Vibhutiog -Tenth chapter Shrimad Bhagwadgita

Vibhutiog -Tenth chapter Shrimad Bhagwadgita –

(The statement of the Lord’s Vibhuti and Yogashakti and the result of His knowing)

Lord said – Oh my God! Nevertheless, listen to my utmost secret and effective word, which I will tell you with the desire of interest for the one who loves you very much. (Vibhutiog -Tenth chapter)

Neither the Gods nor the Maharjis know my origin, that is, to appear from Leela, because I am the archetype of the Gods and Maharishis in all ways.

He who knows me with the unborn, in fact, birthless, eternal (that is, the one who is devoid of all, and the cause of all) and the great God of the world knows from the element, that knowledgeable man in man is freed from all sins. (Vibhutiog -Tenth chapter)

Power to decide, accurate knowledge, disharmony, forgiveness, truth, subjugation of the senses, grace of mind and pleasure-sorrow, genesis-holocaust and fear-fear and non-violence, equality, contentment tapa The name of purification is tapa), charity, fame and dishonor – these are the many kinds of expressions of such beings.

Seven maharishis, four sankadis and swayambhuvas etc. fourteen manu, which originated in them, all of them have arisen from my pledge, whose entire subject in the world..

The man who knows this supreme form of Vibhuti and Yogashakti with the element (all that is visible world is all Maya of God and a Vasudeva God is perfect everywhere, to know this is to know with the element), he should be full of devotion. There is no doubt in it.

(Statement of devotion including fruits and effects)

I am the cause of the origin of the whole world of Vasudeva and all the world tries to me, thus understanding that the wise devotees with devotion and devotion constantly worship me to God.

Constant minders in me and those who surrendered their lives in me (for me Vasudeva who has surrendered his life is called Madgatprana:) The devotees through my discussion of devotion, knowing my influence among themselves and the virtues and influence Including me, I am constantly satisfied while narrating and I am constantly in Vasudeva.

To those devotees who are constantly engaged in my meditation etc. and lovingly give them, I give the same form of philosophy, which they receive from me only.

Hey Arjun! In order to be gracious to them, I am situated in their conscience, I myself destroy their ignorant darkness through the lamp in the form of light.

(Prayer by Arjuna to praise the Lord and say Vibhuti and Yogashakti)

Arjuna said – You are the ultimate brahma, the ultimate abode and the most holy, because you are called by all the sages Sanatan, divine men and gods too, Adidev, unborn and omnipresent. Similarly, Devarshi Narada and Asit and Deval Rishi and Maharishi Vyas also say and you also say towards me.

Hey Keshav! Whatever you say to me, I accept all of this as true. Oh God! Neither your demon nor deity is aware of your pastime (see its expansion in Gita chapter 4 verse 6).

O who produce ghosts! O God of ghosts! O God of gods! O Lord of the world! Hey Purushottam! You know yourself by yourself. (Vibhutiog -Tenth chapter)

Therefore, you are only able to say to your divine personalities in totality, the persons by whom you are located by spreading all these worlds.

Hey Yogeshwar! How can I know you constantly thinking and O God! In which expressions are you worth pondering by me?

Hey Janardan! Tell your yogic power and vibhuti yet in detail, because I am not satisfied while listening to your nectaric words, that is, the eagerness of listening remains.

(The statement of God by his personalities and yogic power)

Shree Bhagwan said – O Kurushrestha! Now I will say to you those who are my divine personalities, for you; Because there is no end to my expansion.

Hey Arjun! I am the soul of everyone located in the heart of all ghosts and I am also the beginning, middle and end of all ghosts.

I am Vishnu among the twelve sons of Aditi and the Sun with rays in the Jyotis and I am the bright moon of the forty-nine celestials and the lord of the constellations.

I am Samveda in the Vedas, I am Indra among the Gods, I am the mind in the senses, and I am the consciousness of ghosts, that is, life-force.

I am Shankar among the eleventh Rudras and Kubera, the lord of wealth among the Yakshas and demons. I am the fire in the eight Vasus and in the summit mountains I am Sumeru.

Jupiter, the chief among the priests, know me. Hey Parth! I am the skanda among the generals and the sea in the reservoirs.(Vibhutiog -Tenth chapter)

I am a Bhrigu in Maharishi and a letter in words ie Omkar. Among all types of yagyas, I am chanting and among those who remain stable, I am the Himalayan mountains.

I am the Peepal tree in all the trees, Narada Muni in the Devarshi, Chitraratha in the Gandharvas and Kapila Muni among the Siddhas.

A horse named Urshaiva, born with nectar in horses, elephant named Airavat in the best elephants and the king in humans, know me.

I am Vajra in weapons and Kamadhenu in cows. In the scriptures, I am Kamdev for the origin of children and I am the snake king Vasuki in snakes.

I am the serpent of serpents (serpent and serpent in these two types of snakes.) I am the ruler of Sheshnag and the aqueducts, and I am the ancestor named Aryama among the ancestors and Yamraj among those who rule.

I am the time of Prahlada and the enumerators in the demons (I am the time in the moment, clock, day, side, month, etc.) and I am Mrigraj Singh in animals and Garuda in birds.

Among those who purify, I am Shri Ram in the air and the weapons, but I am the fish but I am Shri Bhagirathi Gangaji in the rivers.

Hey Arjun! I am also the beginning and the end and middle of the universe. I am a liturgy in the disciplines of theology, that is, theology and the content of those who dispute each other.

I am a syllable in syllables and in syllables I am called duality. I am also the Akshakaala, that is, the Mahakal of Kaal and the one who faces everywhere, the one who takes care of everyone.

I am the destroyer of death and the originator of all those who are born and women are also famous in the name of Kirti (Kirti, etc. These are the qualities of women and feminine names of the seven gods, so both are the personalities of God), Shree, speech, I am memory, merit, dhriti and forgiveness.

And among the songs to be sung, I am Brihatsam and in verses I am Gayatri and in the months I am Margashirsha and in the seasons I am Vasant.

I am the influence of gambling and influential men in deceit. I am the victory of those who win, the determination of those who decide, and the sattvik spirit of sattvik men.

Among the Vrishnivanshis (there was also a Vrishni dynasty under the Yadavas) I am also Vasudeva ie I am your sakha, Dhananjaya in the Pandavas, you, Ved Vyas among the sages and Shukracharya poets among poets.(Vibhutiog -Tenth chapter)

I am the punishment of those who oppress, that is, the power to suppress, the policy of those who wish to win, I am the defender of secretive feelings and I am the philosophy of the knowledgeable.

And hey Arjun! I am the one who is responsible for the origin of all the ghosts, because there is no one who is devoid of me, such a variable and constant.

Hey hey, This is not the end of my divine personalities, I have said this detail of my personalities to you from Ekadesh, that is, briefly.

Whatever is a person who is blessed, that is, an auspicious, saintly and powerful thing, you should know him as an expression of the part of my glory.

O father, Arjun! Knowing this, what is your sponsorship? I am holding this entire world with only a fraction of my yogic power.

om Tatsaditi Shrimad Bhagavadgitasupanishatsu theosophy
Shrikrishnarajunaswade Vibhutiyogo Name Dasamodhyaya: ॥

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