Story of Parikshit’s birth ~ Mahabharata

Story of Parikshit’s birth ~ Mahabharata

When Draupadi got the news that her five sons had been killed by Ashwatthama, she went on an indefinite fast and said that she would break the fast only when she would receive the gem which remained on Ashwatthama’s forehead.

Arjun sets out to capture Ashwatthama. A fierce war broke out between Ashwatthama and Arjuna. Ashwatthama used Brahmastra on Arjuna, on which Arjuna also left Brahmastra. Arjuna announces his Brahmastra at the behest of Narada and Vyasa, but Ashwatthama attacks Brahmastra on Abhimanyu’s pregnant wife Uttara to destroy the Pandavas from their roots.

Krishna said- “Uttara is blessed with the birth of a child named Parikshit. His son will definitely be born. Even if that child is dead due to your use of weapons, I will give him life. He will be the emperor of the land and You will spend three thousand years in sinless places carrying the sin of such slaughter. The smell of blood will always be released from your body. You will be suffering from many diseases. ”

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Vyasa also approved the words of Shri Krishna. Arjuna tied Ashwatthama in a rope and brought it to Draupadi. Draupadi asked her to leave him as a dynasty but Arjuna, with the inspiration of Shri Krishna, removed the gem from his head and gave it to Draupadi.

In Uttara’s womb, the child started getting burnt by the sharpness of Brahmastra. Then Shri Krishna microscopically entered the womb of Uttara. His astrological astral body was in the shape of a thumb. He wore conch, chakra, mace, padma in all four arms. The ears were blunt and the eyes were bloodshot. They used to rotate around the child in that womb with a mace burning in their hands. (Story of Parikshit’s)

Just as Suryadev removes the darkness, similarly she used to soothe the fire of Brahmastra left of mace Ashwatthama. The child in the womb saw that astrological power revolving around him. He starts wondering who it is and where it came from? After some time, for the initiation of Pandava Yajna, King Marut had gone north to take money. Meanwhile, that child was born in his absence and after ten months in the presence of Shri Krishna. But the child died after copying out of the womb. Seeing the child dead, Ruddan started in Ranivas. A sea of ​​grief arose. The only child born to the Kuru dynasty was born, so he did not live.

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Kunti, Draupadi, Subhadra etc. all drowned in the ocean of great sorrow and started shedding tears. Hearing the news of the birth of a dead child from Uttara’s womb, Shri Krishna immediately reached Satpur with Satyaki. Hearing Karun Krandan there in Ranivas, he was filled with heart. Not so much for Karun Krandan’s dead sons as Subhadra and Draupadi did, even as they were doing at the death of that newborn child. (Story of Parikshit’s)

Seeing Lord Krishna, she fell at his feet and roared and mourned and said, “O Janardan! You had promised that this child will not die from this Brahmastra and live for sixty years of religion. The kingdom will do. But this child is lying in a state of disarray. This is the child of your grandson Abhimanyu. O Harisudan! Give life to this child with your nectar-filled vision. ”

Shri Krishna consoled everyone and immediately went to the maternity home and observed the management there. Water was stored all around, fire was also burning, ghee was being sacrificed, white flowers and mustard were scattered and shining weapons were also kept. By this method, the maternity house was kept safe from yagna, demon and other diseases. Uttara had fainted due to bereavement on her son’s death.

At the same time Draupadi etc. queens came there and started saying – “O Kalyani! Lord Krishna Krishna, your life-giver is standing in front of you. Your body is standing. Become conscious.” Shri Krishna said- “Daughter! Do not grieve. This son of yours still lives. I have never lied in life. I have promised in front of everyone that it will be complete. I have protected this child in your womb. How will I let you die now. ” Saying this, Shri Krishna cast his nectaric gaze on the child and said- “If I have never lied, always followed the rule of Brahmacharya fast, never shown back in war, I have never committed wrongdoing even by mistake. So let this dead child of Abhimanyu come alive. ” (Story of Parikshit’s)

As soon as they said this, the child started crying while shaking hands and feet. Lord Krishna returned Brahmastra back to Brahmaloka with the strength of his truth and religion. Seeing the child alive by this wonderful deed, all the women of Antapur were surprised and started to worship him. Lord Sri Krishna named the child as ‘Parikshit’, because he was born when the kurukula was overcome.

When Yudhishthira returned and heard the news of son’s birth, he was very happy and donated innumerable cows, villages, elephants, horses, grains etc. to the Brahmins. Called the best astrologers and asked questions about the future of the child. Astrologers told that that child will be very glorious, famous and Ichkshvaku like Prajapalak, Dani, righteous, mighty and a devotee of Lord Shri Krishna Chandra.

Shishukdev ji is on the banks of the Ganges, abandoning the illusion of the world before the death of the sage by the curse of a sage. He will attain enlightenment. Dharmaraja Yudhishthira was pleased to hear the horoscope told by the astrologers and gave them proper dakshina and sent them away. That child started growing day by day like the moon of Shukla Paksha. Dharmaraja Yudhishthira performed Ashwamedha Yagna by bringing the buried wealth of King Marut. The yagna was completed smoothly under the supervision of Shri Krishna. On completion of all the work Sri Krishna also returned to Dwarka. (Story of Parikshit’s)

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