The story of Shurpanakha, the passing of Shurpanakha to Kharushan and the slaughter of Khardukhanadi

Religious story

The story of Shurpanakha, the passing of Shurpanakha to Kharushan and the slaughter of Khardukhanadi

There was a sister of Ravana named Shurpanakha, who had a terrible and wicked heart like a serpent. She once went to Panchavati and became distressed (suffering from work) on seeing both the princes.
(Kakbhushundiji says-) O Garuda! (Shurpanakha – monstrous like theology, zero Kamandha) Woman looking at a beautiful man, be it brother, father, son, becomes distressed and cannot stop the mind. Like Suryakantamani is moved by looking at the Sun (melts from the flame).
Taking a beautiful form, going to the Lord and smilingly said the word – there is neither a man like you, nor a woman like me. The Creator has made this coincidence (added) very thoughtfully.
My worthy man (groom) is not in the world, I have seen all the three worlds. That’s why I remained a Kumari (unmarried) till now. Now looking at you, some mind is accepted (kept in mind).
Looking towards Sitaji, Prabhu Shri Ramji said that my younger brother is Kumar. Then she went to Laxmanji. Laxmanji, considering her as the sister of the enemy and looking towards the Lord, said with a soft voice.
Hey beauty Listen, I am their slave. I am subjugated, so you will not have sublime (happiness). Prabhu is capable, he is the king of Kosalpur, whatever he does, he makes everything fit.
The servant wants happiness, beggar wants respect, addict (who is addicted to gambling, alcohol etc.) wants wealth and adulterous auspicious pace, covetous fame, and arrogant four fruits – meaning, religion, work, salvation, all these beings milking the sky Want to take milk (ie want to do the impossible thing possible)
She returned and came to Shri Ramji again, Prabhu again sent her to Laxmanji. Laxmanji said – you will be the only one who will break shame (by pledging) and will abandon (ie, who will be shameless)
She then turned (in a fit of anger) to Shri Ramji and revealed her terrible form. Seeing the fear of Sitaji, Shri Raghunathji gave a hint to Laxman and said.
Laxmanji quickly turned him without nose and ears. As if his hands challenged Ravana!
She became groggy without a nose and ear. (The blood started flowing from his body in this way) as if the stream of ocher was flowing from the (black) mountain. She went to Khar Khushan mourning (and said-) O brother! Damn your masculinity (valor), damn your force.
He asked, then Shurpanakha explained everything. On hearing all the demons prepared an army. The group of demons rushed to the herd. As if the feathers are a flock of mountains of kajal.
They are mounted on many types of riders and are of many sizes (surats). They are inexhaustible and carry a myriad of different weapons. He overtook the nose-ear cut amangalarupini shurpanakha.
Countless horrors are happening, but due to the death of them all of them do not count anything on them. Thunder, shout and fly in the sky. Warriors are very happy seeing the army.

