Tapas episode and Salute to Yamuna, love of forest dwellers

Tapas episode –On the same occasion, an ascetic came there, which was sharp, small, and beautiful. Poets do not know his pace (or was a poet who does not want to introduce himself). He was in disguise of recluse and was the lover of Shri Ramchandraji by mind, word, and deed.Recognizing his presiding deity, his eyes filled with water, and his body pulsed.

He fell on the earth like a punishment, his (love feverish) condition cannot be described.Shri Ramji lovingly pulsed and engaged him from the heart. (He enjoyed it so much) as if a great human being had found Paras. Everyone (watchers) started saying that as if both love and paramartha (supreme element) are meeting by holding the body.

Then he came at the feet of Laxmanji. They picked him up with love. Then he put Sitaji’s step dust on his head. Mother Sita ji also blessed her as her child.
Then Nishadraj worshiped him. Knowing the lover of Shri Ramchandraji, he met him (Nishad) with joy. The ascetic began to enjoy the beauty of Sri Ramji with both his eyes and was delighted as a hungry man rejoices by getting beautiful food.
(Here the women of the village are saying) O, friend! Say, how are those parents who have sent such (beautiful Sukumar) children to the forest. Seeing the form of Shri Ramji, Laxmanji, and Sitaji, all men and women get distraught with affection.
Salute to Yamuna, love of forest dwellers
Then Shri Ramchandraji explained Sakha Guh in many ways (to return home). He bowed his house by beheading the order of Shri Ramchandraji.
Then Sitaji, Shri Ramji, and Lakshmanji bowed hands and saluted Yamunaji again, and while praising Suryakanya Yamunaji, both brothers including Sitaji proceeded happily.
On the way, they find many travelers. Seeing the two brothers, they say to them lovingly that seeing the royal sign in all your parts, we have a big heart in our hearts.
(Notwithstanding such emblems) You are walking on the way, it makes us understand that astrology is false. There is an inaccessible path of heavy forest and big mountains. Then there is a lady with you.
This terrible forest full of elephants and lions is not even seen. If we command, let us go together. You will reach as far as you go, then we will return after bowing to you.
In this way, those travelers have a pulsed body with love and fill the eyes (of the lovers) with water, but the sea of grace Shri Ramchandraji returns them by saying a gentle and humble word.
The villages and towns that have settled in the way, seeing the cities of serpents and gods, praised and enthused them by saying that which virtuous person had settled them in which auspicious moment, which today they are becoming so blessed and virtuous and the most beautiful. 4
Indra’s Puri Amravati is not like every place where Ramchandraji’s feet go. Those who live near the road are also great saints – the gods in heaven also appreciate them.
Those who fill their eyes and see Ghanshyam Shri Ramji including Sitaji and Lakshmanji, the ponds and rivers in which Shri Ramji takes a bath, Devasarovar and the Devandis also praise him.
Kalpavriksha also praises the tree under which the Lord sits. The earth considers its great fortune by touching Raja of the feet of Shri Ramchandraji.
On the way, the clouds shade and the gods rain flowers and help. Seeing the mountains, forests and animals, and birds, Shri Ramji is going on the way.
When Shri Raghunathji, along with Sitaji and Lakshmanji, go to a village, the children, old men, and women, after hearing their arrival, forget their home and work and immediately go to see them.
Seeing the form of Shri Rama, Lakshmana, and Sitaji, they are happy after receiving the (ultimate) fruit of the eyes. Seeing both brothers, everyone was engrossed in love. Their eyes filled with water and their bodies became pulsed.
Their condition is not described. As if the poor have found a lot of worry. They call out one by one and learn how to take advantage of the eyes at this very moment.
On seeing Shri Ramachandraji, he is filled with such an euphoria that he is walking with him after seeing him. By bringing their image to the heart through an eye path, the body, mind, and superior voice are relaxed (ie, the behavior of their body, mind, and speech stops).
Seeing the beautiful shade of some elder, laying soft grass and leaves there, says that sit here and wipe out tiredness. Then, whether you go now or not, in the morning.
Some fill the pot and bring water and say with a soft voice- Nath! Achieve it. Hearing his lovely words and seeing his immense love, the kind and supremely good Shri Ramchandraji –
Seeing Sitaji tired in his mind, he rested in the shadow of a large clock. Men and women look blissfully. Anupam Roop has captivated his eyes and minds.
