Virat Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Virat Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

To stay in the city of Virat during the period of exile in Virat Parvat Gupta, instructions of proper conduct by Dhaumya, instructions of the future program by Yudhishthira, various names and forms residing here in Virat, the slaughter of Mall and Keechak and remedies called Jeemut by Bhimsen. , The discovery of the Pandavas by Duryodhana’s detectives and returning information about the Kicchavadh, the invasion of the Matsya country by the Trigartas and the Kauravas, the killing of the cows of the Virats by the Kauravas, the Pandavas’ war with the Kaurava army, especially the war by the Arjuna and the defeat of the Kauravas. , Arjuna and Kumar North are told to come to the assembly of Virat, the introduction of Virat to Yudhishthiradi Pandavas, and Arjuna’s acceptance of Uttara as a daughter-in-law is described. (Virat Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories)

Pandavas Unknown
The Pandavas, sheltered at Raja Virat, were to undergo one year of exile, ending the twelve-year period of exile. They left for Virat Nagar. Upon reaching Virat Nagar, they all sat under a tree. Yudhishthira told me that I will take shelter in the disguise of a Brahmin by wearing the name ‘Kanka’ at King Virat. He told Bhima that you should ask for ‘Vallabh’ to do the kitchen work at Virat, he told Arjun that you should wear the name ‘Brihannala’ and pray to the princess of Virat to teach her music and dance, equipped with female Bhushan. And demand to take care of horses under the name Nakula ‘Granthik’ and to work as a shepherd by the name of Sahadeva ‘Tantripal’.

All the Pandavas hid their weapons on a Shami tree and in disguise entered Virat Nagar. Virat accepted the prayers of all of them. Virat’s wife became infatuated with Draupadi’s form and kept her to do hairstyle etc. Draupadi described her name as Sairandhri and said that I cannot touch the knuckles nor can I eat the shoes. Keechaka-Slaughter One day, Virat’s wife, Sudeshna’s brother, Keechaka became enchanted on the Sarandhri. He asked his sister about Sairandhri. Sudeshna avoids saying that she is a maid of the palace. Keechak went to Draupadi and said, ‘You can make me your slave.’ Draupadi said fearfully, ‘I am a maid. I am married, do not treat me like this. Keechak stopped at that time, but again and again, he began to show likeness towards his sister Sairandhri. Seeing no choice, Sudeshna said that on the day of the festival, I will send Sarahandri to you. On the day of the festival, the queen sent Sarahandri to Keechaka on the pretext of bringing some things. Seeing the bad intentions of Sairandhri Keechak ran away. One day, after getting a chance in solitude, he told Bhima about Kichak. Bhima said that now when he says something to you, promise him to come to the theater at midnight and tell me. He asked to meet Keechaka of Sairandhri in the theater at midnight. He reached the theater at midnight, where Bhima was already waiting for him in disguise. Bhima kills Keechaka. (Virat Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories)

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The very next day news spread in Virat Nagar that Keechaka was killed by the Gandharva husband of Sairandhri. Duryodhana also heard the news of the Godhan-Haran Keechak-slaughter and guessed that Draupadi, the maid named Sairandhri, and her Gandharva husband are Pandavas. By then, the period of Pandavas’ unknown was over. (Virat Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories)
The invasion of Virat by the Trigartas and Kauravas.
The king of Trigarta was humiliated many times by Keechaka. Hearing the news of Keechak’s death, he thought of taking revenge on Virat. Susharma was a friend of Duryodhana. He advised Duryodhana that if the cows of Virat were brought, then the milk requirement would be fulfilled in the time of war. You guys are ready, I am going to attack Virat.

As soon as he left, Duryodhana also attacked Virat along with Bhishma, Dronacharya, Kripacharya, Karna, Ashwatthama, etc. Maharaj Virat also started crying after remembering Keechaka but Kank (Yudhishthira) gave him patience. Susharma tied Virat in everything, but at this time Kank challenged Vallabh (Bhima). Vallabh tied Susharma and presented him in front of Kanka and opened Virat’s bonds. At the same time, the invasion of Kauravas was reported. Duryodhana asked Bhishma whether the period of exile had been completed or not. Bhishma said that on one basis this period has been completed, but according to another, there are still a few days left. (Virat Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories)

Virat was frightened, but Uttara Kumar agreed to the war at the behest of Vrihannala (Arjuna). Vrihannala gave his real introduction and took off his Gandive and Akshay Toonir from the Shami tree and fought fiercely. Killed the son of Karna, wounded Karna, cut the bow of Dronacharya and Bhishma, and sculpted the Kaurava army with hypnotic weapons. After the war, Virat gets introduced to the Pandavas and proposes the marriage of his daughter Uttara to Arjuna, but Arjun said that he had been Uttara’s teacher, so proposed Uttara’s marriage to his son Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu and Uttara get married with pomp.

There are 5 (sub) festivals and 72 chapters under Virat Parva. The names of these five (sub) festivals are Pandavpravesh Parva, Samayalpan Parva, Keechkavidha Parva, Goharan Parva, Matrimonial Feast.

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