Story of Pratapbhanu Shri Ramcharitmanas

Story of Pratapbhanu Hey, monkey! Listen to the sacred and ancient story that Shiva had told to Parvati. Famous in the world is the Kaikeya country. There lived a king named Satyaketu.

He was the axis of righteousness, the mine of policy, brilliant, majestic, sushi, and strong, he had two brave sons, who were the repositories of all virtues and the great Randhir.

The elder boy who succeeded in the kingdom was named Pratapbhanu. The name of the second son was Arimardan, who had immense strength in his arms and who was adamant in war (like a mountain).

Brother-in-law, there was great love and true love without all kinds of faults and deceit. The king gave the kingdom to the firstborn son and you walked to the forest for the sake of God.

When Pratapbhanu reign, he was repeats in the country. He started following the subjects in the best manner according to the method mentioned in the Vedas. There was no trace of sin in his kingdom.

The king’s benefactor and intelligent like Shukracharya was his minister named Dharmruchi. In this way, along with an intelligent minister and strong and brave brother, the king himself was also very majestic and Randhir.

Together there was an immense Chaturangini army, with innumerable warriors, all of whom were about to die in the battle. The king was very happy to see his army and the boisterous drums began to ring.

Decorating the army for Digvijay, that king went on an auspicious day (Muhurta) by performing and playing the danka. There were many battles everywhere. He conquered all the kings by force.

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With the help of his arms, he subdued the seven islands (land lands) and took the punishment (tax) from the kings and left them. At that time Pratapbhanu was the only (Chakravarti) king of the entire Prithvi Mandal.

Subjugating the world with the help of his arms, the king entered his city. The king used to enjoy the pleasures of earth, religion, and work, etc. on time.

With the help of King Pratapbhanu, the land turned into a beautiful Kamadhenu (giver of choice). The subjects (in his kingdom) were free and happy from all (kinds of) sorrows and all men and women were beautiful and righteous.

The minister of religion had love at the feet of Shri Hari. He always taught him a policy for the interest of the king. King Guru, deity, saint, ancestor, and Brahmin – always used to serve them all.

The king always followed all the religions of the kings mentioned in the Vedas, respectfully, and with pleasure. He used to give many kinds of donations every day and used to listen to the best scriptures, Vedas, and Puranas.

He built many Bavalias, wells, ponds, Phulwadis, beautiful gardens, houses for Brahmins, and beautiful quaint temples of the gods in all the pilgrimages.

As many types of yagyas have been said in the Vedas and Puranas, the king performed all those yajnas one by one thousand times with love.

There was no reconnaissance (desire) of any fruit in (the king’s) heart. The king was very intelligent and knowledgeable. Whatever religion the wise king used to do with karma, mind, and speech, he used to offer everything to Lord Vasudev.

Once the king, riding on a good horse, decorated all the hunting material and went to the dense forest of Vindhyachal, and there he killed many good deer.

The king saw a boar wandering in the forest. (He looked like this due to the teeth) as if the moon was greased (holding it in the mouth) and hidden in the Rahu forest. As the moon grows, it does not fit in his mouth, and as if he does not grow in anger.

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It was said to be adorned with the terrible teeth of pigs. (Here) His body was also very large and thick. Seeing the stare of the horse, he raised his ears with a staring watch.

Seeing that huge boar (bodied) like the summit of Nile mountain, the king whipped the horse and walked fast and he challenged the boar that now you cannot be saved.

On seeing the horse coming (on its side) while uttering more words, the boar ran away with wind speed. The king immediately put the arrow on the bow. On seeing the arrow, the pig lurked in the earth.

The king even shoots arrows, but the boar is tricked and saves the body. The animal would sometimes appear and sometimes run away in hiding and the king would also go back (behind) him in anger.

The boar went far into such a dense forest, where the elephant-horse had no peace. The king was completely alone and there was a lot of tribulation in the forest, yet the king did not give up the pursuit of that animal.

Seeing the king very patient, the boar ran and entered a deep cave in the mountain. Seeing it difficult to go in it, the king had to return with great regret, but he forgot the way in that thick forest.

Tired of working very hard and distraught with hunger and thirst with the horse, the king searches the river-pond and finds the water unharmed.

While wandering in the forest, he saw a hermitage, there lived a king who was disguised as a monk, whose country was taken away by King Pratapbhanu and who left the army and fled from the battle.

Knowing Pratapbhanu’s time (good days) and estimating his kusmay (bad days), he felt very guilty. Due to this, he neither went home nor met King Pratapbhanu because of being arrogant (matched).

