The procession and arrival in Janakpur

Janakpur –(From milk, sorbet, cold, water, etc.), filled with urns of gold and like a nectar which cannot be described, a variety of beautiful utensils filled with all the dishes, like various nectar, plates, etc.

The king sent delightful fruits and many more beautiful things for the offering. Jewelry, clothes, many kinds of valuable jewels (gems), birds, animals, horses, elephants, and many other types of rides,
And the king sent a lot of aromatic and pleasant products of Mars and liquor. Curd, Chiuda, and numberless gift items filled the Kanwar and filled it.
When the procession was visible to the receptionists, then their heart was filled with joy and the body was filled with thrill. Seeing the leaders with vigor, the wedding party pleased and played the drums.
(Among the processions and the leaders) Some people left the garden to meet each other happily (gallop) and meet as if two seas of pleasure were left without dignity.
Devasandris are singing songs with flowers and the gods are rejoicing and playing drums. (Received) They put all things in front of Dasharathaji and begged with great love.
King Dasarathaji took all things including love, then he started getting tips and they were given to the petitioners. Later, by worshiping, honoring, and bragging, the leading people brought them to the homeland.
Kuber also leaves the pride of his wealth on seeing the feet of eccentric clothes. Very beautiful life was given, where everyone had all kinds of convenience.
Sitaji showed some of his glory by knowing that the procession came in Janakpur. In the heart, remembering all the siddhis were called and sent them to visit King Dasharathaji.
After hearing Sita’s orders, all the siddhis were taken in the place where Janvasa was, all the wealth, happiness, and enjoyment of Indrapuri.
When the bararatis saw their places of stay, they found all the pleasures of the gods there in every way. No one could know the secret of this opulence. Everyone is praising Janaki.
Shri Raghunathji was delighted to know the glory of Sitaji and recognizing his love. Hearing the news of the arrival of Father Dasharathaji, there was no great joy in the heart of both the brothers.
Hesitantly, he could not say to Guru Vishwamitra, but he had a longing for his father’s visions. Vishwamitra saw his great humility, so much satisfaction arose in his heart.
Pleased, he took both brothers to heart. His body became pulsed and water filled the eyes (of Premashru). He went to the place where Dashrathji was. As if the lake is aiming towards thirsty.
When King Dasharathaji saw Muni with his sons coming, he rose up in joy and walked in a sea of happiness.
Then, seeing the two brothers bowing prostrately, there was no happiness in the heart of the king. By removing (raising) the sons from the heart, they erased their (disconnected) sorrow. As if the dead body has died.
Then he made him head at the feet of Vashistha. Muni Shrestha embraced him in the joy of love. Both the brothers worshiped all the Brahmins and got their blessings.
Bharatji bowed down to Sri Ramachandraji, including younger brother Shatrughan. Shri Ramji picked them up and took them to heart. Laxmanji was delighted to see both the brothers and met them with a body full of love.
Subsequently, the supremely gracious and humble Sri Ramachandraji met the people of Ayodhya, family members, petitioners, ministers, and friends as deserving.
On seeing Sri Ramachandraji, the procession cooled (the fire burning in everyone’s heart became silent in Ram’s disconnection). The way of love cannot be explained. All four sons are having such beauty in the king, as if meaning, religion, work, and salvation are wearing bodies.
The men and women of the city are very happy to see Dasharathaji with sons. The gods (in the sky) are playing the drums after showering flowers and the apsaras are singing and dancing.
Shatanandji, other Brahmins, Ministers, Magadha, Soot, scholars, and Bhats who came in reception, honored the King Dasarathaji with the procession. Then he returned after taking orders.
The procession has come before the Ascendant day, due to which there is more joy in Janakpur. Everybody is getting Brahmanand and celebrating with the Creator, he says that day and night increase (grow).
Shri Ramchandraji and Sitaji are the limits of beauty and both kings are the limit of virtue, where groups of men and women of Janakpur are gathered together and saying the same thing.
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Like them, no one has been in the world, nor is there, nor is there any existence. We are also the sum of all virtues, who were born in the world and became residents of Janakpur.
And those who have seen the images of Jankiji and Shri Ramchandraji. Who will be a special saint-like us! And now we will see the marriage of Shri Raghunathji and take advantage of the eyes well.
Sweet-spoken women like a cuckoo, say among themselves, O beautiful eyes! There is great benefit in this marriage. With great luck, the creator has made everything, these two brothers will be guests of our eyes.
