The procession to return to Ayodhya and enjoyment in Ayodhya

The procession to return to Ayodhya -The procession went on after playing the sting. All communities, big and small, are happy. (On the way), the men and women of the village are happy to see the fruit of the eyes on seeing Shri Ramchandraji.

The procession arrived near Ayodhyapuri on the holy day amidst beautiful interludes and giving happiness to the people of the road.
There were injuries on the drums, beautiful drums started ringing. Bheri and conch are getting loud, elephants and horses are roaring. The cymbals used to make special words, the beautiful duffels and the juices are being played with juicy raga.
The residents of the city were pleased to hear the procession coming. Pulkavali came over everyone’s body. Everyone decorated their beautiful homes, markets, streets, squares and city gates.
All the streets were irrigated from Argaje, where beautiful chowk was visited. Toranas flag-pennants and pavilions have such a punishment that they cannot be described.
Trees including betel nut, banana, mango, maulsiri, kadamb and tamal were planted. They are touching the earth with beautiful trees (loaded with fruits). The basins of his jewels are made with very beautiful workmanship.
Many types of Mars-urns have been made from house to house. Seeing the Puri (Ayodhya) of Shri Raghunathji, Brahma, etc., all the Gods help.
At that time, the palace (very) was getting decorated. Cupid was also fascinated by his creation. Mangal Shakun, grace, Riddhi-siddhi, happiness, pleasant property
And as if all kinds of ecstasy (bliss), the spontaneous beautiful body is covered in Dasarathaji’s house. For the visions of Shri Ramchandraji and Sitaji, tell me, who will not be lusted?
Suhagini women walked in flocks of herds, who are also disrespecting Kamdev’s lady Rati with her image. All the beautiful Mangaladravya and Aarti are singing adorned, as if Saraswatiji is singing wearing many clothes.
There is noise in the palace (because of Anand). No further happiness can be described at that time. Kausalyaji, etc. All the mothers of Shri Ramchandraji forgot the beauty of the body due to the special control of love.
After worshiping Ganesha and Tripurari Shivji, he gave a lot of donations to Brahmins. She was such a happy person, as if the very poor had found all the four things.
Being forced by happiness and great joy, the bodies of all mothers have become relaxed, their feet do not move. For the darshan of Shri Ramchandraji, she filled herself with great affection and started decorating all the things of the shadow.
Many types of instruments were played. Sumitraji happily decorated Mangal. The basic things of Mars, such as turmeric, cabbage, curd, leaves, flowers, betel leaf and betel nut.
And beautiful images of Akshat (rice), Ankhu, Gorochan, Lava and Tulsi are beautified. The urns of suvarna, the suvarna, painted with different colors, look as if the birds of Cupid have built nests.
Shakun’s fragrant items cannot be spared. All queens are decorating the entire Mangal. She is making beautiful Mangalgana by making many types of Aarti.
Filled with Mangal items of gold plates, the mothers holding their lotus like (soft) hands went joyfully and went on to chase. Their bodies are covered with Pulkavali.
The sky has become so dark with the smoke of incense as if the clouds of the spring have swirled. The deity is showering garlands of Kalpavriksha flowers. They look as if the line of herons is pulling the mind (towards you).
Bandavar made of beautiful beads seems as if the rainbow is decorated. Beautiful and playful women appear and hide (come and go) on the attic, they look as if lightning is shining.
As if the sound of drums is like the roaring of clouds. The travelers are papihe, frog and peacock. Gods are pouring water in the form of holy fragrance, due to which all the men and women of the city are happy like farming.
Knowing the time (of entry), Guru Vashistha commanded. Then Raghukulmani Maharaj Dasarathaji remembered Shiva, Parvati and Ganeshji and entered the city, rejoicing with the society.
The gods are getting shakt, the rainbows are showering flowers. The women of the deities are rejoicing and singing and singing beautiful Mangal songs.
Magadha, Sutra, Bhat and Chatur Nata are singing the fame of Shri Ramchandraji, the exposed (Supreme light form giving light to all) of the three worlds.
The sound of Jai and the pure voice of the Vedas are heard in ten directions, sunny with beautiful Mars.
Many instruments started ringing. Gods in the sky and people in the city are all engrossed in love. The baraati are such that they cannot be described. He is blissful, happiness does not fit in his mind.
Then the Ayodhyavasis performed (Vandana) to the king. He became happy on seeing Shri Ramchandraji. All the jewels and clothes are discharging. The eyes (of prematures) are full of water and the bodies are pulsed.
The women of the city are doing aarti with joy and are happy to see the beautiful four kumaras. By removing the beautiful curtains of the palanquins, they are happy to see the bride.
In this way, giving happiness to everyone, they came to the gateway. Mothers are rejoicing with the daughters-in-law rejoicing.
She is doing Aarti again and again. Who can say that love and great joy! Many types of jewelery, gems and textiles and other items of uncountable types are discharging.
Seeing the four sons including the daughters-in-law, the mothers were engrossed in ecstasy. Seeing the images of Sitaji and Shri Ramji again and again, she is happy to consider her life successful in the world.
