Telling of Kakabhushundi your past birth story and Kali glory

Telling of Kakabhushundi your past birth story and Kali glory

Hey Birds Raj Garuda! Listen to the sovereignty of Shri Raghunathji. I tell that beautiful story according to my intelligence. Oh, Lord! I also tell you the story of how I was fascinated.

Hey Tat You deserve the blessings of Shri Ramji. You have love in the qualities of Shri Hari, that’s why you are going to give me happiness. That is why I do not hide anything from you and sing the most secret things to you.

Hear the innate nature of Shri Ramchandraji. They never allow pride in the devotee, because pride is the origin of the birth-death form of the world and is the giver of many kinds of tribulations and all the exploits.

That’s why Kripanidhi shuns him, because he has a lot of affection on the servant. Hey Gosain! As the baby’s body becomes boiled, the mother makes him cut like a hard body.

Even though the child is sad at first (while tearing the abscess) and cries impatiently, nothing counts for the suffering of the child (does not care for it and leaves the abscess) for the destruction of the disease.

Similarly, Shri Raghunathji takes pride of his slave for his interest. Tulsidas ji says why do not worship such a lord by giving up confusion.

Hey Hey Garuda! I listen to Shri Ramji’s grace and my inertia (stupidity), listen diligently. Whenever Shri Ramchandraji wears a human body and performs many leelas for the devotees.

Then and again I go to Ayodhyapuri and am happy to see his hair Leela. Going there, I see the birth festival and (in God’s baby Leela) woo me and stay there for five years.

The child form Shri Ramachandraji is my presiding deity, whose body is adorned by billions of Cupids. Oh, Mr. Garuda! Seeing the face of my Lord, I make the eyes successful.

Holding the body of a little crow and moving along with God, I see their childlike hair characters.

Wherever they move as a boy, I fly along there and pick up and eat whatever they have in the courtyard.

Once, Mr. Raghuveer performed all the characters very intensively. The body of Kakabhusundiji (lovingly) became pulsated as soon as the Lord remembered that Leela.

Bhushundiji said – O bird! Listen, the character of Shri Ramji is going to give happiness to the servants. The palace (of Ayodhya) is beautiful in every way. There are many types of gems in the gold palace.

The beautiful courtyard cannot be described, where the four brothers play daily. Shri Raghunathji has been wandering in the courtyard while doing Balavinod which gives happiness to his mother.

Like emerald gem, Haritabha is black and has a soft body. A lot of Kamadeva is adorned in the organ. Naveen (red) has a red-red soft phase similar to lotus. There are beautiful fingers and nails are going to defeat the radiance of the moon with their light.

(In the soles) there are four beautiful signs of Vajradi (Vajra, Ankush, Dhwaja and Lotus), beautiful Nupur with sweet words at the feet, beautiful girdle made of gold studded with jewels, gems, sounds beautiful.

There are three beautiful lines (Trivalli) on the abdomen, navel is beautiful and deep. Many types of children’s jewelery and clothing are adorned on the huge chest.

Red-red palms, fingernails and fingers are mind-boggling and there are beautiful ornaments on the huge arms. Balsingh (Lion’s child) has a throat like a shoulder and a conch (with three lines). Beautiful is chin and face is the limit of image.


Kalbal (Totale) is the word, there are red lips. There are two teeth bright, beautiful and small (top and bottom). There is a beautiful smile, a pleasant smile and a sweet smile like rays of the moon giving all the pleasures (or full moon with all the pleasures).

Kalbal (Totale) is the word, there are red lips. There are two teeth bright, beautiful and small (top and bottom). There is a beautiful smile, a pleasant smile and a sweet smile like rays of the moon giving all the pleasures (or full moon with all the pleasures).

Like the blue lotus, the eye is about to be redeemed from birth (death). Gorochan’s Tilak is adorned on the frontal. The eyebrows are crooked, the ears are even and beautiful, the black and curly hair is getting painted.

The yellow and fine jingle is adorning the body. I love his Kilkari and Chitwan. In the courtyard of King Dasharatha, Shri Ramchandraji dances in the form of a monastery, seeing his shadow,

And I do many types of games, I am ashamed to describe the characters! When they used to run to catch me and I used to run away, they used to show me poo.