Everyone is looking around and looking at Shri Ram Chandraji’s face like a chakra (attentively), they are beautifying all around. Shri Ramji’s new Tamal tree colored (black) body is very beautiful, on seeing this, the hearts of millions of Cupids are fascinated.
Lakshmanji of color seems very good with electricity. They are beautiful from nail to crest and are very pleasing to the mind. Both of the sages are dressed (Vulcan etc.) and have tight tresses at the waist. Like lotus, the bow and arrow are adorning in the hands.
On their heads are crowns of beautiful hairs, chest, arms, and eyes are huge, and like a moon of Sharad Purnima, a group of sweat drops on the beautiful faces is adorned.
That charming couple cannot be described, because the beauty is too much and I have a little intelligence. Everyone is seeing the beauty of Shri Rama, Lakshmana, and Sitaji by applying mind, mind, and intellect to all three.
The thirsty men (those of the villages) of love (seeing the beauty and beauty of them) are exhausted as if seeing the lamp and the deer and reindeer (stunned)! The women of the villages go to Sitaji, but because of the immense affection, they can ask.
Time and again everyone seemed to be on their feet and spontaneously says a simple gentle word – O princess! We beg (want to request something), but women are afraid to ask something because of their nature.
Hey mistress! Pardon our decency and do not mind knowing us as a virgin. Both these princes are Lavanyamaya (supremely beautiful) by nature. It is from these that Karkanti (Pages) and Suvarna have found Kanti (i.e., the green and golden color in Mercatamani and Swarna, it is not even equal to their green indigo and one particle of golden kanti).
Shyam and Gaur are varnas, Sundar is a juvenile stage, both the ultimate beautiful and the abode of beauty. They have eyes like the moon of Sharad Purnima and their eyes like the lotus of autumn.
Masparayan, sixteenth rest
Navahparayan, fourth rest
Hey Sumukhi! Tell me, who are these people who have lured crores of Cupids with their beauty? On hearing such a beautiful speech of hers, Sitaji was hesitant and smiled in her heart.
Sitamwali the perfect (Gaur) Varna looks at the earth looking at them (hesitantly). They are hesitant on both sides (ie, the women of the village are reluctant to feel sad about not being told and shy in being shy. Sita with the eyes resembling a child of a deer and a voice like the voice of a Kokil spoke sweet words with love
Those who are of an innate nature, beautiful and white body, their name is Lakshmana, they are my little brothers. Then Sitaji (Lajavash) covered his Chandramukh with a high and glanced his eyebrows at Priyatam (Shri Ramji),
Sitaji slanting the beautiful eyes of the bird, Sita, gesturing to him that he (Shri Ramchandraji) is my husband. Knowing this, all the young women of the village rejoiced in this way, as if the poor had looted sums of money.
She very kindly blesses Sita’s feet with great love (good luck), as long as the earth rests on Sheshaji’s head, you will always be happy.
And be beloved of your husband like Parvati. O Goddess! Do not give up (keep) grace on us. We repeatedly pray with folded hands, in which you return the same way again.
And give us darshan knowing your maid. Sitaji saw all of them thirsty for love and satisfied them well by saying sweet words. It is as if the moonlight has confirmed the feeding of the lilies.
At the same time, knowing the attitude of Shri Ramchandraji, Lakshmanji asked the gentle people the way. On hearing this, men and women became sad. Their bodies pulsed and water filled the eyes (of the possibility of disconnection).
Their enjoyment disappeared and the mind became depressed as if the creator takes away the given property. Understanding the speed of karma, he took patience and after making a decision well, showed the smooth path.
Then Shri Raghunathji, including Lakshmanji and Janaki ji, walked and returned to all the people saying dear words, but took their hearts with them.
On returning, those men and women are very sorry and blame the divine on their mind. Mutually (very) sadly, all the works of the creator are inverted.
That Creator is absolutely autocratic (independent), ruthless and fearless, who made the moon to be diseased (growing) and sank, making the Kalpavriksha a tree and the sea saline. He has sent these princes to the forest.
When the creator has given them exile, then he made the enjoyment of vain. When they are walking in the way without shoes (bare feet), then the creator created many vehicles (passengers) in vain.
When these kushas and leaves are kept lying on the ground, then why does Vidhata make beautiful SEZs (beds and beds)? When the creator gave them the abode of big trees (under), then he worked in vain by building bright palaces.
Who, being beautiful and very tender, wear (Valkal) clothes of the sages and wear jata, then Kartar (Vidhata) made the same ornaments and clothes as usual.