Janak ji will call Sitaji again and again with affection and both brothers will come to take (farewell) Sitaji like crores of Cupid.
Then they must be reached in many ways. Friend! Who will not love such in-laws? Then and again we will be happy to see Shri Rama-Laxman, a resident of the city.
Hey friend! As with the addition of Sri Rama-Lakshmana, so are two others with Kumar Kumar. They are also of one Shyam and the other Gaur varna, all their parts are very beautiful. All those who have seen them say this.
One said – I have seen them today, they are so beautiful, as if Brahma Ji has groomed them in his hands. Bharat belongs to the face of Shri Ramchandraji. Men and women cannot recognize them suddenly.
There is a form of both Lakshmana and Shatrughna. All the parts from the fingernail to the crest are unique. The mind feels very good, but it cannot be described with the mouth. There is no one in the three worlds worthy of his likeness.
Das Tulsi says the poet and Kovid (scholar) say, there is no likeness of them. These are the same as the sea of Bal, Vinaya, Vidya, Sheel, and Shobha. All the women of Janakpur spread the field and tell the promise (request) to the creator that the four brothers should get married in this city and we all are beautiful villages.
Filled with water in the eyes (of Premashru), women are saying among themselves that they are friends. Both kings are seas of virtue, Tripurari Shivji will complete all desire.
In this way, everyone is pleased and filling the heart with joy (zeal). The king who came in the Swayamvara of Sitaji found happiness on seeing the four brothers.
Saying the pure and great fame of Shri Ramchandraji, the king went to his house. Thus a few days passed. Janakpur residents and Baratis are all very happy.
The original Ascendant day of the Mongols has arrived. Hemant Ritu and pleasant was the month of Again. The planets, date, constellation, yoga, and war were the best. After researching the Lagna (muhurta), Brahma thought on it,
And sent him (Lagna Patrika) to Naradji’s hand (at Janakji’s). Janaki’s astrologers also did the same calculation. When all the people heard this, they started saying – The astrologers here are also Brahma.
The Brahmins said to Janakji knowing that the sacred fiddle of the original twilight of the serene and all the beautiful forests came and began to be favorable.
Then King Janak told Purohit Shatanandji that what is the reason for the delay now. Then Shatanandji called the ministers. They all brought the goods of Mars.
Conch shells, drums, drums, and many musical instruments started ringing, and Mangal Kalash and auspicious objects (Dadhi, Durva, etc.) were decorated. Beautiful Suhagin women are singing songs and the holy Brahmin is making sound of Vedas.
Everybody thus went to take the procession respectfully and went to the place where the wedding was held. Seeing the society (Vaibhav) of Avadhpati Dashrathji, Devraj Indra also found him very insignificant.
(He went and pleaded-) Time has passed, now come. On hearing this, there were injuries on the drums. By asking Guru Vashistha and doing all the rituals of the family, King Dashrathji took the society of sages and sages together.
Seeing the fate and splendor of Awadh King Dasharathaji and considering his birth as futile, Brahmaji etc. gods started appreciating him with thousands of faces.
Devgan’s show flowers, playing flowers and playing flowers, knowing the opportunity of beautiful Mars. Lord Shiva, Brahmaji etc. Devvrind Youth (groups) made and boarded the planes.
And have a body pulsed with love and with enthusiasm in heart, went to see the marriage of Shri Ramchandraji. On seeing Janakpur, the gods became so enamored that they all seemed to despise their own folk.
They are looking at the bizarre pavilion and all the supernatural creations of various types. The stores of the male and female forms of the city are fragrant, noble, supreme, and intelligent.
Seeing them, all the gods and goddesses became as blind as stars in the light of the moon. Brahmaji was particularly surprised because he did not see any of his works (creation) there.
Then Shivji explained to all the gods that you people should not forget in surprise. Enduring in the heart, consider that it is the marriage of (His Majesty’s great power of God) to Sri Sitaji and (the Supreme God, the Supreme God of all the brahmans), Shri Ramchandraji.
Whose name is taken, the root of all the amalgams in the world is cut off and all the four substances (meaning, religion, Kama, Moksha) fall into the fist, they are the same (the parents of the world) Shri Sitaramji, Kama’s enemy Shivji said?
Shiva thus explained to the deities and then proceeded to Nandeshwar, his superior bull. The Gods saw that Dasharathaji was very happy in the mind and going away from his body.
