This particular type of wine came out of the churning of the sea

Churning of the sea –The gods of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh also created Leela to expand the earth and create a variety of life on it, and they used the power of Dev and his brother Asuras to churn the ocean. From this Samudra Manthan one of the most precious gems came out, but there were 14 types of gems in them. Like first came out Halahal venom, Kemdhenu, Uchhaisharava horse, Kaustubha Mani, Kalpavriksha, Apsara Rambha, Lakshmi, Moon, Parijat tree, conch, Dhanvantari Vaidya, and Amrit, but one more thing came out and that was special liquor. Let’s know about it briefly.

Varuni (wines):

1. It is said that from the churning of the sea, a wine named Varuni was born. Due to its origin in water, he was called Varuni. Varuna means water.

2. There is a god named Varuna, who was on the side of the Asuras. Varun’s wife is also called Varuni. It is said that it was revered as the goddess of liqueur originating from the sea and became Varuni’s wife Varuni. When the sea was churned, Varuni Devi appeared as Kamalnayani Kanya. It is said that Varuni Devi, who had a sura, appeared from the sea. After the permission of God, these were handed over to the Asuras.

3. It is also said that wines made from the fruits of Kadamba are called Varuni. Some people consider wines made from palate or dates are Waruni. They are also considered to be trees grown from the sea.

4. According to Charaksamhita, Varuni has been described as a type of alcohol and it is used as a medicine for the treatment of tuberculosis.

5. There is also a festival called Varuni and an astronomical yoga called Varuni.

6. It is noteworthy that the deity used to drink alcohol and Asura was drunk. It is said that the heart-strengthening ()lāsamī) pramudit (ullasamayi) varuni (drink) received by the suras is why it is called sura. Significantly, the deity Somaras also drank, which used to be syrup, not alcohol.

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