Story of the birth of Danveer Karna ~ Mahabharata

Story of the birth of Danveer Karna ~ Mahabharata

Story of the birth of Danveer Karna  -The upbringing of Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidur was over Bhishma. All three sons were sent to study as they grew up. Dhritarashtra was proficient in Bal Vidya, Pandu in archery and Vidur in religion and policy. When young, Dhritarashtra could not succeed the state due to being blind. Vidur was Dasiputra, hence Pandu was declared the king of Hastinapur.

Bhishma married Dhritarashtra to Gandhari, the princess of Gandhara. When Gandhari came to know that her husband is blind, she blindfolded herself. At the same time, when the young girl Kunti, who was nurtured by Yaduvanshi King Shursen, attained puberty, the father put her in the service of the Mahatmas who came home. All the sages, sages, sages etc. came to the guest house of the father, and Kunti used to serve him diligently.

Once, Durvasa Rishi arrived there. Kunti also served them diligently. Pleased with the service of Kunti, Durvasa Rishi said- “Daughter! I am very happy with your service, so I give you a mantra, using which the deity you will remember will appear before you and fulfill your desire immediately. . ” Durvasa went to provide a mantra to the sage Kunti.

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To check the veracity of the mantra, one day Kunti sat in a solitary place and recited the mantra, reciting the sun god. At that moment Suryadev appeared there and said- “Devi! Tell me what you desire from me. I will definitely fulfill your desire.” To this, Kunti said- “O God! I have no desire for any kind from you. I have chanted it only to test the truth of the mantra.” Hearing these words of Kunti, Suryadev said – “O Kunti, my coming cannot be in vain. I offer you a very mighty and generous son.” Saying this, Suryadev became intractable. Kunti could not say this shamelessly. In due course of time, a son was born wearing a shield and armor from her womb. Kunti kept her in a manju and washed them away at night in the Ganges. The boy came to the place where Adhirth, the charioteer of Dhritarashtra, was feeding his horse in the river Ganges. His eyes fell on the child carrying the shield. Adhirath was childless, so he tied the child to his chest and took it home and handed it to his wife Radha. They adopted the child and started caring for him. The child’s ears were very beautiful, so he was named ‘Karna’.

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