Vashistha Bharat Dialogue, Preparing to go to Chitrakoot to bring Shri Ramji

Vashistha Bharat Dialogue, Preparing to go to Chitrakoot to bring Shri Ramji-(Vasisthaji said-), O Tat! Be patient in your heart and do the work you have the opportunity to do today. Hearing Guruji’s words, Bharatji got up and asked him to do all the preparations.

By the method described in the Vedas, the body of the king was bathed and the ultimate bizarre plane was made. Bharatji kept all the mothers on hold (that is, by praying, they prevented them from becoming sati). Even those queens (of Shri Rama) were left with the desire of philosophy.
Many kinds of fragrance (camphor, guggul, saffron etc.) of sandalwood and agar and many other types of fragrances were burdened. A beautiful pyre was built on the banks of Saryuji, (which seemed to be) as if it were a beautiful stairway to heaven.
In this way, all dah kriya was done and everyone duly bathed and paid attention. Then after deciding the Vedas, Smriti and Puranas, Bharatji performed the Dasathgatra Vidhan (ten days’ act) of his father according to him.
Whereupon the commander, the great sage Vashistha, did Bharatji in thousands of ways. When purified (methodically) all donated. Many types of rides like cows and horses, elephants etc.
The throne, jewels, clothes, grain, earth, money and houses were given by Bharatji, Bhudev Brahmin got the full work by receiving donations (that is, all his wishes were fulfilled well).
The way Bharatji did for his father, he cannot be described even with millions of faces. Then, after researching auspicious day, the best sage Vashisthaji came and called the ministers and all the great men.
Everyone went to the Raj Sabha and sat down. Then the sage summoned both the brothers Bharati and Shatrughnaji. Vashistha seated Bharatji with himself and uttered words full of policy and religion.
Earlier Kaikeyi did the untruth, the best sage told that story. Then he praised the religion and truth of the king, who sacrificed his body to love.
While describing the qualities, modesty, and nature of Shri Ramchandraji, water-filled the eyes of Muniraj and he was pulsed from the body. Then, while praising the love of Lakshmanji and Sitaji, the learned sage became engrossed in grief and affection.
Muninath shouted (sadly) said- O Bharata! Listen, the future (promising) is very powerful. Loss-profit, life-death, and fame and waste are all hands of the creator.
Thinking whom to blame? And who should be angry in vain? Hey Tat Think in your mind King Dasharatha is not capable of thinking.
One should think of a Brahmin who does not know the Vedas and who abandons his religion and indulges in the subject matter. Think of a king who does not know the policy and who is not as beloved as the subjects.
One should think of the Vaishya who is stingy despite being rich and who is not skilled in hospitality and devotion to Shiva. Think of the Shudra, who is insulting the Brahmins, very talkative, respectable, and boastful of knowledge.
Again, think of a woman who is deceitful, devious, sarcastic and willing to give up her husband. Think of the Brahmachari, who gives up his celibacy fast and does not walk as per Guru’s command.
One should think of the householder, who abandons the path of envy, should think of a monk who is trapped in the great world and inferior to knowledge.
Vanaprastha is capable of thinking the one who enjoys austerity and enjoys it. Thinking should be done by someone who is chewing, who is angry without reason and is opposed to mother, father, guru and brothers.
He should think in every way, he who destroys others, nourishes his own body and is very cruel, and he is capable of thinking in every way, who is not a devotee of Hari except deceit.
Kosalraj Dashrathji is not worthy of thinking, whose influence is manifested in fourteen worlds. Hey Bharata! There is no king like your father, neither is there nor is it going to happen now.
Habrahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Indra and Dikpal all tell stories of the qualities of Dashrathji.
Hey Tat Say, how will anyone praise them, who have holy sons like Shri Ram, Lakshmana, you and Shatrughna?
The king was very big in all respects. It is pointless for them to suffer. Hearing and understanding, give up thinking and obey the king and do it accordingly.
The king has given you the royal post. You should make the word of the Father true, who gave up Shri Ramchandraji for the promise and sacrificed his body in the fire of Ramvirah.
The king loved the words, his life was not dear, therefore, O Tat! Proof (truth) the words of the father! Obey the king with obeisance, it is good for you all the way.
Parshuramji obeyed the father and killed the mother, all the people are witness to this fact. The son of King Yayati gave his youth to the father. By obeying the Father, they did not commit sin and waste.
Those who leave the idea of unfair and proper and follow the words of the father, they (here) deserve happiness and Suyyash and finally reside in Indrapuri (heaven).
