Mandodari to Ravana

Then explain Mandodari to Ravana and say the glory of Shri Rama

Religious story

Then explain Mandodari to Ravana and say the glory of Shri Rama

Go to your respective homes and sleep (there is nothing to fear), then all the people nodded and went home. Ever since Karnaful fell on the earth, the mind of Mandodari settled in his heart.

Filling water in her eyes, she folded her hands and started saying (to Ravana) – O Prannath! Listen to my request Hey dear Leave the protest against Shri Ram. Knowing them as human beings, do not be obstinate in mind.
Trust these words of mine that Shri Ramachandraji, the head of Raghu Kul, is the world form (this whole world is his form). The Vedas imagine the people in their parts.
Patala (the world form of God) is the stage, Brahma is the Loka head, rest (position) of the other (everything in between) realms which are on other different organs. Those who have terrible periods are moving (eyebrows). The sun is the eye, the cluster of clouds is the hair.

Shri Ramji walks with the army of monkeys to reach the beach.

Ashwini Kumar who has a nose, night and day who has immense nimesh (blinking and opening). All ten directions are ears, the Vedas say so. The air is breathing and the Vedas have their own voice.
Those who have greed, Yamraj are terrible teeth. Maya is laughter, arms are arms. Agni is the mouth, Varuna is the tongue. Origin, observance and holocaust, which have an attempt
There are eighteen types of myriad flora, which are romans, mountains are bones, rivers are a network of nerves, the sea is stomach and hell has the senses below. In this way, the Lord is cosmopolitan, what should be done more imagination?
Shiva has arrogance, Brahma is wisdom, Moon is mind and great (Vishnu) is the mind. Lord Shri Ramji has resided in the same form as human beings.
O Pranpati, listen to this and leave the hatred of the Lord and love at the feet of Shri Raghuveer, so that my honey will not be lost
Ravana laughed (and said-) Ahh! The glory of attachment (ignorance) is very powerful. All true nature of a woman says that there are always eight demerits in her heart.
Courage, lies, fickleness, maya (deceit), fear (cowardice) indiscretion (foolishness), defilement and cruelty. You sang the overall form of the enemy and told me his great fear.
Hey honey All that (this pastoral world) is under my control. By your grace I understand it now. Hey honey I know your cleverness. You are thus declaring my sovereignty (on this pretext).
Hey Mrignayani! Your words are very deep (mystical), they give pleasure on understanding and release fear from listening. Mandodari decided in the mind that her husband has hallucinations.
Thus (ignorantly) Ravana got humiliated while doing a lot of humor. Then by nature, fearless and arrogant, went to the blind Lanapati assembly.
Even though clouds rain water like nectar, the bets do not thrive. Similarly, even if knowledgeable gurus like Brahma are found, there is no Chet (knowledge) in the heart of a fool.

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