Vibhishan’s departure and asylum for Lord Shri Ramji’s asylum

Vibhishan’s departure and asylum for Lord Shri Ramji’s asylum

Shri Ramji is the true Sankalp (and all-encompassing) Lord and (O Ravana) is the possession of your assembly period. Therefore, I now go to the shelter of Shri Raghuveer, do not blame me.

As soon as Vibhishanji went on saying this, all the demons became ageless. (He died). (Shiva says-) O Bhavani! The insult of the monk immediately kills (destroys) the overall welfare.
The moment Ravana renounced Vibhishana, the moment he became inferior to the unfortunate Vaibhav (Aishwarya). Vibhishanji was delighted and went to Shri Raghunathji with many wishes in mind.
(They used to think-) I will go and see the beautiful feet of the soft and red character of God, who are going to give happiness to the servants, whose feet touch the sage wife Ahalya and who are going to sanctify Dandakavan.
The steps which Janaki ji has held in his heart, who ran with the hypocrite on the earth (to catch him) and those who reside in Charankamal, in the form of Lord Shiva’s heart, I am lucky to see them today.
The feet in which Bharatji has set his mind, Aha! Today, I will go to the same steps now and see with these eyes.
In this way, considering the love of the mind, he soon came across this sea (which was Sri Ramachandra’s army). When the monkeys saw Vibhishan coming, they realized that the enemy has a special messenger.
Appointing him (on guard), he came to Sugriva and told him all the news. Sugriva (going to Shri Ramji) said- O Raghunathji! Listen, Ravana’s brother has come to meet (you).
Lord Shri Ramji said- O friend! What do you think (what is your opinion)? Vanararaj Sugriva said- O Maharaj! Listen, the demoness of demons is not known. It is not known why he changed his form at will (Chali).
(It seems) This fool has come to take our distinction, so I like to keep it tied. (Shri Ramji said-) O friend! You have considered the policy well, but my vow is to defeat the fear of refuge!
Hearing the words of the Lord, Hanumanji was delighted (and began to say in his heart) how God is a refugee-vatsal (who comes in refuge but loves like a father).
(Shri Ramji then said-) Humans who guess their harm and abandon those who have come to the shelter, are Palmer (petty), sinful, they are also harmed to see (feel sin).
Whom crores of Brahmins have been killed, I do not even abandon them when they come to the shelter. As soon as a creature is in front of me, the sins of its millions of lives are destroyed.
It is the innate nature of a sinner that my hymn never pleases him. If he (Ravana’s brother) were definitely of a wicked heart, could he come before me?
The person who is of pure mind finds me. I do not like fraud and deception. Even if Ravana has sent him to discern, O Sugriva! There is nothing to fear or harm oneself.
Because hey friend! All the demons in the world, Lakshmana can kill them all in a moment and if he has come to my place in fear, then I will keep him as a life.
Shri Ramji, the abode of grace, laughed and said- bring him in both the situations. Then along with Angad and Hanuman, Sugrivaji went on saying ‘Kapalu Shri Ramji ki Jai Ho’.
With respect to Vibhishanji, the monkey then went to the place where Shri Raghunathji was the Khan of compassion. Vibhishanji saw both brothers (very pleasant) giving donations of pleasure to the eyes from far away.
Then, seeing Shobha’s abode, Shri Ramji, he stopped eyelid (beating) and kept staring (stunned) and kept staring. God has huge arms, eyes like red lotus, and a dark body destroying the fear of refuge.
The lion has shoulders, the huge chest (wide chest) is very beautiful. It is the mouth that fascinates the hearts of innumerable Kamadeva. Seeing the nature of God, Vibhishanji’s eyes (of Premashru) filled with water and the body became very pulsed. Then with patience in his mind, he uttered soft words.
Hey Nath! I am the brother of Dashmukh Ravana. O protector of the gods! I was born in the demon clan. I have a strong body, by nature I love sins, like owls have easy affection for darkness.
I have come to hear your happiness with ears that God is going to destroy the fear of bhava (birth and death). O Shri Raghuveer, who removes the sufferings of the afflicted and comforts the refugees! Protect me, protect me
When the Lord saw them doing the rituals by saying so, they immediately woke up very pleased. Upon hearing the humble words of Vibhishanji, the mind of the Lord was very pleasing. He grabbed them with his huge arms and attached them to his heart.
Lying with younger brother Lakshmanji, sitting beside him, Shri Ramji uttered words that would defeat the fear of devotees – O Lankesh! Say your skills with family. You live in a bad place.
Day and night you dwell in the circle of the wicked. (In such a situation) O friend! How does your religion work? I know all your customs (behavior). You are very tactful, you do not like beauty.

