The great glory of knowledge

The great glory of knowledge-devotion-formulation, knowledge-lamp and devotion

Religious story

The great glory of knowledge-devotion-formulation, knowledge-lamp and devotion

Those who know such glory of devotion and leave it and do the labor (means) only for knowledge, those foolish, leaving Kamdhenu standing at home, look for the Madar tree for milk.

Hey Birds! Listen, those who want happiness with other measures except the devotion of Shri Hari, they want to go across the Mahasamudra without going foolish and rooting (unfortunate.


(Shiva says-) O Bhavani! Hearing the words of Bhushundiji, Garuda was delighted and said with a soft voice – O Lord! Doubt, grief, fascination and nothing remains in my heart with your offerings.
The sages, Vedas and Puranas state that there is nothing as rare as knowledge. Hey Gosain! The same sage said to you, but you did not respect him like devotion.
O blessings of grace! Oh, Lord! What is the difference between knowledge and devotion? Tell me all this On hearing the words of Garuda, Sujan Kakbhusundiji considered happiness and said with respect -॥
There is no difference between devotion and knowledge. Both defeat the tribulations arising from the world. Hey Nath! Munishwar explains some of these differences. Hey bird best! Listen to him carefully
Hari vehicles are flowing Listen, knowledge, quietness, yoga, science – they are all men. The brilliance of the man is strong in every way. Abla (Maya) is inherently weak and is rooted (foolish) only by caste (birth).
But only those who are disinterested and patient are able to renounce the woman, not those Kami men who are in the control of subjects (their slaves) and are alienated from the feet of Shri Raghuveer.
They are compelled (under him) to see the Chandramukh of Mrignayani (the woman), the municipality of knowledge. Oh, Mr. Garuda! Only Maya of Lord Vishnu is manifested in a female form.
Here I do not favor anything. I only say the doctrine (Vedas) of Vedas, Puranas and saints. Oh, Mr. Garuda! It is unique (unique) practice that the form of a woman does not fascinate another woman.
You hear, Maya and Bhakti – both of them belong to the female class, everyone knows this. Then devotion to Shri Raghuveer is dear. Maya Poor is definitely a dancing person (Natini only).
Shri Raghunathji is particularly favorable for devotion. This is why Maya is extremely afraid of him. Whose heartless and unblemished (pure) Rambhakti always dwells without any hindrance.
Maya is shocked to see him. She cannot do (rule) her sovereignty over it. By considering this, the scientists who are sages also pray for devotion instead of all happiness.
No one is able to know this secret (secret heart) of Shri Raghunathji quickly. Who knows this by the grace of Shri Raghunathji, he is not enchanted even in a dream.
Hey Suchtur Garuda! Listen to the difference of knowledge and devotion, by listening to which, at the feet of Shri Ramji, you will always have uninterrupted love.
Hey Tat Listen to this inexplicable story (talk). It is made without understanding, it cannot be said anywhere. Jiva is part of God. (Therefore) it is indestructible, conscious, serene and by nature is the amount of happiness.
Hey Gosain! He got tied to Maya and tied himself up like a parrot and a monkey. Thus the gland (knot) fell in the root and conscious. Although that gland is false, it is difficult to leave it.
From then on Jeeva became sansari (born and died). Now neither the knot is left nor is it happy. The Vedas and Puranas have given many remedies, but they (gland) do not leave, but they get more and more confused.
Ignorance of darkness is especially prevalent in the heart of the creature, it does not see the knot, how can it be left untouched? Whenever God makes such a coincidence (as it is called) present, even then (the gland) is rarely released.
If by the grace of Sri Hari, if a beautiful cow like Satviki reveres and settles in a house like a heart, innumerable chanting, austerity fasts and Niyamadi auspicious religion and conduct (conduct), which the Shrutis have said,
When he attains the same (Dharmacharya) green trunks (grass), when he gets the cow and a small calf like a believer. Retirement (moving away from worldly subjects and from prapancha) is noi (the rope of tying the hind leg when milking), the faith (milking) is the vessel, the serene (sinless) mind which is itself its slave. (Is under his control), is a milking Ahir.
O brother, thus (with the help of the sentiment, retirement, and subdued mind from the gov of sattviki reverence prevailing in the Dharmacharama), by milking the supremely righteous milk, give it a good cry on the fire of the formless spirit. Then cool it with the air of forgiveness and contentment and gather it with patience and sham (grace of mind).
Then, in the Mudita (happiness) form, the elements in the komori form the churns of the truth and beautiful speech on the basis of the thoughts (with the help of pillars etc.) on the basis of dum (sensory suppression), and then churn it, then clean, beautiful and extremely pure quietness Take out the butter like
Then, manifest the fire of yoga and put all the good fire in it (consume all the karma in the fire of yoga). When the stool in the form of mamta (of butter in the form of detachment) is burnt, then the (leftover) ghee in the form of knowledge (nishtmika) cools with wisdom.
Then the science-wise intellect will find that (knowledge-wise) pure ghee, fill the mind-lamp with it, make a lamp of equanimity, and place it firmly on it.
The three stages (waking, dreaming and sleeping) and (sattva, raja and tama) make a beautiful string light by removing the cotton-like cotton from the three qualities of cotton and then grooming it.
In this way, burn a bright zodiac lamp, near which all the kites and other items will burn.