The congregation of sages and Brahmins is adorning them with them, as if they are serving them by wearing all the pleasures of the body. All four beautiful sons are adorned together, as if complete salvation (sal kya, Tamiya, syrupy, Rajya) are holding the body.
Seeing the beautiful pairs of colors of Markatmani and Suvarna, the gods were not less loved (ie, very much loved). Then, seeing Ramachandraji, he was very (very happy) in the heart and he praised the king and showered flowers.
Seeing the beautiful form of Shri Ramchandraji from Nakh to Shikha again and again, the body of Shri Shivji along with Parvatiji got pulverized and his eyes (of Premashru) filled with water.
Ramji has a black body like a Kantiwala (Haritabh) of a peacock. There are light-colored (yellow) colored clothes that are extremely disrespectful to electricity. All ornaments and all kinds of beautiful ornamented wedding ornaments are decorated on the body.
His beautiful face is like the pure moon of Sharatpurnima and the (beautiful) eye is about to blaze the new lotus. All beauty is supernatural. (Maya is not made, the divine is truthful) She cannot go anywhere, the mind feels very dear.
Along with this, Manohar is brother Shobhit, who is going away while dancing the playful horses. The princes are showing the superior horses (their gait) and those who praise the dynasty (Magadha Bhat) are reciting Virudavali.
Garuda is also ashamed after seeing the (fast) gait of the horse on which Shri Ramji is seated, he is beautiful in all respects. It is as if Cupid has worn the horse.
It is as if Kamdev is getting very beautiful for Sri Ramachandra by disguising himself as a horse. He is captivating all worlds with his state, force, form, quality, and speed. Deity, man, and sage are all cheated on seeing her beautiful knob.
Leaning his mind in the will of the Lord, that horse is getting great glory. As if the star and the light ornamented cloud are drawing beautiful peacock.
Saraswatiji cannot even describe the best horse on which Sri Ramachandraji is riding. Shankarji was so enamored as Shri Ramchandraji that he began to love his fifteen eyes at this time.
When Lord Vishnu saw Shri Rama with love, he (idol of elegance) became fascinated with Shri Lakshmiji, husband of Shri Lakshmiji. Seeing the glory of Shri Ramchandraji, Brahma was very happy, but knowing his own eight eyes, he repented.
The commander of the gods, Swami Karthik, has great enthusiasm in his heart because he is taking the beautiful benefit of Ram Darshan from Brahma, with the lamp, that is, twelve eyes. Sujan Indra (with his thousand eyes) is looking at Shri Ram Chandraji and is considering Gautamji’s curse as his best interest.
All the gods are jealous of Devaraja Indra (and saying) that today there is no one as fortunate as Indra. Gods are happy to see Shri Ramchandraji and there is special joy in the society of both the kings.
There is immense joy in the Rajasam from both sides and the drums are ringing loudly. The deity is showering flowers by pleasing and saying ‘Raghukulamani Sri Rama’s Jai Ho, Jai Ho, Jai Ho’. In this way, knowing the coming of the procession, many kinds of instruments started ringing and Queen Suhagin called the women and started decorating the Mangal Dravya for the decoration.
Gajgamini (elephant-like) excellent women went on to cheerfully decorate in many ways by decorating the aarti and desiring all the marshes as appropriate.
All the women are Chandramukhi (with a moon-like face) and all the mrigalochanis (with eyes like a stag) and all are going to redeem Rati’s pride from the beauty of her body. Beautiful colored saris are worn and all ornaments are adorned on the body.
Decorating all the organs with beautiful nuances, she is also singing the cuckoo with a blissful (sweet voice). Kangan, Kardhni, and Nupur are ringing. Seeing the tricks of women, Kamdev’s elephants are also ashamed.
Many types of instruments are playing, beautiful manachars are happening in both the sky and the city. Shachi (Indrani), Saraswati, Lakshmi, Parvati, and who by nature were holy and Sayani Devanganas.
They all went to Ranivas disguised as beautiful women by hypocrisy and started singing with pleasant speech. Everyone was under special control of happiness, so no one recognized them.
Who knows whom! All of them went on to testify Brahm, who had become enraged by Anand. The beautiful anthem is happening. The melodious songs are ringing, the deities are showering flowers, there is great beauty. On seeing Anandakand Dulhah, all the women were happy in their hearts. In his lotus-like eyes, the water of the Premashru came up and Pulkavali was covered in beautiful organs.
