Story of the slaughter of Jayadratha, Ghatotkacha and Guru Drona

Story of the slaughter of Jayadratha, Ghatotkacha and Guru Drona

Jayadratha-Hearing Arjuna’s promise, Jayadratha trembled. Dronacharya assured him that he would create such an array that Arjuna would not see Jayadratha. He himself will continue to fight Arjuna and will himself be at the door of the array.

The next day the war started. Arjun’s eyes were looking for Jayadratha, but he is nowhere to be found. Day started to pass on. Gradually, Arjun’s despair increased. Seeing this, Shri Krishna said- “Partha! Time is running out and the Kaurava army has surrounded Jayadratha in defense cover. So you hurry towards your target, destroying the Kaurava army.”

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Hearing this, Arjun got excited and started fighting with enthusiasm. But to reach till Jaidrath was difficult. Dusk was about to approach. Then Shri Krishna spread his illusion. As a result, the sun hid in the clouds and a confusion of evening.

“It is evening and now Arjuna will have to commit self-immolation.” Thinking of this, Jayadratha and Duryodhana jumped with joy. To see Arjuna commit self-immolation, Jayadratha came in front of the Kaurava army and began to laugh.

Seeing Jayadratha, Shri Krishna said- “Partha! Your enemy is standing in front of you. Pick up your Gandiv and slaughter it. Look at the sunset is not yet.” After saying this, he withdrew His illusion. Suddenly the sun came out of the clouds. Everyone looked up in the sky. Sun was still shining. Seeing this, the ground slipped under the feet of Jayadratha and Duryodhana. Jayadratha was about to run away, but by then Arjuna had picked up his Gandiva.

Then Shrikrishna warned, “O Arjuna! Jayadratha’s father gave it a boon that his head will fall on the ground, its head will also split into a hundred pieces. So if its head falls on the ground, then your head will be hundred Will be broken into pieces.

Hey Parth! Jayadratha’s father is meditating at a distance from here in the north direction. You cut its head so that it fell into his father’s lap. “Arjuna listened carefully to Shri Krishna’s warning and released the arrow, meditating towards his goal. That arrow separated Jayadratha from the head and took him straight. Jayadratha’s father fell into the lap. Jayadratha’s father got shocked and the head fell from his lap to the ground. As soon as the head fell on the ground, his head also got a hundred pieces. Thus Arjuna’s promise was fulfilled.
There was deep mourning among the Kauravas and happiness in the Pandavas. Now the idea of ​​the next day’s war started happening in the Pandavas. Shri Krishna said that tomorrow it is possible that Karna should use the power given by Indra to Arjuna.

Sri Krishna proposed that Bhima’s son Ghatotkacha is of demonic nature. He can wage a fierce war even in the dark. If he attacks the Kauravas last night, Karna will have to exert power on him.

Ghatotkacha attacked the Kauravas in the dark of night. The dust covered the sky. It started raining, pebbles and stones started falling from the sky. Duryodhana panicked and went to Karna. Karna kept on avoiding it at first, but seeing Duryodhana extremely distraught, he came out with immense power and he used immense power on Ghatotkacha.

Ghatotkacha was killed, but Karna was worried that he no longer had any power to kill Arjuna.

Dronacharya slaughter by Dhrishtadyumna

The Kauravas were very angry with the night’s invasion. Dronacharya was also very angry on the fourteenth day of the war. He killed thousands of Pandava-soldiers and killed both Drupada and Virat standing in defense of Yudhishthira.

Sri Krishna also got worried after seeing this form of Dronacharya. He thought that Dronacharya’s death was necessary for the victory of the Pandavas. He told Arjuna “to inform Acharya that Ashwatthama has passed away.” Arjuna refuses to tell such a lie.

Sri Krishna said that “Avantiraj’s elephant is also named Ashwatthama, which Bhima has just killed.” Shri Krishna took the chariot to Yudhishthira and said – “If Dronacharya asks about Ashwatthama’s death, then you will say yes.” Then there was noise from all around that Ashwatthama was killed.

Dronacharya asked Yudhishthira the truth, because he knew that Yudhishthira did not say untruth. Yudhishthira said- “Yes Acharya, Ashwatthama was killed, but no male, Kunjar.” As Yudhishthira uttered the male, Shri Krishna ran a conch so loudly that Dronacharya could not hear the words ahead.

He threw weapons and weapons and sat down meditating on the chariot itself. Then Drupada-son Dhrishtadyumna cut Dronacharya’s head from the Khadga. The death of Dronacharya caused a ruckus in the Kauravas and Ashwatthama, in a fit of rage, fought a fierce battle, in front of which no one except Arjuna could stand. It was evening, so the war stopped.

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