‘Sohamhasmi’ (I am the Brahman) This is the unbroken (oil-breaking, never-ending) instinct, the same (that Jnanadeepak) is the most intense Deepshikha (flame). (Thus) when the beautiful light of the joy of self-realization spreads, then the confusion of the root of the world is destroyed.
And the great darkness of family attachment etc. of the great Balvati Avidya disappears. Then the same (Vigyanarupini), finding the intelligence (self-effulgent form), opens the knot of that root conscious, sitting in the house of the heart.
If he (science metaphorical intellect) is to open that knot, then this creature is gratitude, but O Birdshwar Garuda! Knowing the opening of the knot, Maya then interrupts many.
Hey brother! She sends many Riddhi-siddhis, who come and show greed to the intellect, and those Riddhi-siddhis go near by art (kal), force and deceit and extinguish the lamp of knowledge with the wind of the flame.
If the intellect is very obscene, it does not look at them (riddhi-siddhis) as detrimental (malefic). Thus, if the intellect is not hindered by the obstacles of Maya, then the gods do the title (obstacles).
The gates of the senses are many windows of the house of the heart. Everywhere (at every window), the deity is stationed (stationed). As soon as they see the air of the subject coming in, they open the door obstinately.
That strong wind enters the house like a heart, as soon as that lamp of science extinguishes. The knot was not even touched and that (self-evident form) light also disappeared. Wisdom became distraught by the air of the subject (all the work was done)
Knowledge (not only) pleases the senses and their gods, because their subjects always have love and the intellect also makes the subject crazy. Then who (again) lit that knowledge lamp in the same way?
Difficult to say (explain) knowledge, difficult to understand and also difficult to practice. If it is possible to have this knowledge by chance (by coincidence), then there are many obstacles (in saving it).
The path of knowledge is similar to the edge of a kirpan (double-edged sword). Hey Birds! It does not take long to fall from this route. The one who takes this path unhindered nibah attains the Kaivalya (salvation) form Paramapada.
Saints, Puranas, Vedas and (Tantra etc.) scriptures (all) say that Kaivalya form Paramapada is extremely rare, but O Gosain! The same (extremely rare) salvation forcibly compels us to pray to Shri Ramji.
For example, water cannot exist without a site, no matter how many crores of measures are taken. By the way, O bird! Listen, even Mokshsukh cannot live without devotion to Shri Hari.
Considering this, wise Hari devotees lure salvation and despise salvation. By doing devotion, the root of sansriti (birth-death form samsara) is destroyed without avidya and labor (on its own).
As food is served for satiety and the food is digested by itself (without our efforts), who would be such a fool to give such easy and supreme happiness to Hari Bhakti which is not pleasant?
Garuda, the enemy of snakes! I am a servant and God is my sevya (lord), without this feeling there can be no escape from the ocean like world. Thinking of this principle and worship the lotus feet of Shri Ramchandraji.
He who makes the conscious root and animate the root, blessed the creatures who send such a capable Shri Raghunathji.
I said by explaining the principle of knowledge. Now listen to the sovereignty (glory) of the gem of devotion. Devotion to Shri Ramji is beautiful Chintamani. Oh, Mr. Garuda! It dwells inside its heart,
It remains the ultimate light form day and night (on its own). He does not need lamps, ghee and lights. (Thus one of the gem has a natural light) Then the impoverishment of fascination does not come near (because the gem itself is Dhanarupa) and (thirdly) the air of greed cannot extinguish that enchanted lamp (because the gem itself is the light form, it is somehow Does not light with the help of another)॥
(By its light) the strong darkness of avidya disappears. Madadi loses the entire group of kites. Whose devotion resides in his heart, evil, deeds, anger and greed etc. do not go to him either.
For him, poison becomes like nectar and a friend of the enemy. There is no happiness without that gem. Many psyche diseases, under whose control all living beings are grieving, do not spread.
A gem in the form of Shri Rambhakti, which dwells in her heart, she does not have even the least grief in her dream. Those people in the world are the masters of the clever who work diligently for that gem of devotion.
Although that gem is manifest (visible) in the world, no one can find it without the grace of Shri Ramji. The ways of getting it are also easy, but the unfortunate humans reject them.
The Vedas-Puranas are sacred mountains. Various types of stories of Shri Ramji are beautiful mines in those mountains. The saintly man (knowing the secret of these mines) is a mermaid and has a beautiful wit (digger) hoe. Oh, Mr. Garuda! Knowledge and quietness are their two eyes.
The creature who seeks him with love finds this gem of devotion for all happiness. Oh, Lord! There is such a belief in my mind that Shri Ramji’s slaves are more than Shri Ramji.
Shri Ramchandraji is a sea and Dhir is a saintly male cloud. Shri Hari is sandalwood tree and saint is wind. The fruit of all means is beautiful Hari devotion. No one found him without a saint.
By thinking like this, whoever associates with the saints, O Garuda, the devotion of Shri Ram becomes accessible to him.
Brahma (Vedas) is the sea, knowledge is Mandarachal and saints are deities, who churn out that sea and extract the nectar of the tale, in which the sweetness of devotion is inhabited.
The victory that one obtains by protecting himself from the shield of disinterest and by killing the enemies of the item, greed and fascination with the sword of knowledge, is Hari Bhakti, O bird! Consider it

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