The description of Ramayana

The description of Ramayana

In ‘Ramrajya’, somatic, divine and physical heat does not spread to anyone. All human beings love each other and follow their own religion by being prompt in the policy (Maryada) stated in the Vedas.

Religion is being fulfilled in the world by its four stages (truth, defecation, mercy and charity), even in dreams, there is no sin. All men and women are the devotees of Rambhakti and all possess the ultimate speed (Moksha).
There is no death in a short state, nor does anyone suffer. Everyone’s body is beautiful and healthy. There is neither poor, nor grieving nor humbled. Neither is any fool nor inferior to auspicious signs.
All are proud, devout and pious. Man and woman are all smart and talented. Those who respect all virtues are wise and all are knowledgeable. All are ungrateful (obeying the benevolence of others), no one is hypocritical (cunning).
(Kakbhushundiji says-) O bird, Gurudji! Listen. In the kingdom of Shri Rama, there is no sorrow (ie, there is no one in his bondage) in the whole world, conscious and all the sorrows arising out of time, deeds and qualities.
In Ayodhya, Shri Raghunathji is the only king of the earth with a mekhala (girdle) of seven seas. For those who have many universes in each Rome, this sovereignty of the seven islands is no more.

Welcome to Sri Ramji, Bharat Milap, everyone’s union

Rather understanding the glory of the Lord, he has great inferiority in saying (that he is the unbroken emperor of Sapta Islandamayi Earth surrounded by seven seas), but O Garuda! Those who have also known that glory, they also consider great love in this pastime.
Because it is the lila (experience of this lila) that is the result of knowing even that glory, the great great queen who suppresses the senses says so. Sheshji and Saraswati cannot even describe the wealth of the kingdom of Ram.
All male and female are benevolent, all are philanthropists and servants of the feet of Brahmins. All men are just a wife. Similarly, women are also interested in husband by mind, word and deed.
In Sri Ramachandraji’s kingdom, the punishment is only in the hands of ascetics and in the dance society of the dancing dancers and the word ‘Jeeto’ is heard only to win the mind (ie to win enemies in politics and suppress thieves and bandits etc. To do something, charity, punishment and discrimination – these four measures are taken. There is no enemy in Ramrajya, so the word ‘win’ is said only to win the mind. No one commits any crime, so punishment It does not happen, the word punishment has remained only for the punishment which is in the hands of the ascetics, and because of all the favorableness, there is no need for discrimination. .)
Trees always thrive and thrive in the forests. The elephant and the lion (forgetting the hat) live together. Birds and animals have forgotten the natural hatred and have increased love among themselves.
Birds chirp (speak sweetly), like a group of like-minded animals wandering and rejoicing in the forest. Cool, slow, fragrant wind goes on. Bubbles go on humming with the juice of flowers.
Madhu (Makarand) drips only after asking for vines and trees. Cows give desired milk. The earth is always full of agriculture. Satya Yuga has been done in Treta.
Knowing the spirit God of all the world, the king of the world, the mountains revealed many types of mines. All the rivers started flowing with the best, soft, pure and pleasant delicious water.
The seas live within their limits. They put gems on the edges by waves, which are found by humans. All ponds are full of lotuses. The departments of ten directions (ie all the states) are very happy.
In Sri Ramachandraji’s kingdom, the moon, with its (amritamayi) rays, completes the earth. The sun heats as much as it is needed, and by asking the clouds (when needed, as much as possible) gives water.
Lord Shri Ramji performed crores of Ashwamedha sacrifices and gave many donations to Brahmins. Sri Ramachandraji, the cradle of Vedamarga, holding the axis of Dharma, (Prakritjanya Sattva, Raja and Tama) is similar to Indra in the past and the Bhogas (Aishwarya) by all three qualities.
Shobha’s Khan, Sushil and the humble Sitaji are always friendly to her husband. They know the sovereignty (glory) of Shri Ramji and kindly serve their feet.
Although there are many (immense) slaves and maidens in the house and they are all proficient in the method of service, yet (knowing the importance of the service of Swami), Shri Sitaji does all the service of the house with his own hands and orders of Shri Ramchandraji. Follows
The way Shri Ramchandraji believes in happiness, Shriji does the same, because she knows the method of service. In the house, Kausalya, etc. does the service of all the mothers-in-law, they do not have any pride and item.
(Sivaji says-) O Uma Jagajjanani Rama (Sitaji) Brahma is worshiped by the deities and is always indefinite (all virtuous)
Gods, whose wishes are invaluable, but they do not look at them, are the ones who Laxmiji (Janaki), except his (Her Majesty’s) nature, loves in the Charanaravind of Shri Ramchandraji.
All brothers serve them in a friendly manner. He has a great fondness at the feet of Shri Ramji. They always see the face of the Lord, that kindly Shri Ramji should ever ask us to do some service.
Shri Ramachandraji also loves the brothers and teaches them different kinds of policies. The people of the city remain cheerful and enjoy all kinds of Devdurbhal (difficult to attain even to the gods).
They keep celebrating Brahmaji day and night and seek love at the feet of (from) Shri Raghuveer. These two sons were born to Sita’s Luv and Kush, which have been described by the Vedas and Puranas.
They are both victorious (eminent warriors), humble and virtuous, and very beautiful as if they were the image of Shri Hari. Two or two sons were born to all the brothers, who were very beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful.The description of Ramayana

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