The war

The war

The extent of the great force, they started to roar like Shree Ramji ki Jai, ‘Laxmanji ki Jai’, ‘Vanarraj Sugriv ki Jai’ – like a monkey-bear Singh.
There was a huge uproar in Lanka. The extremely egoistic Ravana heard him and said – Look at the vanity of monkeys! He laughed saying that he summoned an army of demons.
Monkeys have come from the inspiration of time. My demons are all hungry. The creator sent them food sitting at home. Saying this, the fool chuckled (he laughed loudly)
(And said- O heroes! Everybody go in all four directions and bear and eat all the bears. (Shiva says-) O Uma! Ravana had such pride as the Titihiri bird sleeps with its feet upwards (as if the sky would hold up).
Demanding and taking the best Bhindipal, Sangi (spear), Tomar, Mudgar, Prachad Fursa, Shul, double-edged sword, Parigha and pieces of mountains, the demons walked away.
Just as foolish carnivorous birds see a group of red stones and break on them, (they don’t feel the pain of breaking the beak);
Wearing a variety of weapons and weapons, crores of powerful and warlike demons climbed on the trunks of Veer Parkote.
How are they adorning the lakes of Parkote, as if a cloud is sitting on the peaks of Sumeru. Juju drums and stings etc. are playing, (whose) hearing makes warriors feel (fighting).
The numberless nafiri and the bheri are ringing, (which) on hearing the cracks cause cracks in their hearts. He went and saw great warrior apes with great body and a group of bears.
(See that) they run badgers and monkeys, nothing counts on the Oughut (low, low) valleys. They catch and break the mountains and make way. Crores of warriors shriek and roar. Lips are bitten by teeth and are very hot.
On the other hand, the cry of Ravana and Sri Ramji is being spoken here. The battle broke out as ‘Jai’ sounded ‘Jai’. Rakshasas piles up mountains of mountains. The apes jump and grab them and run back towards them.
Severe apes and bears take pieces of the mountains and put them on the fort. They pounce and hold the legs of the demons and slam them on the earth and run away and then shout. Very agile and very stunning apes and bears jumped very quickly and climbed the fort and wherever they entered the palaces, started singing the fame of Shri Ramji.
Then, after catching each monster, they ran away apes. Above you and below (demon) warriors – thus they (from the fort) fall on the earth..
The swarm of apes dominated by the majesty of Shri Ramji are marshaling groups of demon warriors. The monkey then climbed the fort wherever and started to speak Shri Raghuvir’s glory like the sun in Pratap.
Herds of demons flee as groups of clouds disperse when a loud wind blows. There was a huge outcry in the city of Lanka. Children, women and patients (due to inability) started crying.
All together started abusing Ravana that while ruling, he called death. When Ravana heard his army being distracted by the ears, then (running away) returning the warriors, he became angry and said-
Whom I will hear with my ears running back from the battle, I will kill myself with a terrible double-edged sword. Ate everything of mine, enjoyed it all the way, and now life in the battlefield became dear!
Hearing Ravana’s fiery (harsh) words, all the heroes got scared and ashamed and returned to battle in anger. Veer has the grace of dying in the battle (in front of the enemy) (while fighting). (Thinking) Then he gave up the greed of life.
Wearing many weapons and weapons, all the valiant started shouting at them. They disturbed all the bears and apes by killing them with the birds and tridents.
(Shiva says-) The monkey started to run away fearfully (panicking due to fear), though O Uma! He will win later. Someone says- where is Angad-Hanuman? Where are Balwan Nal, Neel and Divid?
When Hanumanji heard his team being distraught (frightened), he was at the strong west gate. Meghnad was fighting with him there. That door was not broken, there was a lot of difficulty.
Then Pawanputra Hanumanji got very angry in his mind. Those warriors like Kaal roared loudly and jumped on the fort of Lanka and ran towards Meghnad with the mountain.
The chariot broke, killed the charioteer and kicked Meghnad’s chest. The second charioteer, knowing Meghnad distraught, put him in the chariot, immediately brought him home.
Here Angad heard that Pawanaputra Hanuman had gone to the fort alone, so the bali sons, who rode in the battle, jumped like a monkey and climbed the fort.
Both apes became enraged against enemies in the war. Remembering the brilliance of Shri Ramji in the heart, both of them ran and went to the palace of Ravana and Kosalraj started calling out to Shri Ramji.
They demolished the palace, including the urn. Seeing this, the demon king Ravana got scared. All the women started beating the chest with hands (and started saying-) Now, two procreative apes (together) have come.
Both of them scare him by wandering and shouting the beautiful fame of Shri Ramchandraji. Then, holding the pillars of gold with his hands, he (mutually) said that now the trouble should be started.
They roared and jumped in the middle of the enemy’s army and began to maim him with his heavy arm. You take the news with someone’s kick and someone’s slap (and say that) You do not worship Shri Ramji, take this result.
Crush one by the other (by rubbing) and throw off the ends. They go to the head and fall in front of Ravana and explode as if curd litter is bursting.
The big chiefs (chief generals) who are able to get hold of them, throw their feet and throw them to the Lord. Vibhishanji tells his name and Shri Ramji also gives him his dham (ultimate post).
Those malevolent evil demons who eat the flesh of Brahmins also find the ultimate speed, which Yogis also pray for (but do not find easily). (Shiva says-) O Uma! Shri Ramji is a mine of tender heart and compassion. (They think that) the demons remember me right from the rage.
Knowing this in their heart, they give them the ultimate salvation. Hey Bhavani! Say, who are such kind (and) kind people? Even those who do not listen to such nature of God and do not worship them, they are extremely retarded and utterly destitute.
Shri Ramji said that Angad and Hanuman entered the fort. How the two monkeys adorn (destroy) Lanka, like two temples are churning the sea.
By crushing and crushing the enemy’s army with the help of arms, then seeing the end of the day, both Hanuman and Angad jumped and laboriously exhausted and came to where Lord Ramji was.
They made heads in the feet of the Lord. Shri Raghunath ji was very happy to see the best warriors. Shri Ramji looked at both with kindness, so that he became ashamed and supremely happy.
Knowing that Angad and Hanuman had gone, all the bears and apes returned to Veer. The demons attacked the monkeys, praising Ravana after getting the force of Pradosh (evening).

Then explain Mandodari to Ravana and say the glory of Shri Rama

Seeing the army of demons, the apes returned and the warriors clashed everywhere. Both parties are very strong. The warriors fight with glee, no one gives up.
All the demons are great heroes and extremely black and the monkeys are giant and of many colors. Both parties are strong and are warriors of equal strength. They fight in anger and do sports (show valor).
(Demons and apes seem to be fighting while fighting) as if many clouds are fighting in the rain and autumn respectively, inspired by the wind. These commanders, unaware of the suddenness and excesses, made Maya look disheartened.
It became very dark in a moment. The rain of blood, stones and ashes started coming.
Seeing extremely dense darkness in ten directions, the army of apes caused a panic. One cannot see one (another) and all are calling everywhere.
Shri Raghunathji came to know all the secrets. He summoned Angad and Hanuman and explained all the news. On hearing this, both of them ran in anger.
Then kindly Shri Ramji laughed and bow and immediately started a fire, which became light, there was no darkness. Such as the rise of knowledge (all kinds of) doubts disappear.
Bear and apes rushed to light, devoid of labor and fear and happy. Hanuman and Angad roared. Hearing his cry, the monster escaped.
The fleeing demons kill the warriors by holding apes and bears on the earth and do amazing (astonishing) (showing battle skills). They hold the feet and put them into the sea. There, however, snakes and mosquitoes catch them and eat them.

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