Please make the king’s word come true. Abandon mourning and follow the subjects. By doing this, the king in heaven will find satisfaction and you will get virtue and beautiful fame, you will not feel guilty.
It is famous in the Veda and (Smriti-Puranadi) is agreed by all the scriptures that the father who gives it gets the royalty, so you rule, renounce guilt. Consider my word as an interest
Hearing this, Shri Ramchandraji and Janaki ji will get happiness and no pundit will call it unfair. Kausalyaji, etc. All your mothers will also be happy with the happiness of the people.
He who knows the best relation between you and Shri Ramchandraji, will consider you well in all ways. When Shri Ramachandraji returns, hand over the kingdom to him and serve him with beautiful affection.
The minister is folding his hands and saying – must obey Guruji’s command. If it is appropriate when Shri Raghunathji returns, then do the same again.
Kausalyaji is also patient and saying – O son! Guruji’s permission is a form of diet. He should be respected and respected and followed. Knowing the speed of Kaal, one should give up sorrow.
Shri Raghunathji is in the forest, Maharaj went to rule the heavens and O Tat! You are being cut like this. Hey son You are the support of family, subjects, ministers and all mothers.
Seeing the Creator unfavorable and time hardened, be patient, Mother is your sacrifice. Work according to the Guru’s command and behead him, and obey the subjects and defeat the grief of the family.
Bharatji heard the words of the Guru and the adhinandana (approval) of the ministers, who were as if like sandalwood for his heart. Then he heard the soft voice of Mother Kausalya, soaked in the juice of modesty, affection and simplicity.
Bharatji was distraught over hearing the voice of mother soaked in the juice of simplicity. His eyes began to water the lotus water (tears) and irrigated the new sprout as opposed to the heart. (The tears of the eyes greatly aggravated their separation and distress.) Seeing his condition, everyone forgot about his body at that time. Tulsidas ji says – the extent of natural love, everyone started respecting Shri Bharatji.
Bharatji, who holds the axis of patience, with patience, folding his hands like a lotus, immersing the words in the nectar, and giving them a proper answer -॥
Guruji gave me a beautiful sermon. (Then) everybody, minister, etc. are all agreed. Mother has given the order only after considering it appropriate and I also want to do the same with her head.
(Because) listening to the voice of Guru, Father, Mother, Swami and Suhrid (friend) with a happy heart, it should be considered as good. Thinking of the right and wrong leads to religion and bears the burden of sin on the head.
You are giving me the same simple education, which is good for me. Although I understand this very well, yet my heart is not satisfied.
Now you guys listen to my request and teach me according to my ability. I am answering, excuse this crime. Sage men do not count the faults of a grieving man.
Father is in heaven, Shri Sitaramji is in the forest and I am asking you to rule. Do you understand my welfare in this or do you have some big work (hope to happen)?
My welfare is in the chariot of Sitapati Shri Ramji, so he was taken away by the crookedness of his mother. I have guessed in my mind that it is not my welfare by any other measure.
In what count is this community of mourning without seeing the feet of the state Lakshmana, Sri Ramachandraji and Sitaji (what is its value)? Like, the burden of jewelry without clothes is meaningless. Brahmavichara is meaningless without disinterest.
Many types of enjoyment are useless for the patient body. Chanting and yoga are meaningless without devotion to Sri Hari. A beautiful body is meaningless without a living being; similarly, without Sri Raghunathji everything is meaningless.
Allow me, I go to Shri Ramji! The same data (of course) is in my interest. And by making me a king, you want your good, you are saying this only because of the inertia (love) of affection.
The sons of Kaikeyi, crooked mind, Ramvimukh and shameless I want happiness only from the state of infatuation with me.
I tell the truth, you all hear and believe, only the religious should be the king. As soon as you stubbornly give me the kingdom, the earth will be sunk in hell.
Who will be the home of sins like mine, due to which Sitaaji and Shri Ramji are exiled? The king gave the forest to Shri Ramji and as soon as he was separated, he himself went to heaven.
Who will be the home of sins like mine, due to which Sitaaji and Shri Ramji are exiled? The king gave the forest to Shri Ramji and as soon as he was separated, he himself went to heaven.
(This is the reason why this life) The holy subject of Sri Rama is not enamored of the rasa. They are hungry for greedy land and enjoyments. How far should I say the hardness of my heart? Who has also praised the thunderbolt
Due to the fact that work is difficult, I am not at fault in it. Thunderbolt and iron from stone are terrible and hard.