Shri Ram Bharat Dialogue

A terrible army of demons has arrived. With Jankiji, you go to the mountain canopy. Be careful. Hearing the words of Lord Shri Ramchandraji, Laxmanji walked with Sri Sitaji with a bow and arrow in his hand.
Seeing that the army of enemies has come (near), Shri Ramji laughed and offered a hard bow.
How is the Lord adorned by tying a string of coats on his head with a hard bow, like two snakes fighting crores of power on a mountain of Marktamani (Pages). Lord Shri Ramchandraji is looking at the demons with a tight tuck in the waist, bow in the huge arms and correcting the arrow. It is as if the lion is staring at (towards) the group of elephants who are drunk.
Calling ‘Catch-Catch’, the demon warriors came to leave the garden (very fast) and ran (and they surrounded Sri Ramji all around), just as a monster named Mandeh surrounded Balasurya (the rising sun).
(Beauty-Madhuryanidhi) The army of demons got tired on seeing Lord Shri Ramji. They could not shoot arrows at them. Calling the minister, Khar-Dushan said – This prince is a human being.
Of all the snakes, demons, gods, humans and sages, we have seen, won and killed many of them. But hey brothers! Listen, we have never seen such beauty in a lifetime.
Although they have disfigured our sister, yet these unruly men are not capable of slaughter. ‘Give us your hidden woman immediately and both brothers live and return home’
You tell me this statement and come soon after hearing his word (answer). The messengers went and told this message to Shri Ramchandraji. On hearing this, Shri Ramchandraji smiled and said-
We are Kshatriyas, hunting in the forest and roaming around like evil animals. We are not afraid to see strong enemies. (If it comes to fight) Once, we can fight even with time.
Although we are human beings, but we are the destroyer of the monster and the protectors of the sages, we are children, but punishing the wicked. If there is no force, return home. I do not kill anyone who shows back in the battle.
Fraud in the battle and to show favor to the enemy (show mercy) is very heavy. The messengers returned and immediately said all the things, on hearing of which, the heart of corruption started to burn.
(Of weeding) Heart burn. Then they said- get hold (imprison). (Hearing this) The dreadful demon warriors ran with arrows bearing Dhanu, Dhanush, Tomar, Shakti (Song), Shul (Barchi), Kirpan (Katar), Parigha and Farsa. Prabhu Shri Ramji first made a very harsh, terrible and terrible tinker of the bow, on hearing which the demons became deaf and distraught. He did not feel anything at that time.
Then he ran careful after knowing that the enemy was strong and started throwing many kinds of weapons on Shri Ramchandraji.
Shri Raghuveerji cut his weapon like a mole (cut into pieces). Then bow the bow to the ear and release his arrows.
Then the dreaded arrows went like this, as if many snakes were going to hiss. Shri Ramchandraji became enraged in the war and went very sharp arrow
Seeing the very sharp arrows, the demons ran away showing valor back. Then Khar-Dushan and Trisheera all three brothers said indignantly – who would run away from Ran,
Seeing the very sharp arrows, the demons ran away showing valor back. Then Khar-Dushan and Trisheera all three brothers said indignantly – who would run away from Ran,
Seeing the enemy very angry, the Lord shot arrows at the bow and released many arrows, which caused terrible demons to be cut.
His chest, head, arm, arms and legs started falling on the earth. They twinkle like an elephant as soon as an arrow appears. Their torso like a mountain are falling down.
The bodies of warriors are cut into hundreds of pieces. They then rise up after performing maya. Many arms and heads are flying in the sky and the torso is running without head.
The eagle (or crouch), the crow, etc., the birds and the jackal are uttering harsh and fierce cut-cuts.
Jackal cuts, ghosts, ghosts, and vampires are collecting skulls (or filling the tents). Veer-Vaital are giving rhythm to the skulls and yoginis are dancing. The ragged arrows of Shri Raghuveer cut the chest, arms and ends of the warriors in pieces. His torso falls anywhere, then rises and fights and utters a terrible word of ‘catch-hold’.
Gidha fly by holding one end of the entrails and vampires run by holding the other end of it, it seems as if many children of the city of Sangram are flying kites. Many warriors are killed and many are left behind, whose hearts have been shattered, they are groaning. Seeing his army distraught, the warrior and the war-bearers, etc. turned to Shri Ramji.
Countless demons became angry and left arrows, Shakti, Tomar, Farsa, Shul and Saber on Shri Raghuveer at once. In a moment, the Lord cut off the arrows of enemies, daringly released his arrows on them. Kill ten arrows in the hearts of all the demon commanders.
The warriors fall on the earth, then get up and fight. They do not die, they create many types of extreme maya. The gods are afraid to see that the phantom (demon) is fourteen thousand and Ayodhyanath Shri Ramji is alone. Seeing the fear of the gods and sages, Maya’s lord Prabhu made a big prodigy, due to which the army of enemies started seeing each other as Rama and fighting with each other died.
All (‘This is Rama, kill it’ thus) leave the body saying Rama-Rama and attain the post of Nirvana (Moksha). Kripanidhan Shri Ramji took this remedy and killed the enemies in a moment.
The deities cheer up and show off flowers, drowning in the sky. Then they all went on praising and embellished on many planes.
When Shri Raghunathji conquered the enemies in the war and the fears of God, man and muni were destroyed, then Laxmanji brought Sita. The Lord happily picked them up at the feet and planted them in the heart.
Sitaji is watching Shri Ramji’s black and soft body with absolute love, the eyes do not budge. In this way, by settling in Panchavati, Shri Raghunathji started doing characters giving pleasure to gods and sages.

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