Shree Sita-Trijata Dialogue

Hey Tat It is good to live in hell, but the creator (never) give the company of the wicked. (Vibhishanji said-) O Raghunathji! Now I am skilled in seeing your feet, knowing that you are a servant and have pity on me.
Till then, he is not skilled in life nor is he in peace even in his dream, until he does not worship Shri Ramji except in the work of mourning (subject-matter).
Greed, infatuation, matsar (jealousy), item and honor, etc., many evildoers dwell in the heart until Shri Raghunathji, wearing a bow-arrow and a waist, settles in the heart.
Mamta is a full dark night, which will give pleasure to the owls in the form of raga and malice. That night (as Mamata) dwells in the mind of the creature till the sun rises in the form of the majesty of Lord (you).
Hey Sri Ramji! I am well after seeing your Charanarvind, my great fears have disappeared. Hey kind! The three types of Bhavshul (spiritual, semi-spiritual and semi-physical heat) do not spread to which you are favorable.
I am a demon of very low nature. I have never behaved auspiciously. Those Gods whose form does not even notice, the Lord himself exulted me and took me from the heart.
O Lord of grace and happiness, Shri Ramji! I have the utmost good luck, which I saw with my own eyes the couple’s lotus feet served by Brahma and Shiva.
(Shri Ramji said-) O Sakha! Listen, I tell you my nature, which is also known by Kakabhusundi, Shiva and Parvati. If any man (whole) is the malevolent of the root-conscious world, if he too comes to my place in fear,
And if you abandon the deception of the item, fascination and various kinds of deceit, then I make it like a monk very soon. Mother, father, brother, son, woman, body, wealth, home, friends and family.
By collecting all these mamagat-like tags and making a cord of all those who bind their hearts at my feet. (Makes me the center of all worldly relations), who is a visionary, who has no desire and who does not have joy, grief and fear in his mind.
How does such a gentleman reside in my heart, like a man who lives in the heart of a greedy. I love you like you saints. I do not wear a body (thankfully) to someone else
Those who are worshipers of God (realization), are engaged in the interest of others, are firm in policy and rules and those who have love at the feet of Brahmins are like human beings.
Hey lankapati! Listen, you have all the above qualities. I love you very much with this. Hearing the words of Shri Ramji, groups of all the apes started saying – May the group of grace hail Shri Ramji.
Hearing the voice of the Lord and knowing it as nectar for the ears, Vibhishanji is not afraid. They hold the lotus feet of Shri Ramji again and again, there is immense love, there is no harm in the heart.
(Vibhishanji said-) O God! O lord of the pasture world! O protector of refuge! O who knows the inner heart of everyone! Listen, there was some lust in my heart first. She flowed in the river Rupi, loving the feet of God.
Now you are kind! Give me your holy devotion, which always seems dear to Shivji’s mind. By saying ‘Evamastu’ (so be it), Randhir Prabhu Shri Ramji immediately asked for sea water.
(And said-) O friend! Although you do not have my desire, my vision in the world is infallible (it does not fail). Saying this, Shri Ramji coronated him. Flowers were seen from the sky
Shri Ramji, in the fiery fire of Ravana, who was getting ravaged by the wind in his (Vibhishana’s) breath (utterance), saved the burning Vibhishana and gave him an unbroken kingdom.
The property which Shivji gave to Ravana for sacrificing ten heads, Shri Raghunathji gave Vibhishana very securely.
Except for such a merciful God, humans who worship others are animals without horns and tail. Knowing his servant, Vibhishana was adopted by Shri Ramji. Lord’s nature (very) liked Vanarkul’s mind.
Then Shri Ramji, who knew everything, settled in everyone’s heart, became a human (manifested in all forms), most devoid, indifferent, for reason (to grace the devotees) and destroyed the family of demons. Protectors said -॥

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