Sakhis are singing the praise of their virtues by seeing Sitaji’s face again and again. Gods pour flowers every moment, dance, sing and surrender their service.
Seeing all the four beautiful couples, Saraswati discovered all the similes, but no simile was made, because they all seemed absolutely despised. After losing, she too became enamored as Shri Ramji and kept staring.
Mothers went to the palace after all the sons, including the daughters-in-law, following the method of the Vedas and the family, giving Arghya-toes.
Naturally there were four beautiful thrones, which were made by Cupid himself. Mothers placed princesses and princes on them and washed their sacred feet with reverence.
Then according to the method of Vedas, the worship of Mangal Dulah was worshiped by incense, lamps and naivedya, etc. Mothers are repeatedly doing aarti and beautiful fans and chawars are falling on the ends of the bride and groom.
Many things are going down, all the mothers are embellished with joy as if the yogi has attained the ultimate essence. As if the patient always got the nectar.
It was as if the poor were born. The blind benefited from beautiful eyes. As if in the face of the dumb, as if Saraswati and Viraji and the mighty conquered the war.
Hundreds of times more happiness is being attained by these mothers, because Raghukul’s Moon Shri Ramji got married and came home with brothers.
Mothers do folklore and do dulah and dulahin. Seeing this great joy and humor, Shri Ramchandraji is smiling in his heart.
Knowing all the desires of the mind were fulfilled, worshiped the gods and fathers very well. Worshiping everyone, mothers ask for the boon that Shri Ramji along with brothers should be well received.
Gods are giving hidden blessings (from space) and the mothers are rejoicing and taking the flame. Subsequently, the king summoned the wedding processions and gave them riders, clothes, mani (gems) and jewelery.
Having received the orders, they all went to their respective homes, rejoicing Shri Ramji. The king wore clothes and ornaments to all the men and women of the city. The house started ringing
The King gives them exactly what the petitioners ask for, being pleased with them. The king gratified all the servants and musical instruments with various kinds of donations and honors.
Everyone blesses by singing (Vandan) and singing the story of virtue groups. Then King Dasarathaji along with Guru and Brahmins roamed the palace.
The command was done respectfully by the king according to the method of folk and Vedas, which Vashisthaji gave. Seeing the crowd of Brahmins, knowing their great fortune, all the queens rose up with reverence.
After washing the stage, they bathed everyone and the king worshiped well and made them eat! Confirmed by respect, charity and love, he went on blessing with a satisfied heart.
The king worshiped the son of Vishwamitra in many ways and said – O Nath! There is no one blessed like me. The king praised him very much and received his footsteps along with the queens.
He was given a good place to stay inside the palace, in which the king and all the Raniwas lived in his mind (that is, in which the king and all the queens of the palace could look at their own comfort according to their will) Then the king worshiped and prayed to the feet of Guru Vashistha Of. There was little love in his heart (ie there was a lot of love).
All the princes including the daughters-in-law and the kings including all the queens repeatedly offer obeisance to Guruji’s feet and bless Muneshwar.
The king, with a very loving heart, begged the sons and all the wealth in front (to accept them), but Muniraj (as a priest) only asked for his soul and blessed him in many ways.
Then Guru Vashistha went to his place with joy in keeping Sri Ramachandraji with Sitaji in his heart. The king summoned the women of all Brahmins and dressed them in beautiful clothes and ornaments.
Then now called the Suasinians (the fortunate sisters of the city, the daughter, Bhanji etc.) and, considering their interest (accordingly) gave them the guard. All the Negi people take their own Neg-Jog and give Dasharathaji the head of the kings according to their wishes.
The king honored the guests whom he knew dear and revered. Seeing the marriage of Devgan Shri Raghunathji, praising the festival and showering flowers -॥
Play your drums and get (ultimate) happiness and go to your own realms. They call each other the glory of Shri Ramji. There is no love in the heart.
When all the people were treated with great respect and kindness, Raja Dasarathaji’s heart filled with full enthusiasm (bliss). Where Rannivas was, he came to the place and he saw the Kumars, including the daughters-in-law.When all the people were treated with great respect and kindness, Raja Dasarathaji’s heart filled with full enthusiasm (bliss). Where Rannivas was, he came to the place and he saw the Kumars, including the daughters-in-law.
The king took Anand and sons with him. At that time, who can say that the king was happy? Then, sitting in the dock with love, daughter-in-laws, they rejoiced in the heart again and again, they caressed them (pampering).
Ranivas was pleased to see this Samaj (ceremony). Anand took up residence in everyone’s heart. Then the king said all the way the marriage was done. Everyone is happy to hear him.
The king described the qualities, modesty, importance, manner of love and pleasant property of King Janaka in many ways like Bhat. All the queens were very happy to hear Janakji’s work.
After bathing with sons, the king called Brahmins, Gurus and family members and ate many types of food. (Doing all this) Five hours passed by night.
Beautiful women are singing She became the origin and the delight of the night. Everyone ate a pan and ate flowers and garlanded with flowers, scented liquor etc., and all were covered with beauty.