Thousands of Saraswati and Seshaji could not say happiness in a hundred kalpas (or even in lakhs of Saraswati and the rest of millions of kalpas), seeing the happiness of Sri Ramachandraji as a groom, in the mind of Sita’s mother Sunayanaji.
Knowing the opportunity of Mars, the queen, holding the eyes open, is shadowing with a happy heart. According to the Vedas and according to the virtue, all the behavior was done by the queen well.
Panchabhorda (Tantri, Taal, Jhanjha, Nagara, and Trumpet — the words of these five types of hawks), Panchadhvani (Vedadhvani, Vandhidhvani, Jayadhvani, Shankadhvani and Huludhvani) and Mangalagana are taking place. Feet of different types of clothes are falling. He (Rani) offered Arghya after performing Aarti, then Shri Ramji walked in the pavilion.
Dasarathaji along with his troupe was seated. Lokpal was also embarrassed after seeing his glory. From time to time, the gods rain flowers, and the Bhudev Brahmins recite timely peace.
There is noise in the sky and the city. No one listens to his own alien. In this way, Shri Ramchandraji came to the pavilion and offered it by arghya and sat on the seat.
By sitting on a pedestal, performing aarti, and looking at the bridegroom, women are getting pleasure. She is singing mars with a lot of gems, clothes, and jewelry. Brahma, etc., looking like a prodigy disguised as a superior deity Brahmin. He is seeing his life as successful by seeing the image of Surya Shri Ramchandraji, who thrives the lotus form of Raghukul.
The barber, the bar, the bhat, and the nut get delighted by the blessings of Shri Ramchandraji and bless him with ahead, there is no joy in his heart.
Janaki and Dasharathaji met with great love by doing Vedic and temporal rituals. The two Maharaj’s were very pleased to meet, the poet was ashamed by searching for them.
When upma was not found anywhere, then after giving up in the heart, he decided the same simile in the mind that he is like them. The gods became enamored after seeing the union of friends or relations and started singing their fame with flowers.
(They started saying-) Ever since Brahmaji created the world, we have seen many marriages since then, but in all respects, we saw the same equals and equal (fully equitable) solutions today.
Supernatural love prevailed on both sides after hearing the beautiful truth of the gods. Giving beautiful feet and arghya, Janakji brought Dashrathji to the pavilion respectfully.
The monks were also struck (fascinated) by their strange creation and beauty, seeing the pavilion.
Sujan Janakji brought the throne for everyone with his hands. He worshiped Vashisthaji like the presiding deity of his clan and received blessings by humility. At the time of worshiping Vishwamitra, the custom of absolute love is not made.
The king worshiped Vamdev etc. sages with a happy heart. Gave divine postures to all and received the most blessings.
Then he worshiped the Kosaladhish king Dasarathaji knowing him like Ish (Mahadevji), there was no other sense. Subsequently (with regard to them) praising the expansion of his fortune and splendor, he pleaded and magnified with folded hands.
King Janak Ji worshiped all the Baratis in the same manner as Dasarathaji and gave proper postures to all. How can I describe that enthusiasm with one mouth?
King Janak honored the whole procession with charity, respect, honor, and good speech. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Dikpal, and Surya who know the influence of Shri Raghunathji.
They made beautiful disguise of Brahmins with treachery, watching all the Leela, finding great happiness. Janaki worshiped them by considering them as gods and gave them beautiful seats without even knowing them.
Who knows whom? Everyone has forgotten his own wisdom. Seeing Anandakand Dulah, a blissful situation is happening on both the sides. Sujan (omniscient) Shri Ramchandraji recognized the deities and gave them mental asanas by worshiping them mentally. Gods were very happy in seeing the modesty of God.
The image of the moon as the face of Shri Ram Chandraji is reverentially drinking the beautiful eyes of everyone, love and joy is not less (that is, many).
Seeing the time, Vashistha called Shatanandaji respectfully. They came with respect to hearing it. Vashisthaji said- Now go and get the princess soon. After getting the permission of the Muni, he went away happily.
On hearing the voice of the wise queen Purohit, she and her friends were very happy. Calling the women of Brahmins and the old women of the family, they performed Kulriti and sang beautiful Mangal songs.
The exalted Devangans, who are disguised as beautiful men and women, are by all naturally beautiful and Shyama (sixteen years old).
Seeing them, the women of Ranivas get happiness and without knowing them
they are loving everyone even with their lives.
Rani respects him again and again by knowing him as Parvati, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. (Women and Sakhis of Ranivas) By making Sita Ji, making a circle, pleased, and got her into the pavilion.

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