The Lord laughs when I come near and weeps when I run away, and when I come near to touch his feet, he turns back and away, looking towards me.

Seeing the leela like ordinary children, I was fascinated (Sankhya) that Sachchidanandaghan Prabhu is doing this (of importance) character (leela).

Hey Birds! The Maya inspired by Shri Raghunathji came upon me as soon as I brought so much doubt in my mind, but that Maya was neither going to give me sorrow nor to cast it into the world like other beings.

Hey Nath! There is some other reason here. Garuda, the vehicle of God! Listen to him carefully A Sitapati Shri Ramji is the unbroken human form and all the living beings are subject to Maya.

If the living beings have monogamous (unbroken) knowledge, then say, then what is the difference between God and Jiva? Maya is the arrogant creature and she (sattva, raja, tama in) is the possessor of the three qualities Maya God.

The living entity is independent, God is independent, creatures are many, Shri husband God is one. Although this distinction made by Maya is untrue, yet he cannot go on doing crores of remedies without praising God.

Without the hymns of Shri Ramchandraji, the man who wants to attain salvation is a man without knowledge and a beast without a tail.

Hey Birds! Similarly, without the hymns of Shri Hari, the affliction of the creatures does not disappear. Avidya does not spread to Shri Hari’s servant. Knowledge spreads through the inspiration of God.

Hey bird best! This does not destroy the slave and increases devotion. When Shri Ramji saw me amazed by confusion, he laughed. Listen to that special character.

No one knew the heart of the game, neither the younger brothers nor the parents. Those black body and red-red palm and the hairy form of footsteps, Mr. Ramji ran to hold me by the knees and hands.

Garuda, the enemy of snakes! Then I ran away. Shri Ramji spread the arm to hold me. As I used to fly far away in the sky, I saw Shri Hari’s arm near me.

I went to Brahmaloka and when flying I looked back, O Tat! There was only two fingers between me and Sri Ramji’s arm.

By penetrating the seven veils, I went as far as I could. But there too I got distraught seeing the Lord’s arm (behind me).

When I was afraid, I closed my eyes. Then opened his eyes and reached Avadhpuri. Shri Ramji smiled upon seeing me. As soon as he laughed, I immediately went into his mouth.

Hey Birds! Listen, I saw many groups of cosmos in their stomachs. There were many bizarre folk (in those brahmands) whose composition was more than one.

Hey Birds! Listen, I saw many groups of cosmos in their stomachs. There were many bizarre folk (in those brahmands) whose composition was more than one.

Millions of Brahmaji and Shiva, countless stars, sun and moon, countless Lokpal, Yama and Kaal, countless huge mountains and lands,

I saw the expansion of innumerable seas, rivers, ponds and forests and many more types of creation. See Gods, sages, siddhas, nagas, humans, eunuchs and all four types of roots and conscious creatures.

What I had never seen, nor heard, and which could not contain even in the mind (that is, which could not even be imagined), I saw all the wonderful creation. Then how to describe it!

I lived in every universe for one hundred years. In this way, I saw many of the universe.

-Different Brahma, different Vishnu, Shiva, Manu, Dikpal, Man, Gandharva, Bhoot, Vaital, Kinnar, demon, animal, bird, snake, in every world.

And there were gods and demons of Nana caste. All creatures were of different types there. Many earths, rivers, seas, ponds, mountains and the whole world were different from other types.

In every universe, I saw my form and saw many unique things. In each Bhuvan, there were new Avadhpuri, different Saryuji and different types of male and female.

Hey Tat Listen, brothers like Dasarathaji, Kausalyaji and Bharatji were also of different forms. I used to see Ramavatar and his immense hair in every universe.

Hey Harivahana! I saw everything different and extremely bizarre. I have wandered in countless universes, but I did not see Lord Sri Ramachandra the other way.

The scripture is the same, the same beauty and the same kind Shri Raghuveer! In this way, I used to look at Bhuvan and Bhuvan due to the inspiration of the wind.

The same Shishupan everywhere, the same beauty and the same kind Shri Raghuveer! In this way, I used to look at Bhuvan and Bhuvan due to the inspiration of the wind.

