Third step Jayant’s notoriety and fruit yield

Third step Jayant’s notoriety –The origin of the tree of righteousness, the full moon that gives happiness to the ocean of wisdom, the (developing) lotus-like sun of disillusionment, surely eradicating the dark darkness of sin, defeating all the three temperatures, disintegrating the group of clouds of love. In the method of differentiation (Kriya), I worship the wind form emanating from the sky, the descendants (self-immolation) of Brahmaji and the sage, Shankaraji, beloved of Maharaja Shri Ramchandraji.

Whose body is as beautiful (Shyamvarna) and Anandaghan like watery clouds, who are wearing beautiful (Valkal) yellow clothes, having arrows and bows in their hands, the waist is adorned with the weight of good tarkas, has huge eyes like lotus and I have worn jatoots on the forehead, I pray to Shri Ramchandraji, who enjoys walking in the path including those very beautiful Shri Sitaji and Lakshmanji.
Hey Parvati! The qualities of Shri Ramji are esoteric, Pandits and sages attain disinterest by considering them, but those who are alienated from God and who do not have love in religion, they get fascination with Mahamudh (hearing them).
I sang the unmatched and beautiful love of the ancestors and of Bharatji according to my wisdom. Now listen to the very holy character of Lord Shri Ramchandraji, who feeds the hearts of gods, humans and sages, whom they are doing in the forest.
Jayant’s notoriety and fruit yield

Once, by choosing beautiful flowers, Shri Ramji made his ornaments with his own hands and while sitting on the beautiful rhinestone rock, the Lord reverently wore those jewels to Shri Sitaji.

Devraj wants to see the power of Shri Raghunathji by taking the form of Indra, the foolish son of Indra. Just like the great retarded ant wants to fathom the sea.

The raven, who was made up of foolish, retarded reason (to test the power of God), ran at the feet of Sitaji with a beak. When the blood flowed, then Shri Raghunathji came to know and pinned the bow (reed) on the bow.

Shri Raghunathji, who is very kind and always loves the poor, has been tricked by the foolish Jayant in the house of those qualities.

Inspired by the mantra, he ran Brahmaban. The crow ran away in fear. He took his real form and went to father Indra, but Indra did not keep him as he was opposed to Shri Ramji.

Then he became frustrated, fear arose in his mind, just as Durvasa Rishi was afraid of the cycle. He was exhausted in all the realms of Brahmalok, Shivalok, etc. and ran away from fear and grief.

(But kept away) No one asked him to sit down. Who can keep Shri Ramji’s malevolent? (Kakbhushundiji says-) Garuda! Listen, for him mother becomes like death, father like Yamraj and nectar becomes like poison.

A friend starts committing hundreds of enemies. Devanadi Gangaji becomes a Vaitarni (river of Yampuri) for him. Hey brother! Listen, the one who turns against Shri Raghunathji, the whole world becomes hotter (burning) for him than fire.

When Naradji saw Jayant distraught, he felt pity, because the mind of saints is very soft. They immediately sent him (explaining) to Shri Ramji. He (go) called out and said – O refugee benefactor! Protect me

Terrified and frightened Jayant went and grabbed the feet of Shri Ram (and said-) O merciful Raghunathji! Protect, protect I could not know about your incredible power and your incredible power (power).

I have received the fruit resulting from my karma. Now Lord! Protect me I have come to your shelter. (Shiva says-) O Parvati! The compassionate Shri Raghunathji, hearing his utmost arti (sorrowful) speech, left him with an eye.

He had a seduction, so although his slaughter was justified, the Lord kindly released him. Who will be as kind as Shri Ramji?

Are like (dear) to nectar. Then (after some time) Shri Ramji made such a guess in my mind that I have come to know everyone, because of this (here) a huge crowd will come.

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