The messenger convinces

The messenger convinces Ravana and gives Laxmanji’s letter

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The messenger convinces Ravana and gives Laxmanji’s letter

Did you meet him or did he return after hearing my suyash with ears? Why doesn’t the enemy say the strength and force of the army? Your mind is getting very surprised (astonishing).

(The messenger said-) O Nath! Just leave the anger and obey me as you have kindly asked (believe me). When your younger brother met Shri Ramji, Shri Ramji coronated him as soon as he reached.
We are the messengers of Ravana, hearing this with ears, the monkeys tied us and gave us a lot of pain, even they started biting our nose and ears. On the oath of Shri Ramji, he left us somewhere.
Hey Nath! You asked Shri Ramji’s army, so it cannot be described even with a hundred crore faces. There is an army of bears and apes of many colors, which are fierce-faced, huge-bodied and terrifying.
The one who burnt the city and killed your son Akshay Kumar has little strength among all the apes. There are very tough and fierce warriors with numerous names. They have the power of innumerable elephants and they are huge.
Dwived, Mayand, Neel, Nal, Angad, Gad, Vikasasya, Dadhimukh, Kesari, Nishtha, Shath and Jambavan are all the amount of force.
All these monkeys are like Sugriva in the force and there are crores (not one or two) like them, who can count those very few. He has an incomparable force by the grace of Shri Ramji. They consider all the three worlds as equal (trivial).
Hey Dashgreev! I have heard with my ears that eighteen padmas are the commander of monkeys alone. Hey Nath! There is no monkey in that army, who cannot win you in battle.
Everyone hands out with extreme anger. But Shri Raghunathji does not give orders to them. We will soak up the sea with fishes and snakes. Otherwise, they will fill it with big mountains and fill it.
And will crush Ravan and mix it in the dust. All monkeys are saying similar words. All are spontaneously fearless, thus thundering and wailing as if they want to swallow Lanka.
All the apes and bears are easy knights and then Lord Ram (Sarveshwar) is Shri Ramji on their heads. Hey Ravan! They can win crores of times in the battle.
Millions cannot even sing the excess of strength (strength), strength and intelligence of Shri Ramchandraji. They can soak up hundreds of seas with a single arrow, but Shri Ramji, the master of the policy, asked your brother for a solution (to protect the policy).
Hearing his (your brother’s) words, he (Shri Ramji) is asking for a way from the sea, he also has kindness in his mind (so they do not soak him). Ravana laughed a lot after hearing the words of the messenger (and said-) When he has such intelligence, then he has made the apes helpful!
Naturally, by proof of the word of the cowardly Vibhishan, he has set the sea (mole). Hey idiot! What does false brag do? Just, I found the strength and wisdom of the enemy (Ram).
Sunil Khal Bachaan messenger came out Samay Bichari magazine Kadhi
(And said-) Shri Ramji’s younger brother Laxman has given this magazine. Hey Nath! Save it and cool the chest. Ravana laughed and took him by his left hand, and after calling the minister, that fool started distributing him.
(It was written in the magazine-) Oh fool! Don’t destroy your family by corrupting your mind by just talking. You will not survive even after going to the shelter of Vishnu, Brahma and Mahesh by opposing Shri Ramji.
Either you should leave your pride and become a misunderstanding of the lotus feet of the Lord like your younger brother Vibhishan. Or oh evil! In the fire in the form of Shri Ramji, go with your family in the fire (both of which look good).
On hearing the magazine, Ravana got frightened in the mind, but smiling from his face (from above) he heard everyone and started saying – As someone tries to hold the sky with the hand lying on the earth, similarly this little ascetic (Lakshman) Vagvilas Does (bragging)॥
Shuk (messenger) said- O Nath! Except for arrogant nature (written in this letter), consider everything to be true. Let go of anger and hear my word. Hey Nath! Abandon the hatred from Shri Ramji.
Although Shri Raghuveer is the lord of all the worlds, his nature is very gentle. God will be kind to you as soon as you get it and he will not keep any of your crime in your heart.
Give Jankiji to Shri Raghunathji. Oh, God! Tell me this much When he (the messenger) asked to be given to Janaki Ji, the evil Ravana kicked him.
He too (like Vibheeshan) walked with his feet in the same place, where Shri Raghunathji was kind. After bowing, he narrated his story and by the grace of Shri, Ramji got his speed (a form of Muni).
(Shiva says-) O Bhavani! He was a learned monk, demonized by the curse of Agastya Rishi. After repeatedly reciting the feet of Shri Ramji, that sage went to his ashram.

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