A hundred kalpas passed as if I were wandering in many universes. While wandering I came to my ashram and spent some time staying there.

Then when I was able to hear the birth (avatar) of my lord in Avadhpuri, then full of love, I ran up with joy. I went and saw the birth festival, as I described earlier

Shri Ramchandraji started having the same boyhood with me again. I used to explain the mind in crores (innumerable) types, but he could not find peace.

Seeing this (hair) character and remembering the sovereignty (seen) inside the stomach, I forgot to remember the body and protect the people! Protect, protect, calling fell to the earth. Could not talk to the mouth!

Subsequently, upon seeing me in love, the Lord stopped his lordship (influence) of Maya. The Lord put his hand on my head. Deendayalu took away all my grief.

Shri Ramji, the group of grace (kind) who gave happiness to the servants, made me completely devoid of attachment. Thinking (remembering) their earlier sovereignty, I was very happy

Seeing the devotion of the Lord gave me a lot of love. Then I (pleasantly) pleaded in many ways by filling the eyes with water, pulkit and folding my hands.

Listening to my affectionate voice and seeing his servant humbled, Ramanivas Shri Ramji said a pleasing, sincere and gentle word.

O Kakbhusundi! Seeing me very happy, I asked for a groom. Ashta siddhis etc., other riddhas and moksha moksha of all pleasures,

Knowledge, prudence, disinterest, science, (Tatvagyan) and many other qualities which are rare even for sages in the world, I will give you all this today, no doubt. Whatever your heart desires, then ask for it.

Hearing the word of God, I was filled with love. Then he started guessing in the mind that God said to give all the happiness, this is true, but did not talk about giving his devotion.

All the qualities and all the pleasures devoid of devotion are the same (uninspired) as the food of many kinds of food without salt. What useless pleasures are there? Hey Birds! Thinking like this, I said -॥

Oh, Lord! If you give me a happy bride and give me kindness and affection, O Lord! I ask for my best friend. You are benevolent and know

The unending (deep) and pure (exclusive Nishkam) devotion that your Shruti and Puranas sing, which Yogishwar Muni discovers and is rarely found by the grace of God.

O devotees (mind who give desired results) Kalpavriksha! O refugee benefactor! Hey gracious! Hey Sukhdhan Shri Ramji! Please give me your devotion in kind.

By saying ‘Evamastu’ (so be it), the lord of Raghuvansh uttered the utmost words of supreme happiness – O Kak! Listen, you are intelligent by nature. How would you not ask for such a boon?

You asked for devotion to all the pleasures, there is no one like you in the world. Those monks who keep burning the body with the fire of chanting and yoga, who do not get the (devotion) of whom even after doing crores of diligence.

You asked for the same devotion. Seeing your cleverness, I was surprised. I liked this cleverness very much. Hey bird Listen, by my grace now all the auspicious qualities will be in your heart.

Bhakti, knowledge, science, quietness, yoga, my pastimes and their secrets and divisions – you will know the secret of all by my grace. You will not suffer from resources.

All the illusions created by Maya will no longer spread to you. I know the eternal, unborn, Agun (devoid of the qualities of nature) and (multiplied divine) qualities of Brahm.

Hey! Listen, I love the devotees constantly, so think that loving the body, the word and the mind at my feet.

Now listen to the utmost Nirmal Vani described by My Truth, Sugam, Vedadi. I tell you this ‘personal principle’. Listen to it and keep it in my mind and refrain from worshiping me.

This whole world originates from my illusion. (In) there are many types of pasture creatures. All of them are dear to me, because all have been born of me. (But) I like humans the most.

Those people who hold the Vedas (in the throat) in the Dwijs, the Dwijs also, those who follow the Vedokta religion, even among them the Viraktas (Vairagyavanas) I love. Among the disinterested people, there are other wise scientists than the learned and knowledgeable.

I am my slave, even more than scientists, who have my own pace (shelter), there is no other hope. I tell you again and again the truth (‘personal principle’) that I do not have anyone like my servant.I am my slave, even more than scientists, who have my own pace (shelter), there is no other hope. I tell you again and again the truth (‘personal principle’) that I do not have anyone like my servant.