Even so Like the poor, he lived in the forest under the guise of king ascetic after killing anger in his mind. The king (Pratapbhanu) went to the same. He immediately recognized that it was Pratapbhanu.

The king being thirsty (in distraction) could not recognize him. Seeing the beautiful dress, the king considered him a great queen and got down from the horse and bowed to him, but being very clever, the king did not tell him his name.

Seeing the king thirsty, he saw the lake. The king rejoiced and took bath and refreshments in it with his horse.

All tiredness disappeared, the king became happy. Then the ascetic took him to his ashram and knowing the time of sunset, he offered the seat (to the king to sit). Then he said to the ascetic gentle voice-

Who are you? Why are you going alone in a forest, regardless of life, is a beautiful young man? I feel great pity after seeing the signs from your Chakravarti king.

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(The king said-) O Munishvara! Listen, there is a king named Pratapbhanu, I am his minister. I have forgotten the path while hunting. By coming here with great luck, I have seen your feet.

We had a rare view of you, it seems something good is going to happen. The sage said – O Tat! It was dark now. Your city is at seventy plan from here.

Hey Susan! Listen, it is a dark night, it is a dense forest, there is no way; assuming you stop here today, go away as early as the morning.

Tulsidas ji says – As the fate is (promising), the help is received. Either she herself comes to him or takes him there.

Hey Nath! Very well, after saying so and commanding him, the king sat down by tying the horse to the tree. The king praised him in many ways and praised his fate by worshiping his feet.

Then said to the beautiful gentle voice- O Lord! I am proud to know you as a father. Hey Munishwar! Know me your son and servant, tell me your name (Dham) in detail.

The king did not recognize him, but he did recognize the king. The king was pure hearted and was clever in deceit. One is the Vari, then the Kshatriya of the caste, then the King. He wanted to make his work with deceit.

Because The enemy was grieved by understanding (remembering) his state happiness. His chest (of the potter) was burning like an inner fire. Hearing the simple words of the king by ear, remembering his hatred, he rejoiced in the heart.

He ducked in hypocrisy and spoke softly with a gentle tact – now our name is beggar because we are poor and Aniket (house-gateless).

The king said – Those who are like the science of your research and are completely conceited, they always hide their nature because there is all kind of well-being in keeping with misfortune (there is a possibility of being disguised as a saint and declining )

This is why the saints and Vedas call out that only the supreme abstinence (eg ego, mother, and motherless) is loved by God. Seeing the poor, beggars, and householders like you, Brahma and Shiva also suspect (whether they are real saints or beggars).

Whoever you are (ie whoever you are), I greet you at your feet. Hey master! Now please be kind to me Seeing the king’s natural affection for himself and his greater faith in himself.

In all ways, subduing the king, showing more affection, he (hypocritical) said – O king! Listen, I tell you the truth, a lot of time has passed since I lived here.

Till now neither anyone has met me nor do I reveal myself to anyone, because prestige in the world is like fire, which consumes the ascetic forest.

Tulsidas ji says – seeing foolish clothes is not foolish (fools are fools), even smart people are deceived. Look at the beautiful peacock, its word is like nectar and the food is of the snake.

(The hypocrite and ascetic said-) That is why I hide in the world. Nothing serves anyone except Sri Hari. God knows everything without even living. Then say what will be accomplished by plucking the world.

You are pure and beautiful intellect, I love you very much and you also have love and trust in me. Hey, Tat Now, if I hide anything from you, then I will feel terrible.

Just as he used to speak of ascetic indifference, just as the king uses to get confidence. When the monk, who meditated like a heron, knew the king with karma, mind, and word, he said –

Hey brother! Our name is Ekatanu. Hearing this, the king again bowed his head and said – Know me your very (servile) servant and explain the meaning of your name.

(The saintly monk said-) I was born when the first creation was born. Since then I did not wear another body again, this is why my name is Ekatanu.

Hey son Do not be surprised in the mind, nothing is rare with austerity, Brahma creates the world with the power of austerity. Vishnu has become a follower of the world by the power of tenacity.

Rudra destroys the power of tenacity. There is no such thing in the world that cannot be met with tenacity. Hearing this, the king was very pleased. Then he (ascetic) started telling old stories.

Karma, religion, and many kinds of history, he began to represent quietness and knowledge. He told in detail the amazing stories of creation, observance (condition), and destruction (pralaya).

Hearing the king, the ascetic fell into control, and then he started telling him his name. The ascetic said- Rajan! I know you You have cheated me, I like that.

