To recite Sugriva, pledge of slaughter, Friendship of Shri Ramji

To recite Sugriva, pledge of slaughter, Friendship of Shri Ramji

Then Hanumanji narrated all the stories on both sides, giving Agni a witness and strengthened the love (that is, by witnessing Agni, she made his friendship affirmatively).
Both loved (from the heart), nothing was different. Then Laxmanji told the whole history of Shri Ramchandraji. Sugriva filled his eyes with water and said – O Nath! Mithileshkumari Janaki ji will be found.
I was once sitting here with the ministers Thinking about something. Then I saw Sitaji going through the sky in a very mourning situation under the control of an enemy.
To recite Sugriva


Meetup of of shri ram and Sugeiva (To recite Sugriva)

Seeing us, he said ‘Ram! RAM! Yes Ram! He had dropped the clothes after calling. Shri Ramji asked for it, then Sugriva immediately gave it. Ramchandraji thought a lot by putting clothes on his heart.
Sugriva said- O Raghuvir! Listen. Stop thinking and be patient. I will serve you in every way, by which means Janaki ji will come and meet you.
The sea of grace and the extent of the force Shri Ramji Sakha was pleased to hear the words of Sugriva. (And said- O Sugriv! Tell me, why do you live in the forest?

What they do After recognizing the Lord Hanumanji (To recite Sugriva)

After recognizing the Lord, Hanumanji held his feet and fell on the earth (he bowed down to the prostration). (Shiva says-) O Parvati! That happiness cannot be described. The body is pulsed, the word does not come out of the mouth. They are watching the creation of the beautiful dress of God!
He called at the city gate at midnight (defiant). Bali could not bear the enemy’s force (defiance). He ran, looking at her and ran elusive. I also went with my brother.
He entered into a mountain cave cave. Then Bali explained to me and said – You see my weight for a fortnight (fifteen days). If I do not come in those days, then know that I was killed.
Hey Khari! I stayed there for a month. There came a huge stream of blood (from that cave). Then (I understood that) he killed Bali, now he will come and kill me, so I ran there (at the entrance of the cave) with a rock.
The ministers forcibly saw the city without Swami (the king), so he gave me the kingdom. Bali came home after killing him. Seeing me (on the throne), he increased the distinction (considered too much opposition). (He understood that it was due to the greed of the state that the stone was laid at the entrance of the cave, so that I could not come out and came here and became the king).
He hit me very much like an enemy and snatched away my everything and my woman. Hey gracious Raghuveer! I wandered through all the worlds fearing him.
Even if he does not come here because of the curse, I remain afraid in my mind. Hearing the grief of the servant, both the huge arms of Shri Raghunathji, who had pity on the poor, burst.

Plan of Shri Ram and Sugriva (To recite Sugriva)

(He said-) O Sugriva! Listen, I will kill Bali with one arrow. Even if he goes to the shelter of Brahma and Rudra, his life will not be saved.
Those who are not saddened by the misery of a friend, only to see them commit a great sin. Like the sorrow like your mountain, like the dust, and the sorrow like the dust of a friend, like the Sumeru (big heavy mountain).
Those who do not have such intelligence by nature, why do fools stubbornly befriend someone? Friend’s religion is to stop the friend from bad path and lead him on good path. Reveal its qualities and hide the defects.
Do not doubt in giving and taking. Always do good interests according to his force. In times of calamity, always have a hundredfold affection. The Vedas say that these are the qualities (traits) of a saint (superior) friend.
He who makes a soft word in front and commits evil behind his back and has a crooked mind – O brother! (In this way), whose mind is crooked like a snake’s pace, it is better to abandon such a friend
Stupid servants, miserly kings, kulata women and hypocritical friends – these are the ones who suffer like four prongs. Hey friend! Now you leave worry on my strength. I will help you in all ways (help you).
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