No matter how devotional Brahma is, I love him like all other creatures, but even a very lowly devotional creature loves me like life, this is my declaration.

Many sons of a father have different qualities, temperament and conduct. Some are pandits, some ascetic, some wise, some rich, some brave, some donor,

(Full of them) This whole world has been born of mine. Therefore, I have equal mercy on everyone, but the one who sacrifices me with mind, speech and body, except for these items and illusion,

Be it a man, an eunuch, a woman or a living being, a person who pleases me by omnipotence, he is the ultimate love.

Hey bird I tell you the truth, a holy (exclusive and free) servant is as dear to me as life. Thinking like this, leave all hope and trust to me.Hey bird I tell you the truth, a holy (exclusive and free) servant is as dear to me as life. Thinking like this, leave all hope and trust to me.

Your time will never spread. Remember me constantly and worship. I was not satisfied to hear the name of God. My body was pulsed and I was feeling very happy in my mind.

Only those who know happiness, mind and ears. It cannot be communicated with the tongue. Only those who know the pleasure of the beauty of God. But how can they say that. His voice is not there.

By considering me well and pleasing in many ways, the Lord started playing the same children’s games. Filling water in the eyes and making the face somewhat dry, he looked at the mother- (and with the countenance and chitwan explained to the mother) that she is very hungry.By considering me well and pleasing in many ways, the Lord started playing the same children’s games. Filling water in the eyes and making the face somewhat dry, he looked at the mother- (and with the countenance and chitwan explained to the mother) that she is very hungry.

Seeing this, the mother immediately ran up and, while saying soft words, she took Shri Ramji by the chest. She started feeding him with a lap and started singing songs of Shri Raghunathji (same).

In the happiness for which the pleasures of Tripurari Shivaji, who gave happiness to everyone, were inauspicious, the male and female of Avadhpuri are constantly engulfed in that happiness.

Loveless happiness that once attained even in a dream, O bird! Those gentle men with beautiful intellects do not count even Brahmsukh in front of him.

I lived in Awadhpuri for some more time and I saw the juicy hairs of Shri Ramji. By the grace of Shri Ramji, I received the boon of devotion. After that, after worshiping the feet of the Lord, I returned to my ashram.

Thus, ever since Shri Raghunathji adopted me, Maya has never pervaded me. I said all the secret characters like Shri Hari’s Maya made me dance.

Hey Birds Raj Garuda! Now I tell you my personal experience. (That is) The hymns of God do not go away without tribulation. Hey Birds! Listen, Sri Ramji’s sovereignty is not known without the grace of Shri Ramji,॥

Without knowing the sovereignty, there is no trust in him, without love there is no love, and without love, devotion is not as strong as O bird! The smoothness of water does not stop.

Can there be knowledge without a guru? Or can there be knowledge without disinterest? Similarly, Vedas and Puranas say what happiness can be attained without devotion to Shri Hari?

O hey! Can anyone find peace without natural satisfaction? (Whether), after crores of measures, be digested, (still) can a boat ever sail without water?

Without satisfaction, there is no destruction and there can be no happiness even in the dreams of desires, and without the hymns of Shri Rama, can the desires be erased? Can trees grow anywhere without earth?

What can be possible without science (philosophy)? Can anyone get a vacation without the sky? There is no religion (conduct) without reverence. Can the earth find any smell without the substance?॥

What fast can spread without austerity? What juice can there be in the world without water element? What is the modesty (virtue) can be received without the service of the priests? Hey Gosain! Just as there is no form without a sharp (fire-element).

Can a mind be stable without self-happiness (Atmanand)? What touch can there be without an air element? Can there be any accomplishment without faith? Similarly, the hymn of Shri Hari does not destroy the fear of birth and death.

There is no devotion without faith, without devotion, Shri Ramji does not melt, and without the grace of Shri Ram Ji, one cannot find peace even in living dreams.

Shri Ram-Vashistha Dialogue, Shri Ramji’s visit to Amrai with brothers

O patient! Thinking like this, leave the entire misconception and doubts and worship Bhagwan Shri Raghuveer, who is beautiful and happy.

Hey Birds! Hey Nath! I sang the glory and glory of the Lord according to my wisdom. I have not added anything to this by spec. Everyone has seen their eyes.

