The worship of Valmiki, Vedas, Brahma, Devas, Shiva, Parvati etc.

The worship of Valmiki


I worship the feet lotus of Valmiki Muni, who composed the Ramayana, which, despite being Khar (demon), is very soft and beautiful (as opposed to Khar (harsh)) and which is in harmony with Khushan (demon) There is also corruption, which is free from defects.

I praise the four Vedas, which are like a ship for crossing the ocean of the world and which do not feel sorry (tiredness) even in the dream describing the pure fame of Shri Raghunathji.

I praise the feet of Brahmaji, who created Bhavnagar, from where on the one side came out the orange nectar, the moon and Kamadhenu, and on the other side, the venom and liquor of evil man were produced.

Devatas, Brahmins, Pandits, planets – all of them worship their feet and fold their hands and say that you will be happy and fulfill all my beautiful wishes.

Then I worship Saraswati and Devanadi Gangaji. Both are pure and beautiful characters. One (Gangaji) defeats sins by bathing and drinking water, and the other (Saraswatiji) destroys ignorance by saying and listening to virtues and fame.

I bow to Shri Mahesh and Parvati, who are my gurus and parents, who are the recipients of Deenabandhu and continual charity, who are the servants, masters, and Sakha’s of Sitapati Sri Ramachandraji and I am Tupidas in all kinds of truthless (true) Those who are interested

The Shiva-Parvati, who saw Kali Yuga, created the Shabar Mantra group for the benefit of the world, the mantras whose letters are incompatible, which have neither proper meaning nor chanting, however, from the glory of Shri Shivji The effect is obvious॥

Raamaroop se jeevamaatr kee vandana

That Umapati Shivji will please me (Shri Ramji) to make this story the origin (originator) of joy and Mars. In this way.

So after remembering both Parvatiji and Shiva.

receiving their offerings because I describe Sri Ramcharitra with a warm heart.

My poem will be adorned with the grace of Shri Shivji.

as the night adorns the moon with the stars.

who will listen to this story with love and caution?

So they will be free from the sins of the Kaliyuga and beautiful welfare. By participating.

you will become the lover of the feet of Shri Ramchandraji.

If Mr. Shivji and Parvati Ji are really happy in the dream.

then the effect of this language poem, which I have said, is all true.

Shri Ramcharitmanas Balkand know in detail

Avoid ideological poison, be successful.

Think and be rich

Shree Durga Saptashati Pathan

success for important point.

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