The return of Bharatji to Ayodhya, the establishment of Paduka by Bharatji, the abode in Nandigram and the glory of Shri Bharatji’s character Shravan

Religious story

The return of Bharatji to Ayodhya, the establishment of Paduka by Bharatji, the abode in Nandigram and the glory of Shri Bharatji’s character Shravan

Lord Shree Ramachandraji, including younger brothers Lakshmanji and Sitaji, are beautifying in Parnakuti as if they are being beautified by wearing disinterest, devotion and knowledge.
Muni, Brahmin, Guru Vashisthaji, Bharatji and Raja Janakji whole society is feared against Shri Ramchandraji. While remembering the virtues of the Lord, all the people are going silently on the way.
(First day) Everybody descended and crossed the Yamunaji. The day passed without any food. The second stage took place after Gangaji descended (in Gangapar Shringverpur). Rama Sakha Nishad Raj managed everything there.
Then Sayi descended and took a bath in Gomti and on the fourth day everyone reached Ayodhya. Janakji stayed in Ayodhyaji for four days and after handling the government and all the furnishings,
And handing over the kingdom to the minister, Guruji and Bharatji, fixing all the equipment and went to Tirhut. Following the education of the men and women of the city, they started living happily in Ayodhya, the capital of Shri Ram.
Everybody started doing rules and fasting to see Shri Ram Chandraji. They are living on the hope of duration after leaving Bhushan and pleasures.
Bharatji tried to explain to the ministers and believers. They all learned and started doing their work. Then he called his younger brother Shatrughanji and gave education and entrusted the service to all the mothers.
Calling the Brahmins, Bharatji bowed his hands and bowed humbly and stoically according to the condition that you will give permission for whatever work is high-low (small-big), good-mind. Do not hesitate
Bharatji then called the family members, citizens and other subjects, settled them and settled them happily. Then along with younger brother Shatrughanji, he went to Guruji’s house and bowed and folded his hands and said –
If I order, I should live as a rule! Muni Vashistha Pulukit body be with love said – O Bharat! Whatever you understand, say and do will be the essence of religion in the world.
Hearing this, Bharata called the astrologers after receiving education and great blessings, and by observing the day (good muhurta), the Lord’s Charanpadukas uninterruptedly enthroned the throne.
Then by placing his head at the feet of Shri Ramji’s mother Kausalyaji and Guruji and obeying the footsteps of the Lord, Dheer Bharati, residing in the Nandigram, made a foliage in Nandigram.
Wearing jaggery on the head and saintly (Valkal) clothes in the body, digging the earth and laying the seat of Kush inside it. In everything, food, clothes, utensils, fasts, rules, they began to practice the difficult religion of the sages with love.
Ornaments and clothes and many kinds of indulgence-pleasures were sacrificed (by pledging) from mind, body and speech. The kingdom of Ayodhya, where Devraj Indra used to live and (where the king) Kubera was also embarrassed after hearing the wealth of Dashrathji.
In the same Ayodhyapuri, Bharatji is staying detached, like a bumblebee in Champa’s garden. Shri Ramachandraji’s lover Bad Bhagabhi leaves Lakshmi’s Vilas (Bhogeshvarya) like vomit (not even looking at him)
Then Bharatji (himself) deserves the love of Shri Ramchandraji. He did not grow up doing this (bhogaishvarya renunciation form) (that is, it is not a big deal for him). (Do not drink water on the earth), with the teat, and with the power of neer-ksheer-vivek, the swan is also appreciated.
Bharatji’s body gets leaner day by day. Tej (fattening * arising from grain, ghee etc.) is decreasing. The force and the mouth (the ear’s ear or charm) remain the same. The vow of Rama love is always new and strong, the party of religion grows and the mind is not sad (that is, happy) ॥1॥
In the Sanskrit corpus, the meaning of ‘Tej’ is fattening and by taking this meaning, there is no need to do any stretching in the meaning of ‘Ghati’.

Bharatji’s pilgrimage water establishment and Chitrakoot tour

As the water decreases with the light (growth) of the autumn, but the cane graces and the lotus develops. Sham, dum, sanyam, niyam and fasting etc. are the constellations (stars) of the pure sky of Bharatji.
Faith is the pole star (in that sky), the fourteen-year period (meditation) is similar to the full moon, and Swami Shri Ramji’s Surti (memory) galaxy is illuminated. Ram Prem is the immovable (perpetual) and faint moon. He is eternally beautiful with his society (constellations).
All narrators are reluctant to describe the living, understanding, doing, devotion, disinterest, serene, virtue and opulence of Bharatji, because there is no access to the rest (Ganesha and Saraswati).
They worship Lord’s footprints daily, there is no love in the heart. They do many types of rule by asking for permission from the Padukas.
The body is pulkit, Sri Sita-Ramji is in the heart. The tongue is chanting the name of Rama, the eyes are filled with water of love. Laxmanji, Shri Ramji and Sitaji reside in the forest, but Bharatji is staying at home and tightening the body through tenacity.
Everyone understands the situation on both sides and says that Bharatji is praiseworthy in all respects. Sadhus and saints have also listened to their fast and rules and Muniraj is also ashamed after seeing their situation.
The ultimate sacred conduct (character) of Bharatji is sweet, beautiful and joyful. One is about to defeat the difficult sins and tribulations of the Kali Yuga. To destroy the glorious night is like the sun.
Sin is the lion for the group elephant. He is going to destroy the team of all the suffering. One who gives joy to the devotees and breaks the weight of the house (sorrow of the world) and is the essence (nectar) of the moon in the form of Shri Rama’s love
If the birth of Bharatji, full of the loveliness of Shri Sitaramji’s nectar, would not have taken place in the minds of the monks, who would conduct difficult fasts like Agama Yama, Niyam, Sham, Dum etc. Who would wipe out the faults of sorrow, sorrow, impoverishment, snobbery etc. on the pretext of his sucess And who would stubbornly chant like Tulsidas in Kalikal in front of Shri Ramji?
Tulsidasji says- Whoever will listen respectfully to the character of Bharatji, they will surely have love at the feet of Shri Sitaramji and the worldly subject will be disinterested by the juice.
Masparayan, twenty-first rest
Iti Srimadramacharitmana from Sakalakalikalusvidhvansane Second: Sopan: Finish:. This second step of Shri Ramcharit Manas, who destroyed the entire sins of Kali Yuga, ended.
(Ayodhyak ended)

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