The story of Bhima and Duryodhana’s struggle and the slaughter of Duryodhana ~ Mahabharata

The story of Bhima and Duryodhana’s struggle and the slaughter of Duryodhana ~ Mahabharata 

The war of Mahabharata was moving towards its end. Apart from Ashwatthama, Kritavarma, Kripacharya and Duryodhana, no other maharathis survived from the Kauravas. (The story of Bhima)

Now Duryodhana remembered Vidur’s teachings given before the war. He fled the battlefield. All Kauravas were killed in the war, only Duryodhana was still alive.

In such a situation, Gandhari opened his eyes and wanted to perform Duryodhana’s body with thunderbolt. Gandhari had received this boon from Lord Shiva that anyone who would see him with his eyes open in nagnavas, his body would become of thunderbolt. That is why Gandhari told Duryodhana that after bathing in the Ganges, he should be present in a naked state in front of him, but due to Shri Krishna’s plan and seduction, the entire body of Duryodhana could not be of Vajra. (The story of Bhima)

When Duryodhana Ganga was coming to appear in front of Gandhari in a naked state after bathing, only then Krishna got him on the way. He told Duryodhana- “Even after getting so big, you will go naked before your mother. Don’t you feel ashamed.”

At this Duryodhana wrapped leaves on his thigh and appeared before Gandhari. When Gandhari opened the bandage with his eyes and saw him, his divine vision could not fall on the thigh, due to which Duryodhana’s thighs could not be thunderbolt. (The story of Bhima)

At the end of the war, Duryodhana entered a lake. He said- “Tell the people on my side that I have entered the lake due to the statelessness.” He hid in the lake and tied his water to Maya. Then Kripacharya, Ashwatthama and Kritavarma went towards that side looking for Duryodhana.

Knowing all the news from Sanjay, he again moved towards the war zone. After getting the battlefield empty, all three again reached the lake and started ordering Duryodhana to fight against the Pandavas. He said that hiding in water is thus cowardice. At the same time, some hunters arrived at the lake to drink water weary from the weight of meat. Incidentally, the Pandavas also came there looking for Duryodhana. (The story of Bhima)

The hunters had heard the conversation of Kripacharya, Ashwatthama, Kritavarma and Duryodhana. He told the Pandavas of hiding in Duryodhana’s lake in the greed of wealth. The Pandavas, along with their soldiers, reached the lake called ‘Dwaipayan’. Ashwatthama Adi understood that he was roaming around in the joy of his victory, so he left Duryodhana there and sat under a banyan tree and started discussing about the future. Duryodhana was not visible from outside, so those people were convinced.

The Pandavas reached there and saw that the water of the lake is stained with Maya and Duryodhana is also safe inside it. Sri Krishna also advised Yudhishthira to use Maya. Yudhishthira etc. defied Duryodhana for cowardice and for war.

Duryodhana said in reply that- “He is not there for fearful life, but wants to rest for some time and does not even have a system of chariots, etc. After the destruction of his fraternity, he does not want to wear deer. The Pandavas should rule the friendly land on earth. ”

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Hearing this statement from Duryodhana’s face, Yudhishthira reprimanded him and said – “Nobody is willing to enjoy your given land. The Kshatriyas do not take any donation. If you are a warrior, come forward and fight, thus hiding where Is heroic. ” Duryodhana was angry by nature. He said that- “He is ready to fight mace with each of the Pandavas. Yudhishthira said to him-” You take the necessary elements for the battle etc. armor. You fight any one Pandava, if you win then you take over your entire kingdom.

Shri Krishna became angry on this. He said to Yudhishthira- “No one among you, apart from Bhima, is able to fight mace with Duryodhana. You have mercifully made a mistake again. Like Dutikrida, give him the opportunity to challenge anyone other than Bhima. Le-what intelligence? ”

Seeing the opportunity, Bhima challenged Duryodhana to battle. The duel of the two started. While doing the pilgrimage, Balarama got the news of the Kuru-massacre from Narada Muni, so he too reached there. Bhima and Duryodhana got involved in a mace-battle. Both had equal pan.

Sri Krishna and Arjuna discussed mutually that Bhima is more powerful and Duryodhana more efficient, so it is very difficult to defeat Duryodhana in the crusade. Bhima had vowed at the insult of Draupadi at the time of Dutikrida that- “I will smash Duryodhana’s two thighs with a mace”. On seeing Bhima, Shri Krishna slit his left thigh. Bhima understood the signs and, changing the maneuver, broke Duryodhana’s thighs with a thump of mace. When he collapsed, Bhima took his mace and crushed his head with the left leg, as well as reminded Duryodhana of the shameful incident of Dutekrida and Cheeraharan.

Yudhishthira prevented Bhima from attacking Duryodhana. He told Bhima that- “Friendless Duryodhana now deserves mercy, not ridicule, for which there is no balance left.” Yudhishthira apologized to Duryodhana and started feeling sad that he would be able to see widow-in-law widows after getting the kingdom.

Balaram gave Duryodhana

When he was defeated by the evil, he turned red-yellow with anger and said- “It is an insult for me to make my disciple fall unjustly. He ran towards Bhimsen with his solution, but Shri Krishna stopped him in the middle and told how Bhima at the time of incision. Had sworn to break her thighs. How the Kauravas deceived the Pandavas from time to time, how Abhimanyu was unjustly killed, etc. It was just vengeance. Balarama was not satisfied and went towards Dwarka.

Hearing Shri Krishna’s legs, Duryodhana chopped off and sat down on the earth and said- “You have killed Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Bhurishrava and me with unrighteousness. I am not saddened by my death. I am according to Kshatriya religion Death is being attained. I will enjoy heaven and you will continue to live mournfully in a fractious state of mind. I do not regret even Bhima’s footsteps, because after some time the crow-house will consume this body. ”

The Pandavas left Duryodhana in the same position and left. Duryodhana kept on yearning. Then coincidentally Sanjay reached there, Duryodhana told all the accounts in front of him, then summoned Ashwatthama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma from the messengers and narrated all the acts. Ashwatthama became angry and took an oath to kill the Pandavas, and thereupon Duryodhana appointed him as the commander-in-chief of the Kauravas. After the three of them left, that night he was suffering.

The three maharatis went to spend the night hiding in the nearby deep forest. They started resting after giving the horses water etc. Kripacharya and Kritavarma fell asleep, Kint Ashwatthama could not sleep. He was resting under a big banyan tree. Ashwatthama saw that an owl made a sudden attack and killed many crows sleeping in tree sockets.

He likewise decided to kill the Pandavas and considered it a divine sign. Kripacharya and Kritavarma, leaving these two maharathis at the gate so that no one could escape, entered Ashwatthama inside the camp of the Pandavas. There Dhrishtadyumna, Uttamoja, Yudhamanyu, Shikhandi, Draupadi’s five sons and all the others who were in the camp were killed by crushing, strangulating them or cutting them with the sword. On breaking the dawn, Ashwatthama reached Duryodhana with the remaining two warriors. Duryodhana gave up his life with satisfaction on hearing the night’s death.

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