The story of Shri Raghunathji’s glory, name, form and qualities are all immense and infinite and Shri Raghunathji himself is also infinite. The monks sing the qualities of Sri Hari according to their intelligence. Even Vedas, Shesha and Shivji cannot overcome them.

From you to mosquitoes, all small and small creatures fly in the sky, but no one finds the end of the sky. Similarly, O Tat! The glory of Shri Raghunaji is also immeasurable. Can anyone ever find her fathom?॥

Shri Ramji has a beautiful body like billions of Cupids. They are as hostile as Ananta Koti Durga. He has Vilas (Aishwarya) like Arabs Indra. Like billions of skies, there is an infinite holiday (place) in them.

They have great force like billions of wind and light like billions of suns. Like billions of moons, they are cold and destroy all the fears of the world.

Like billions of times, they are extremely insurmountable, inaccessible and remote. They are extremely strong like the billions of comets (tail stars).

Like billions of hospitals, the Lord is unfathomable. The Arabs are as terrible as the Yamrajas. Like the Anantkoti pilgrimages, they are the ones who purify. His name is the destroyer of the entire sin group.

Shri Raghuveer is immovable (stable) like crores of Himalayas and as deep as billions of seas. God, like billions of Kamdhenu, will give all the desires (desired substances).

They have the same finesse as the Anantkoti Saraswatis. Like billions of Brahmins, he has mastery of creation. They are to follow like crores of Vishnu and kill like billions of Rudras.

They are rich like billions of Kubers and treasures of creation like crores of Mayans. They are similar to the billions left in carrying the burden. (What’s more) Jagadishwar Prabhu Shri Ramji (in all things) is borderless and uncorrupted.’

Shri Ramji is uncorrupted, he has no other metaphor. Vedas say that Shri Rama is like Shri Rama. Like the sun, like saying billions of fireflies. (Not praise) but very smallness (only Sun is condemned). Similarly, according to the development of their intellect, Munishwar describes Shri Hari, but the Lord is very receptive and very receptive to the devotees. They consider that description to be delightful after listening to it.

Shri Ramji is a sea of immense qualities, can anyone find his fathom? Whatever I had heard from the saints, I told you the same.

The storehouse of happiness, Karunadham, is under the control of the Bhagavan Bhava (love). Therefore, except Mamta, item and honor, you should always worship Bhagwan Jankinathji.

Hearing the beautiful words of Bhushundiji, Birds Raj got his wings blown with joy. His eyes (of the tears of love) came up and the mind became very happy. He held the glory of Shri Raghunathji in his heart

He regrets (remembering) his previous fascination that I believed eternal Brahm as a human being. Garuda ji again and again beheaded Kakbhusundi ji and knew him like Shri Ramji and extended love.

Without Guru, no Bhavasagar can be allowed, even if it is similar to Brahma and Shankar. (Garudji said-) O Tat! I was bitten by a snake like doubt and (like the venom coming out of the snake bites), there were many gruesome waves of misery.

Shri Raghunathji, who brought happiness to the devotees through Garudi (snake venom) as your form, took me to the district. By your grace I lost my fascination and I knew the unique secret of Shri Ramji.

Appreciating him (Bhushundiji) in many ways, bowing his head and folding his hands, Garuda then lovingly spoke polite and soft words-॥

Oh, Lord! Hey master! I ask you because of my indiscretion. O sea of grace! Knowing me as your ‘Nij Das’, respectfully (thoughtfully) answer my question.

Oh, Lord! Hey master! I ask you because of my indiscretion. O sea of grace! Knowing me as your ‘Nij Das’, respectfully (thoughtfully) answer my question.

You are the knowledgeer of all things, the knowledgeer of the element, beyond darkness (maya), with good intellect, good-natured, simple-minded, the abode of knowledge, quietness and science, and beloved slave of Shri Raghunathji.

For what reason did you get this body? Hey Tat Explain and tell me. Hey master! O heavens! Where did you find this beautiful Ramcharit Manas, then say

Hey Nath! I have heard from Shiva that you are not destroyed even in the great world and God (Shivji) never says false words. That too is in my mind

(Because) O Nath! Snake, human, deity etc. are variable and it is the horseshoe of the whole world. The time to destroy the innumerable universes is always very important.