Seeing Shri Ramachandraji and getting orders, he turned his head and went to his home. There love, joy, humor, importance, time, society and beauty
Hundreds of Saraswati, Shesha, Vedas, Brahma, Mahadevji and Ganesha cannot be said. Then how do I tell him that? Can earthworms also take the earth on their heads?
The king, respecting everyone in all respects, called the queens by saying soft words and said – the daughter-in-law is still a child, the strangers have come home. Keep them in such a way that the eyes keep the eyelids (just as the eyelids protect the eyes in all respects and bring them pleasure, in the same way, they give them pleasure).
Boys are getting tired of sleep, take them to sleep. Saying this, the king, after putting his mind at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji, went to the Vishram Bhavan.
Hearing beautiful words from the king’s own nature (the queens) laid the beds of the gold-studded jewels. (On mattresses) Lay many beautiful white sheets like goin’s foam.
Beautiful pillows cannot be described. The temple of Mani is adorned with flower garlands and fragrance. Lamps of beautiful gems and beautiful Chandoway are not called a beauty. Only the one who has seen them can know.
Thus, by decorating the beautiful beds (mothers), Shri Ram Chandraji was raised and planted on the bed with love. Shri Ramji repeatedly commanded the brothers. Then they too slept on their beds.
Seeing the beautiful and tender eyes of Shri Ramji, all the mothers are saying the word with love – O Tat! In the way, how did you kill the big evil Taraka demon?
How did you kill the evil Marich and Subahu with helpers, the great terrible demons, who were formidable warriors and who counted nothing in the battle?
Hey Tat I take care, with the grace of Muni, God has avoided many of your problems. Both the brothers took care of the yagya and got all the knowledge from Guruji’s offerings.
As soon as the feet got dusty, his wife Ahalya got lost. This fame spread all over the world. You broke the bow of Lord Shiva in the society of kings, even harder than the back, thunderbolt and mountain!
Got the fame and fame of Vishwavijaya and married all the brothers and came home. All your deeds are inhuman (beyond the power of man), which has only been corrected (completed) by the grace of Vishwamitra.
Hey Tat Seeing your moon and face, we were born in the world today. Do not bring the days of Brahma count without seeing you (do not include them in our age).
Shri Ramchandraji satisfied all the mothers by saying good words filled with humility. Then remembering the feet of Shiva, Guru and Brahmins, made the eyes fall asleep. (Ie they are sleeping)॥
Even in his sleep, his very Salona Mukhara was so asleep, as if the red lotus in the evening is sleeping. Women are awakening from house to house and are giving man-to-man abuses (to each other).
The queens say- O Sajni! Look, what is the beauty of the night (today), due to which Ayodhyapuri is getting special beauty! (Saying) Mother-in-law fell asleep with beautiful daughters-in-law, as if snakes have hidden the heads of their heads in their hearts.
Prabhu woke up in the holy Brahma Muhurta in the morning.
The chickens started speaking beautifully. The Bhat and the Magadha sang the virtues and the people of the city came to the door to celebrate.
Brahmins, gods, gurus, fathers and mothers were all blessed and blessed by the worshipers. The mothers looked at their faces with respect. Then they came to the door (outside) with the king.
By nature, the four holy brothers, having retired from all the troubles, bathed in the holy Saryu river and they came to their father in the morning (Sandhya Vandanadi).
Navahparayan, third rest
On seeing the king, he took them to heart. After that, after getting the order, he sat down with joy. After seeing Shri Ramchandraji and this is the only limit for the benefit of the eyes, the whole gathering became cold by guessing it. (That is, all three types of heat are lost forever)
Then came Muni Vashistha and Vishwamitra. The king made them sit on beautiful rugs and worshiped them with sons and set their feet. Both the Guru was enchanted by seeing Shri Ramji.
Vashisthaji is telling the history of religion and listening with Raja Ranivasa, who is also impassable to the minds of the sages, Vashistha ji is very happy to describe Vishwamitra’s actions.
Vamdev ji said – all these things are true. Vishwamitra’s beautiful fame is in all three worlds. Everyone was happy to hear this. There was more enthusiasm (bliss) in Sri Rama-Lakshmana’s heart.
Mangal, bliss and celebration are always, in this way days pass in bliss. Ayodhya was overflowing with joy, the abundance of pleasure is increasing more and more.
Good days (auspicious time), beautiful kankan were opened after researching. Mangal, Anand and Vinod did not diminish (that is, enough). In this way, the deity thrives on seeing new happiness and pleads with Brahmaji to be born in Ayodhya.
Vishwamitra wants to walk (go to his ashram) every day, but Ramachandraji’s affection and humility remain. On seeing the King’s hundredfold sentiment (love) in the days, Mahamuniraja Vishwamitra applauds him.
Finally, when Vishwamitra asked for goodbye, the king fell in love and stood with his sons. (They said-) O Nath! All this wealth is yours. I am your servant with both men and women.
Hey monkey! Always keep affection on boys and keep giving me darshan too. Saying this, King Dasarathaji, with sons and queens, fell at the feet of Vishwamitra, (because of his love), he could not speak.
Brahmin Vishwamitraji gave many blessings and he left. Preeti did not live anywhere. Taking all the brothers together, Shri Ramji returned to them with love and received orders.

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