Udyog Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Udyog Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories  Industry festival Mahabharata

Udyog Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories –The gathering of Sri Krishna, Balarama, Satyaki from the Pandava side at the assembly of Virat at Udyog Parva and the Pandavas being armed with the help of Drupada for war, preparation for war of the Kauravas, going to the assembly of La Kauravas, priest of Drupada, and message, Dhritarashtra sending message to Sanjay of Pandavas, Sanjay’s conversation with Yudhishthira, Dhritarashtra’s conversation with Vidur, Sanatsujat’s sermon to Dhritarashtra, Sanjay returning to Dhritarashtra’s message and statement of Pandavas, description of Yudhishthira’s army, Sanjay By explaining Dhritarashtra to Dhritarashtra and by Dhritarashtra, consulting the Pandavas and going to the Kauravas by taking a peace offer by Krishna, conspiring to arrest Sri Krishna by Duryodhana, Garudagalavasavad, Vidulopakyan, counseling of punished Kauravas by the returning Srikandas And the establishment of the military camp by the Kauravas and the selection of generals, going to the Pandav-sabha with message from Duryodhana’s messenger Uluq, describing the armies of both sides, Ambopakhyan, Bhishma-Parashuram’s war etc. It is described.

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The Pandavas ended their exile. He was ready to avenge his insults to the Kauravas. A number of kings attended the marriage of Abhimanyu and Uttara. At the behest of Shri Krishna, a meeting of all the kings invited to the court of Virat was called, Shri Krishna told the story of the injustice of the Kauravas to everyone and asked whether the Pandavas should try to achieve their kingdom or suffer the atrocities of the Kauravas. Maharaj Drupada supported the Pandavas while Balarama opposed them. With everyone’s consent, it was decided to send messengers to Duryodhana.

War preparations

The Pandavas started preparing for war. They camped near Kurukshetra with Panchal and Virat Sena. The Kauravas came to know of this and they also started sending invitations to various kings to do them favors. Duryodhana and Arjuna went themselves to do the Yadavas in their favor. When both of them reached Sri Krishna’s bedroom, they were asleep. Arjuna sat on his feet and Duryodhana on his head. With eyes open, Krishna first saw Arjuna and later Duryodhana. He gave his Narayani army to Duryodhana and promised to stay with Arjuna himself and also vowed not to take up arms in battle. Pandava’s maternal uncle went to help the Pandavas. On the way, Duryodhana arranged for his reception, upon seeing the surgery, he was very happy and Duryodhana took him in his favor in return. In Kurukshetra, he told the Pandavas that they had committed to living with the Kauravas. Yudhishthira prayed surgically that if he became the charioteer of Karna, he would always discourage him. Surgery accepted this prayer.

Duryodhana sent a messenger who brought a peace proposal, saying that he was not ready to give even land equal to the point of the needle without war. On the advice of Yudhishthira, Shri Krishna again took a peace proposal to Duryodhana that the Pandavas would be satisfied with only five villages.

Peacekeeper Sri Krishna

Preparations started to welcome Shri Krishna in Hastinapur. Duryodhana planned to bind and imprison Krishna. Sri Krishna spoke of the treaty in the assembly. Dhritarashtra was in favor of the treaty but did not consider Duryodhana. He started giving orders to bind Sri Krishna, but Bhishma became very angry. Duryodhana said that Krishna is not doing the work of a messenger but favoring the Pandavas. My father was Dhritarashtra, the real officer of the state, but being blind he handed over the kingdom to Pandu. But I am not a blind son of Dhritarashtra, so I am the heir of the state. The Pandavas are preparing for the fight, we are only in defense. Karna, Dushasana and Shakuni, etc. supported the talk of Duryodhana. Krishna said that if he gives only five villages to the Pandavas, war can be averted. But Duryodhana did not agree to this either. Shri Krishna walked out of the assembly, rebuking Duryodhana.

Kunti-Karna Dialogue

At the behest of Shri Krishna, mother Kunti went to meet Karna and told the whole story of his birth. Kunti pleaded with Karna not to fight with her brothers, but Karna did not agree. He told Kunti that I would only fight Arjuna with full power. Even if either of us dies, your five sons will remain. War preparations started from both sides.

Determination of war

At night, Duryodhana, talking to his friends, made Bhishma the commander of the Kaurava army. On this, Karna vowed that I would not take arms while living on the battlefield of Bhishma. Bhishma accepted the post of commander but clarified that I will not kill the Pandavas, but will continue to kill the Pandava army. At this time Lord Ved Vyasa came to meet Dhritarashtra. Dhritarashtra expressed a desire to hear the valor of the heroes. Vyas gave divine vision to Sanjay and told Dhritarashtra that he would be able to know all the news of the war while sitting here.

There are 10 (sub) festivals under the industry festival and it has a total of 196 chapters. The names of these 10 (sub) festivals are-

Seenog festival
Sanjayan Parv,
Prachar Parva,
Satsujat festival,
Yansandhi festival,
Bhagavad-yan festival,
Military festival
Gourd festival
Ratathiratha number festival,
Ambo Poetry festival

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