(Such is that). You do not have a very severe period (do not show any effect on you) What is the reason for this? O kindly tell me, is it the effect of knowledge or the force of yoga?

Oh, Lord! As soon as I came to your ashram, my fascination and confusion ran away. What is the reason for this? Hey Nath! Say all this with love.

Putrotapati, the elegance of Ayodhyaji, Sanakadika arrival and dialogue

Hey uma Hearing the utterances of Garudji, Kakabhusundiji was delighted and said with utmost love – O enemies of snakes! Blessed is your wisdom! I love your questions very much.

I am reminded of my many births after listening to your beautiful questions. I tell all my story in detail. Hey Tat Listen with respect to your heart

Numerous chanting, penance, yajna, sham (stopping the mind), dum (stopping the senses), fasting, charity, disinterest, conscience, yoga, science, etc., all have to be loved at the feet of Shri Raghunathji. No one can get welfare without it.

I have received devotion to Shri Ramji from this body. That is why my love is more on this. The one who has some selfishness, everyone loves him.

Oh, Mr. Garuda! Such is the policy followed in the Vedas and even the gentleman says that knowing his ultimate interest, he should love the very lowest.

Silk is made from insects, it creates beautiful silk fabrics. That is why everyone maintains the most unholy insects like life.

The true selfishness for a living being is that love of mind, words and deeds is at the feet of Shri Ramji. The same body is pure and beautiful, the body which is found after worshiping Shri Raghuveer.

Poets and pundits do not praise him who is opposite to Shri Ramji, even if he finds a body like that of Brahmaji. It was this body that created devotion in my heart. This is my love, O Lord!

My death is at my will, but still I do not leave this body, because the Vedas have described that there is no bhajan without a body. First fascination made me very sad. I never slept happily against Sri Ramji.

I have done many types of yoga, chanting, penance, sacrifice and charity etc. in many births. Oh, Mr. Garuda! Who is such a vagina in the world in which I have not (repeatedly) been born again and again?

Hey goose! I did all the work and watched, but now (this birth) I have never been happy. Hey Nath! I remember many births, (because) by the grace of Shri Shivji, my intellect did not surround my intellect.

Hey Birds! Listen, now I say the character of my first birth, on hearing whom love arises at the feet of the Lord, by which all the tribulations are erased.

Oh, Lord! In a previous kalpa, the original era of sins was Kali Yuga, in which men and women were opposed to all unrighteousness and Vedas.

In Kali Yuga I went to Ayodhyapuri and found the body of Shudra. I was arrogant to Shivji’s servant and slander of other gods by mind, word and deed.

I was intoxicated with money, very talkative and furious, there was a big boob in my heart. Although I lived in the capital of Shri Raghunathji, yet I knew nothing of his glory at that time.

Now I know the effect of Awadh. The Vedas, the scriptures and the Puranas have sung that anyone who settles in Ayodhya in any birth will surely become a devotee of Shri Ramji.

The effect of Awadh is known only when Shri Ramji, who holds a bow in his hand, resides in his heart. Oh, Mr. Garuda! That time was very difficult. All male and female papaarayan (indulged in sins) were there.

The sins of the Kali Yuga overwhelmed all religions, the scriptures disappeared, the devotees imagined with their intellect and revealed many cults.

All people fell in love, greediness took over the auspicious deeds. O store of knowledge! O Shri Hari’s vehicle! Listen, now I say some religions of Kali.

There is neither varnadharma nor four ashrams in the Kali Yuga. All men and women are against the Vedas. Brahmins are the sellers of Vedas and eaters of Raja Praja. Nobody obeyed the Vedas.

Whatever suits you, that is the path. The one who brags, he is the priest. The one who initiates falsehood (the creator) and the one who is engaged in the arrogance is called the same saint.

Whoever (by whatever means) takes away another’s wealth is wise. The one who snarls, is the most savvy. The one who lies and knows how to laugh, is called the same genius in Kali Yuga.

One who is immoral and has left Vedamarga, in the Kali Yuga is the same wise and the same asceticist. Whose big nails and long jatas are famous ascetic in Kali Yuga.