These Palmer souls who love the body born of Kaikeyi are completely (unfortunate) unfortunate. When I am feeling dear to my love, I will see and hear more now.
He gave forest to Laxman, Shri Ramji and Sitaji, sent heaven to the welfare of the husband, took widowhood and wasting himself, gave grief and sorrow to the subjects.
And gave me happiness, beautiful fame and good state! Kaikeyi made everyone’s work! What would be better for me now? Even then, you ask me to give you royalty!
It is not unfair for me to take birth in the world from Kaikeyi’s stomach. The creator has made all my point. (Then) why are Praja and Panch (you) helping him?
If someone who suffers a disease (or who is a vampire), then who suffers from viral disease and bites a scorpion again, if he is given alcohol, then what kind of treatment is this?
All of you are also asking me to make a comment. The king’s command is good for all. How do I answer to whom? Whatever you are interested in, people will say the same happily.Leave me, including my Kumata Kaikeyi, and who will say that this work was done well? Who else is there except me in the root-conscious world, whom Sita-Ramji is not as loving as life?
Everyone is seeing a huge gain in the ultimate loss. I have a bad day with no one to blame. Everything you say is right, because you are under the control of doubt, modesty and love.
Mother of Shri Ramchandraji is very simple-hearted and has special love for me, so seeing my humility, she is saying this with natural affection.
Guruji is a sea of knowledge, the whole world knows this, for which the world is like a plum placed on the palm, they are also preparing for me the coronation. True, everyone becomes the opposite when the opposite is done to the Creator
Barring Sri Ramachandraji and Sitaji, no one in the world will say that I have no consent in this disaster. I will listen to him soothingly and suffer, because where there is water, there is mud in the end.
I am not afraid that the world will call me bad, nor do I think of the hereafter. In my heart, there is only one sad claim that Shri Sita-Ramji is sad because of me.
The best benefit of life was found by Laxman, who refined everything and set his mind at the feet of Shri Ramji. I was born for the exile of Shri Ramji. What do I regret the unfortunate lies?
I bow down to everyone and say that I am my daruna. Without seeing the feet of Shri Raghunathji, my brother will not be jealous.
I do not think of any other solution. Who can know my heart without Shri Ram? The only data in mind (definitely) is that in the morning I will go to Shri Ramji.
Although I am bad and I am a criminal and because of me all this fuss has happened, however, seeing Shri Ramji coming in front of me, I will forgive all my crimes and will give me special kindness.
Shri Raghunathji is home to modesty, inhibitions, very simple nature, kindness and affection. Shri Ramji never even forbade the enemy. Although I am sinful, but I am their child and slave.
You five (all) people also consider my welfare in this and give orders and blessings with beautiful voice, in which Shri Ramchandraji, after hearing my plea and knowing me as his servant, should return to the capital
Although I was born to Kumata and I am also evil and perpetually guilty, I am confident of Shri Ramji that he will not abandon me as his own.
Everyone felt the words of Bharatji. It was as if they were trapped in the beloved nectar of Shri Ramji. Everyone was ablaze with the horrific venom in the form of Shri Ram Viyog. As if he woke up as soon as he heard the mantra with the seeds.
Mothers, ministers, gurus, men and women of the city all became very distraught due to affection. All of them say appreciatively to Bharatji, that your body is an image of Shri Ramprem.
Hey Tat Bharat! Why don’t you say that. Shri Ramji is as dear to you as life. Who will doubt you with your foolishness about your mother Kaikeyi’s wickedness.
He will live in the house of hell for a hundred kalpas, including evil crores of ancestors. It does not accept the sin and demerit of a snake, but it takes away the poison and consumes sorrow and poverty.
Hey Bharatji! Go to the forest, where Shri Ramji is, you have given very good advice. You (big) supported all the people drowning in the mourning sea.
There was no less joy in everyone’s mind (that is, a lot of fun)! As if the chattak and peacock are rejoicing over the roaring of the clouds. (On the second day) seeing the beautiful decision of walking in the morning, Bharatji became famous to everyone.
After offering obeisance to the sage Vashistha and leading Bharatji, everyone left and went to their respective homes. Bharati’s life is blessed in the world, thus saying that he appreciates his modesty and affection.
So They say to each other, great work was done. Everyone started preparing for the walk. Whosoever stays for guarding the house, keeps it saying, he thinks that my neck was killed.
Some say – do not tell anyone to live, who does not want the benefit of life in the world?

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