Hey Rajan! Listen, there is a policy that kings do not say their names wherever they are. Considering your same cleverness, I have fallen in love with you.

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Your name is Pratapbhanu, Maharaj Satyaketu was your father. Hey Rajan! I know everything by the grace of the teacher, but do not say it as my loss.

Hey, Tat Seeing your natural straightforwardness, love, faith, and mastery in policy, a lot of affection has arisen in my mind, that is why I ask you to tell my story.

Now I am happy, do not doubt it. Hey Rajan! Ask for whatever is in your mind. Hearing the beautiful (beloved) word, the king was delighted and, holding (Muni’s) feet, he begged in many ways.

O, Dayasagar Muni! All four substances (Artha, Dharma, Kama, and Moksha) came into my grasp with your vision. Nevertheless, seeing Swami pleased, I should be shocked by asking for this rare groom (why not).

May my body be devoid of old age, death, and sorrow, no one can win me in war, and my hundred Kalpakat Ekkatak Akantak kingdom on earth.

The ascetic said- O king! Let it be so, but one thing is difficult, listen to it as well. O Lord of the earth! Even leaving only the Brahmin clan, Kaal will also behead you at your feet.

Brahmins always remain strong because of their tenacity. There is no one to protect them from anger. Hey Narpati! If you subdue the Brahmins, then Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh will also be under you.

The Brahmin clan cannot force itself, I raise both arms and tell the truth. Hey Rajan! Listen, without the curse of the Brahmins, you will not perish at any time.

So The king was very happy to hear his words and started saying – O master! I will not be destroyed now. O, Kripadhanan Prabhu! By your grace, I will be benefited all the time.

Saying ‘Avamastu’ (so be it), that crooked hypocrite sage again said – (But) if you will say to me about meeting me and forgetting your path (not to say, if), then we are not to blame.

Hey Rajan! I refuse you because you will be very hurt by saying this episode. You will perish as soon as this thing occurs in the sixth ear, to know the truth of my word.

Hey Pratapbhanu! Listen, by the manifestation of this or the curse of the Brahmins, you will be destroyed and in some way, even if Brahma and Shankar are angry in your mind, you will not die.

The king held the feet of the monk and said – O master! Is true Who can protect, say, the anger of the Brahmin and the Guru? If Brahma also rages, then the Guru saves, but there is no one to save the world if he opposes the Guru.

If I don’t follow your statement, (even if) I perish. I am not worried about it. My mind is God (Only) fearing the same fear that the curse of Brahmins is terrible.

Please tell them how they can be subdued by Brahmins. Hey Deendayalu! I do not see anyone else except you.

(The ascetic said-) O, king! Listen, there are many remedies in the world, but they are troublesome (they come to be made with great difficulty) and whether or not they are proven (their success is not sure) yes, One solution is very easy, but there is also a difficulty in it.

Hey Rajan! That tactic is in my hands, but I cannot go to your city. Ever since I was born, till date I have not been to anyone’s home or village.

But if I do not go, then your work deteriorates. Today this great confusion has arisen. Hearing this, the king said with soft speech, O Nath! There is such a policy in the Vedas that –

Elder people love the younger ones. Mountains always bear the grass (grass) on their ends. The deep-sea bears the froth on its head and the earth always bears dust on its head.

Saying this, the king took the sage’s feet. (And said-) O, Lord! Please You are a saint Deendayalu is (So) Lord! Bear so much trouble for me

Knowing the king under him, the proficient ascetic said in the treachery, O Rajan! Listen, I tell you the truth, nothing is rare in the world.

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I will do your work, (because) you are my devotee through the mind, speech, and body (all three). But the effect of Yoga, Yukti, Tapa, and Mantras only flourish when they are done in secret.

Hey Narpati! If I make a kitchen and you serve it and no one knows me, then whoever eats the grain will become obedient to you.

Not only this, even the house of those (eaters) who will have food, O king! Listen, that too will be under you. Hey Rajan! Go and do the same measures and commit to a year-round meal.

Inviting one lakh new Brahmins along with family every day. I will make food every day till your moment (ie one year).

Hey Rajan! In this way, all the Brahmins will be in your control with very little effort. If Brahmins perform havan, yagna, and Seva-puja, then the gods will also be easily subdued by that context (relation).

Let me tell you another identity that I will never come in this form. Hey Rajan! I will bring your priest from my illusion.

I will keep him here for one year with the help of tenacity and keep me here, O king! Listen, I will prove your work in every way by making his appearance.

Hey Rajan! Night has passed, now go to sleep. I will meet you on the third day of today. With the power of tenacity, I will bring you home with the horse at bedtime.