Those who wear Amangal Vesha and Amangal Bhushan and eat everything that is bhakti-bhakti (edible and non-edible) are the yogis, they are perfect and they are the ones who are revered in Kali Yuga.

Those who conduct (harm) others, have great pride and are worthy of respect. Those who are adept at lying of mind, word and deed are considered speakers in Kali Yuga.

Hey Gosain! All human beings are under the special control of women and dance (like their dancing) to the juggernaut. Shudras preach to Brahmins and take sorrowful donations by putting janeu around their neck.

All men are quick and angry in work and greed. Deities are opposed to Brahmins, Vedas and saints. Unfortunate women take the abode of virtues, except the beautiful husband, and consume the male.

Suhagini women are devoid of jewelery, but widows have regular new makeup. A disciple and a teacher account for the deaf and blind. One (disciple) does not listen to the precept of the guru, one (the guru) does not see (he does not have knowledge)).

The master who does away the wealth of the disciple, but does not mourn, he falls into utter hell. Parents call the children and teach them the same religion, so that the stomach is full.

Men and women do not do anything other than Brahm Gyan, but they kill a Brahmin and a Guru for lavish clams (very little benefit).

The Shudras dispute (and say) Brahmins that we are less than you? He who knows Brahma is the best Brahmin. (Saying so) they scold them and show their eyes.

Those who are obsessed with a foreign woman, clever in deceit, and wrapped in fascination, malice and affection, are the only human beings who are knowledgeable (those who tell Brahma and Jiva). I saw this character of that Kali Yuga.

They themselves remain destroyed, they also destroy those who practice sanmarg. Those who argue and condemn the Vedas, they are lying in hell for every cycle.

Teli, Kumhar, Chandal, Bhil, Kol and Kalwar etc. which are below in the varna, when the woman dies or the property of the house is destroyed, the head turns into a monk.

They worship themselves with Brahmins and destroy both worlds with their own hands. Brahmins are illiterate, greedy, possessive, unethical, foolish and adulterous women of low caste.

The Shudras perform various types of chanting, penance and fasting and sit on a high pedestal (Vyasa Gaddi) called Puranas. All human beings behave arbitrarily. Great infinite cannot be described.

In the Kali Yuga everyone was displeased with varnaskar and decorum. They sin and (as a result of them) get sorrow, fear, disease, mourning and disconnection (of the dear thing).

The Vedas, who are full of disinterest and knowledge and the path of Haribhakti, are not fascinated by humans and imagine many new creeds.

The trustees decorate the house with a lot of money. There was no disinterest in him, subjects were defeated by him. The ascetic became rich and the householder poor. Hey Tat The leela of Kali Yuga is not said.

Kulvati and Sati expel the woman from the house and leave the maid and bring the maid into the house. The son considers his parents till the face of the woman is visible.

Ever since the in-laws started looking cute, the family became an enemy. The king became sinful, no religion in him. They punish the subject by punishing him daily (without guilt).

Rich people are considered to be aristocratic even if they are sloppy (of low caste). The symbol of Dwij is left to be known and the ascetic remains naked. Those who do not believe in Vedas and Puranas, in Kali Yuga, they are called saints and true saints.

Poets have swarmed, but in the world, the benevolent (the harbinger of poets) is not heard. There are many who blame the quality, but none of the virtues. There are frequent famines in the Kali Yuga. Without food, everyone dies grieving.

Hey Birds Raj Garuda! Hear, in Kali Yuga, treachery, hatha (duress), conceit, malice, hypocrisy, honor, fascination and deeds etc. (ie kama, anger and greed) and items permeate (envelope) the universe.

Human beings started doing religious rituals like chanting, penance, sacrifice, fasting and charity etc. God (Indra) does not rain water on the earth and sown grain does not grow.

The hair of women is bhushan (no ornament left on their body) and they feel very hungry (ie, they are always unimpressed). They remain unhappy due to being moneyless and having a lot of affection. They want foolish pleasure, but they have no love in religion. The intellect is little and hard, there is no tenderness in them.