Those who eat these tubers, roots, fruits, food in the world, etc., are meaningless. Some say – they are beautiful by nature (their beauty and beauty is constant and natural). They have appeared on their own, not created by Brahma.
As far as the Vedas describe and describe the genius experienced by our ears, eyes and mind, look in the fourteen worlds, where are such men and such women? (Nowhere is it proved from this that they are separate from the fourteen worlds of the Creator and you are created by your glory).
Seeing these, the mind of the creator became enchanted (enchanted), then he too started making other women and men worthy of his likeness. He worked very hard, but no one came to his speculation (did not come full). Due to this jealousy, he has hidden them by bringing them into the forest.
Some say: We don’t know much. Yes, we consider ourselves to be the most blessed (who are seeing them) and in our understanding they are also very virtuous, who have seen them, who are watching and who will see.
In this way, by saying dear words, all the eyes (of Premashru) fill the water and say that how will they walk in the difficult (difficult) path of very beautiful body.
Women become affectionate. It is as if Chakavi is sleeping (from the pain of future disconnection) at dusk. (Feeling sad). Knowing his feet are soft and hard on the way, he says good words from a distressed heart.
As soon as their soft and red-red feet (soles) are touched, the earth is compressed like our hearts are narrowing. If Jagadishwar gave them exile, then why did not the whole path become flowery?
If you ask for Brahma, then friend! (We ask for them) Keep them in your eyes! The men and women who did not come on this occasion could not see Shri Sitaramji.
Hearing their beauty, they get distraught and ask that brother! How far would they have gone by now? And those who are capable, go running and have a glimpse of them and after receiving the ultimate fruit of birth, they return with special joy.
(Pregnant, maternity etc.) Abla women, children and old people (not getting darshan) rub their hands and regret it. In this way, wherever Shri Ramchandraji goes, people fall under love there.
The people who are able to hear anything about the (exile) being given to the king-queen (Dasaratha-Kaikeyi) are enjoying the same kind of joy in the sight of Shri Ramachandraji, the moon-shaped form that thrives the sun goddess Kumudini. Blame it॥
Some say that the king is very good, who gave us the benefit of his eyes. Men and women are saying simple, affectionate beautiful things among themselves.
(Say-) Blessed are the parents who gave birth to them. Blessed is the city from which they came. Blessed is that country, mountains, forests and villages, and blessed is the place where they go.
Brahma has found happiness by creating the same, whose (Shri Ramchandraji) is affectionate in all ways. The beautiful story of Shri Rama-Laxman as a wanderer has spread all the way and in the forest.
Surya Shri Ramchandraji, who feeds the lotus in the form of Raghukul, is thus going on looking at the forest including Sitaji and Lakshmanji while giving happiness to the people of the road.
In front is Shri Ramji, behind is Laxmanji graceful. Both are making great adornments made by the ascetics. How is Sitaji beautifying between the two, like Maya between Brahma and Jiva!
Then, as the image is settling in my mind, I tell her – as if Rati (the woman of Kamadeva) be beautified between the spring season and Cupid. Then, searching my heart, I say that it is as if Rohini (the lady of the moon) is sleeping between Mercury (son of the moon) and the moon.
Sita, walking between the feet of Lord Ramchandraji’s (both inscribed on the ground) footprints, is walking in a fearful path, and Lakshmanji (of dignity) For defense), keeping the footprints of both Sitaji and Shri Ramchandraji, they are walking right and way.
Sita, walking between the feet of Lord Ramchandraji’s (both inscribed on the ground) footprints, is walking in a fearful path, and Lakshmanji (of dignity) For defense), keeping the footprints of both Sitaji and Shri Ramchandraji, they are walking right and way.
The beautiful love of Shri Ramji, Lakshmanji and Sitaji is not the subject of speech (ie, is indescribable), so how can it be said? Birds and animals also become engrossed (in love) by seeing that image. Shri Ramchandraji has stolen his mind as well.
Those who saw the two brothers, including the beloved wayward Sitaji, decided the path of Bhava (the dreadful path of wandering in the world of birth and death) without diligence and pleasure (that is, by simply getting rid of the cycle of movement. Freed)॥
Even today, in whose heart Lakshman, Sita, Ram and all three travelers come to their dreams, then they too will find the path of the supreme abode of Shri Ramji, which path is rarely found by any sage.
Then Shri Ramchandraji, seeing Sitaji tired and seeing a big tree and cold water nearby, stayed there that day. Shri Raghunathji went ahead after bathing in the morning after eating the tuber, root, fruits (staying there overnight)

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