I will disguise the same (of the priest). When I will call you in isolation and tell you the story, then you recognize me.

The king obeyed and slept and he sat on a stoic posture. The king was tired, (he) got very (deep) sleep. But how did he fall asleep? He was worried a lot.

(At the same time) there came the Kalketu demon, who turned the king into a pig. He was a great friend of the ascetic king and knew a lot of deceit.

Because He had a hundred sons and ten brothers, who were very wicked, unconquerable, and grieving the gods. Seeing the unhappiness of Brahmins, saints, and deities, the king had already killed them all in battle.

The wicked, remembering the previous hatred, met the ascetic king and consulted Salah Vichari (conspiracy) and devised the same way as the enemy was destroyed. The future king (Pratapbhanu) could not understand anything.

Even if the stunning enemy is alone, it should not be considered small. Rahu, whose head was only left, grieves the Sun and Moon till today.

The ascetic king was pleased to see his friend and got up and was happy. He told the friend all the stories, then the demon exulted.

Hey Rajan! Listen, when you have done (as much) as I said, now I have controlled the enemy (understand). Now you sleep worrying The creator removed the disease without medicine.

So I will meet you on the fourth day (from today), by overthrowing the enemy, including the family. (Thus) by giving great comfort to the ascetic king, he went to a great and very angry monster.

He brought Pratapbhanu Raja home with a horse in a moment. After putting the king to the queen, put the horse in a good horse.

Then he took the king’s priest and after confusing his intellect with Maya, he brought him to the mountain lair.

He took the form of a priest and lay on his beautiful SEZ. The king woke up before dawn and seeing his house, he considered it a great surprise.

Estimating the muni’s glory in mind, he got up slowly, in which the queen would not know. Then he mounted the same horse and went to the forest. None of the men and women of the city knew.

At two o’clock the king came. Festivities started happening from house to house and Badhwar started ringing. When the king saw the priest, he remembered (his) the same work and started to look at him with surprise.

The king spent three days as an era. His intellect remained at the feet of the hypocritical monk. Knowing a certain time, the priest (demon made) came and according to the secret advice with the king (he) explained all his thoughts to him.

The king was pleased to recognize the Guru (as indicated). He could not be confused with confusion (whether it is Tapas Muni or Kalaketu demon). He immediately invited one lakh fine Brahmins with family.

The priest created six races and four types of food, as described in the Vedas. He prepared the Mayamayi kitchen and made so many dishes that no one could count.

Because Cooked the meat of many kinds of animals, and that wicked mixed the flesh of the Brahmins. All Brahmins were called for food and washed the stage and made them sit with respect.

As soon as the king started serving, the same period (kalatekrit) came to air – O Brahmins! Get up and go to your house, don’t eat this food. There is a big loss in this (eating).

The meat of Brahmins is made in the kitchen. All the Brahmins stood up, believing (of Akashvani). The king was distraught (but), his intellect was forgotten in fascination. Hopefully (one) thing (also) did not come out of his mouth.

Then the Brahmins spoke with anger – they did not consider anything – oh foolish king! You are a monster with a family.

Ray lowly Kshatriya! You wanted to destroy the Brahmins, including the family, and wanted to destroy them, God protected our religion. Now you will be destroy along with the family.

Within a year, you will perish, there will be no one to give water to your family. Hearing the curse, the king became very distraught in fear. Then there was a beautiful air-

Hey Brahmins! You did not curse after thinking. The king did not commit any crime. All the Brahmins were surprise to hear the All India Radio. Then the king went to where the food was made.

(I saw) there was neither food nor cook Brahmin. Then the king returned with great concern in his mind. He told all the stories to the Brahmins and (very) frightened and distraught, he fell on the earth.

Hey Rajan! Although you are not to blame, the promise does not disappear. The curse of Brahmins is very terrible, it cannot be postpone in any way.

After saying this, all Brahmins went away. The townspeople (when) got this news, they started worrying and blaming the creator, who makes a crow while making a goose (such a saintly king should have been made a deity, so made a demon).

Asura (Kalketu) brought the priest to his house and told the insidious (ascetic) ascetic. That wicked sent letters everywhere, whereby all the (Barry) king’s army rushed and decorated (climbed).

And they surrounded the city by playing danka. The fighting started in many ways every day. All the warriors (of the knights) (of Pratap Bhanu) died in the battle. The king also stayed with his brother.

There was no one left in the family of Satyaketu. How could the curse of Brahmins be false? After conquering the enemy and settling the city (again), all the kings got victory and fame and went to their respective cities.

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