Humans are suffering from diseases, enjoyment (happiness) is nowhere. Pride and protest without reason. There is a little life of ten-five years, but the pride is as if they will not perish even if there is a Kalpant (doomsday).

Kalikal made the man in trouble. Nobody even thinks of a sister-daughter. (Among people) there is neither satisfaction, nor prudence nor coolness. Caste, Kujati all became beggars.

Jealousy (jealousy), bitter words and greed are becoming abundant, parity gone. Everybody has died of disconnection and special mourning. The conduct of Varnashram Dharma was destroyed.

There is no suppression, charity, compassion and understanding of the senses. Foolishness and faking others, it increased a lot. All men and women are engaged in the upbringing of the body. Those who are alien condemners, they are spread in the world.

Garuda, the enemy of snakes! Listen, Kalikal is the home of sins and demerits, but in Kali Yuga there is also a quality that it gets rid of the bondage without hard work.

In the Satyayuga, Treta and Dwapar, the speed which is obtained by worship, Yajna and Yoga, the same speed is found in Kali Yuga only in the name of God.

In the Satyayuga, all are yogis and scientists. By meditating on Hari, all beings get wet from Bhavasagar. In Treta, humans perform many types of Yajna and surrender all the deeds to the Lord and cross the Bhavasagar.

By worshiping the feet of Shri Raghunathji in Dwapar, humans get dampened by the world, there is no other way and in Kali Yuga, only by singing the praises of Shri Hari, humans get the fountain of Bhavsagar.

There is neither yoga nor yajna nor knowledge in Kali Yuga. Praise of Shri Ramji is the only basis. Therefore, by renouncing all the trust that is devoted to Shri Ramji and singing to his virtues, he is loved.

The same gets rid of Bhavsagar, there is no doubt about it. The name of Pratap is evident in Kali Yuga. There is a holy glory (glory) of Kali Yuga that mental virtues are there, but (mental) sins are not.

If man believes, there is no other era like Kali Yuga, (because) in this age, by singing and singing the pure qualities of Shri Ramji, a man goes through the world without hard work.

The four stages of dharma (truth, kindness, penance and charity) are famous, of which one (charity form) stage is predominant in Kali. In any way, charity only gives welfare.

Inspired by Shri Ramji’s maya, religions of all ages are constantly in everyone’s heart. Know the effect of Satyayuga, pure sattva guna, parity, science and pleasing of mind.

May there be more sattva guna, some rajoguna, love in deeds, happiness in all ways, this is the religion of Treta. May there be very few guna, very little sattva guna, some tamo guna, happiness and fear in the mind, this is the religion of Dwapar.

May there be a lot of tamoguna, a little rajoguna, there should be hostility around it, this is the effect of Kali Yuga. Pundits love the religion of the ages with knowledge (recognition) in their mind, leaving unrighteousness and loving religion.

One who has great love at the feet of Shri Raghunathji, does not spread Kaaladharma (Yugadharma) to him. Hey Birds! The hypocrisy of the nut (baazigar) is very difficult (inaccessible) for those who see the character (indrajal), but the servant (jambhura) of the nut does not spread his illusion.

Defects and virtues created by Shri Hari’s illusion do not go without praising Shri Hari. Thinking like this in the mind, except all desires (without any feeling) should worship Lord Ram.

Hey Birds! In that period I lived in Ayodhya for many years. Once there was a famine, then I went abroad for disaster.

Garuda, the enemy of snakes! Listen, I went to Ujjain after being humbled, melancholy, depressed and sad. After some time, after getting some property, I started worshiping Lord Shankar there.

A Brahmin always worshiped Lord Shiva through Vedavidhi, he had no other work. He was supreme monk and knowledgeable of Paramarth, he was a worshiper of Shambhu, but was not one to condemn Shri Hari.

I would have served them fraudulently. The Brahmins were very kind and home to policy. Hey master! Seeing meek from outside, Brahmins used to teach me like a son.

Those Brahmin superior gave me the mantra of Shiva and gave many kinds of auspicious teachings. I went to the temple of Shiva and chanted the mantra. The arrogance and arrogance in my heart increased.

I used to be envious of the wicked, low caste and sinful filthy intellect, and seeing Lord Hari’s devotees and Dwijs, would burn and malign Vishnu.

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