not seen by the Pandavas present there as Kank, Ballav, Vrhannala, Tantipala and Granthik, but they could not even reveal themselves due to the unknown. So Bhimsen secretly leaped towards the crematorium and threw mud and mud all over the body on the way. Then a huge tree was uprooted and broke on the brothers of Keechaka and some of them were killed by Bhimsen, who survived and escaped with their lives. After this, Bhimsen consoled Draupadi and sent her to the palace and after bathing herself returned to her place by another route. Seeing that Keechak and his brothers were slaughtered, all the people including King Virat started fearing Draupadi. (Story of Keechaka slaughter)

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  1. Excellent story, as a 15 y/o student , i’m very proud of being a heir of such brave ancestors. And being able to obtain this knowledge, i’m grateful to this website >.< !


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