Tableau and Chandrodaya description of Shri Ramji on Subel

Tableau and Chandrodaya description of Shri Ramji on Subel

Here Shri Raghuveer landed on Subel Parbat with a large army (large group). Seeing a very high mountain, the most delightful, flat and especially bright zodiac – very .

There Laxmanji decorated the soft leaves of trees and beautiful flowers with his hands and laid them. A beautiful and soft deer spread blister on it. Shri Ramji was gracious in the same posture.

Prabhu Shri Ramji Vanararaj has placed his head in Sugriva’s lap. He has a bow on his left and a tarkas (placed) on his right. They are improving the arrows with both of their hands. Vibhishanji is giving advice through ears.

The most fortunate Angad and Hanuman are suppressing the lotus feet of the Lord in many ways. Laxmanji tightened his waist and bow and arrow in his hands, embellished behind the Lord with Veerasana.

Thus the abode of grace, form (beauty) and virtues is seated by Shri Ramji. Blessed are those men who always keep a flame in this meditation.

Looking towards the east, Lord Shree Ramji saw the moon rise. Then they started saying – Look at the moon. Is as fearless as Kaisa Singh!

Living in the cave of the east direction mountain, extremely bright, sharp and the amount of force, this moon-like lion has been fearless wandering in the sky-like forest by dislodging the head of a dark-headed elephant

The stars scattered in the sky are like pearls, which are the makeup of beautiful women like night. God said – brothers! What is the blackness in the moon? Say according to your intelligence.

Sugriva said- O Raghunathji! Listen! Earth’s shadow is visible in the moon. Someone said- Rahu was killed by Moon. The same (stained) black spot is lying on the heart.

Some say- When Brahma (the woman of Cupid) made the face of Rati, then she took out the essence of the moon (due to which the face of Rati became beautiful, but pierced the heart of the moon). The same hole is present in the heart of the moon, through which the black shadow of the sky is visible in it.

Lord Shri Ramji said- Venom is very dear brother of the Moon, due to this he has placed poison in his heart. By spreading his beam group with poison, he keeps burning the male and female male and female.

Hanumanji said- O Lord! Listen, Moon is your beloved slave. Your beautiful Shyam idol resides in the heart of the Moon, the same glimpse of Shyamta is in the Moon.

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