The arrival and mourning of Shri Bharata Shatrughan

Arrival and mourning of Shri Bharata Shatrughan – Markets and avenues are not seen. As if the city has a claim in ten directions! Hearing the son, Kaikeyi (elder) in the form of moonlight cheered for the lotus in the form of the sun.

She decorated the Aarti and rose up in joy and brought Bharat-Shatrughan to the palace at the door. Bharata saw the whole family grieved. As if the lotus forest has been reared
Only a Kaikeyi looks cheerful as if Bhilani is burning in the forest with fire. Seeing the son thinking and subdued (very sad), she started asking- Is he skilled in our bath?
Bharatji heard all the saying. Then asked the well-being of his family. (Bharatji said-) Say, where is Dad? Where are all my mothers Where are Sitaji and my dear brother Ram-Lakshman?
Hearing the affectionate words of the son, Papini Kaikeyi filled the eyes with hypocrisy in the eyes and said stinging words like colic in the mind.
Hey Tat I had made up the whole thing. Poor Manthara helped. But the creator spoiled all the work in the middle. That is, the king came to Devaloka.
On hearing this, Bharata was compelled to suffer (depression). As if listening to the roar of the lion, the elephant was scared. They ‘tat! Taat! Ha, tat! ‘ While crying, he became very distraught and fell on the ground.
(And mourned that) O Tat! I could not even see you while walking (for heaven). (Hi!) You didn’t even hand me over to Mr. Ramji! Then, after being patient, he stepped up and said – Mother! Tell me the reason of father’s death.
Hearing the son’s word, Kaikeyi started saying. It is as if the poison is filling the place (by ripping it with a knife). The devious and hard-hearted Kaikeyi narrated his heart from the beginning (to the end) with a happy heart.
After listening to Shri Ramchandraji’s forest, Bharatji forgot his father’s death and he was stunned silent (that is, his speech stopped and he was stunned) knowing the reason for all this sin in his heart.
Seeing the son distraught, Kaikeyi started to explain. As if you were applying salt on the burn. (She said-) O Tat! Kings are not capable of thinking. They have earned enough for it by earning merit and fame.
In his lifetime, he reaped the full fruits of being born and in the end he went to Indralok. Leave thinking like this and rule the city with society.
Rajkumar Bharatji was horrified to hear this. It is as if the finger has touched a ripe wound. He patiently took a long breath and said- Papini! You have destroyed the clan all the way.
Oh! If you had such a bad interest (wicked desire), why didn’t you kill me when I was born? You have cut down the tree and watered the leaves and sprinkled water for the fish to live! (That is, by going after me, you hurt me in the opposite way)
I got Suryavansha (Sa dynasty), Dasarathaji (like) father and brother from Rama-Lakshmana. But oh mother! You are the mother who gave me birth! (What to do!) Nothing beats the Creator.
Ari Kumti! When you have decided this bad thought in your heart, why did not your heartbreak into pieces (why)? Did you not suffer anything while asking for a boon? Your tongue did not melt? Did not worms in your mouth?
How did the king trust you? (It seems,) At the time of his death, the teacher had lost his intelligence. The heart rate (gait) creators of women also could not know. He is the mine of complete fraud, sin and demerits.
Then the king was straight, sushil and pious. How do they know the nature of women? Hey, who is there among the living creatures of the world, whom Shri Raghunathji is not as loving as life?
Even Shri Ramji was offended by you (very different)! who are you? Tell me the truth You are the one who is sleeping, now get the ink in my mouth (darken) and get up and sit in the eyes of my eyes.
The creator produced me from (your) heart opposing Shri Ramji (or the creator showed me the antagonist of Ram with his heart.) Who else is a sinner like me? I say something to you in vain
Shatrughnaji’s parts are burning with anger on hearing the mother’s wretchedness, but nothing gets under control. At the same time, Kubri (Manthara) came there after being decorated with clothes and ornaments.
Seeing him (adorned), Lakshman’s younger brother Shatrughnaji was filled with anger. As if the burning fire has received the offering of ghee. He gave a kick to a loud hump. She fell to the ground screaming.
His hump broke, the skull broke, the teeth broke and blood began to bleed from his mouth. (She groans -) Hi God! What did I spoil? Those who did good found bad fruit.
Hearing this and knowing that he was evil from fingernail to crest, Shatrughnaji started dragging him by fluff. Then Dayanidhi Bharatji rescued him and the two brothers (immediately) went to Kausalyaji.


Muni Vashistha to send messengers to call Bharatji

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