Vishwamitra enters Sri Janakpur with Shri Ram-Laxman

Shri Ram-Laxman- Shri Ramji and Laxmanji went with the sage. He went to the place where there was Gangaji, who sanctified the world. Vishwamitraji, the son of Maharaja Gandhi, narrated all the stories in the way Devanadi Gangaji came to earth.

Then the Lord took a bath with the sages (in Gangaji). The Brahmins received regular donations. Then he went away happily with the monk and soon reached near Janakpur.

When Shri Ramji saw the beauty of Janakpur, he was very happy, including younger brother Laxman. There are many basalis, wells, rivers, and ponds, which have water like nectar and staircases of stones.

Bubbles are making beautiful humming, drunk with Makaranda juice. Colorful (many) birds are making sweet words. Colorful lotus blooms. Always, in all the seasons, the one who gives pleasure, the cool, the dim, the fragrance is blowing the wind.

The floral garden (Phulwari), gardens, and forests, which are inhabited by many birds, are adorned around the city with flowers, flowers, and beautiful leaves.

It is not making to describe the beauty of the city. Wherever the mind goes, there is lubha Jata (rum). There is a beautiful market, there are strange balconies making of beads, as if Brahma made them with his own hands.

Even so Similar to Kubera, the rich merchants are sitting in shops (carrying shops) of all kinds. Beautiful intersections and beautiful streets are always water with fragrance.

Everyone’s homes are auspicious and the paintings are carved on them, as if painted by a Cupid-like painter. All the men and women of the city are beautiful, pious, saintly, righteous, knowledgeable, and talented.

Where Janakji has a very unique (beautiful) abode (palace), the deities also get tired (stunned) by seeing the luxury (opulence) there (what about humans!). Seeing the coat (palace of the palace), the mind is amazing, (it seems) as if he has restrained the beauty of the whole world.

Many types of beautifully craft gem-studded gold brocade are installed in the bright palaces. How can one describe the beauty of the beautiful palace of Sitaji’s stay?

All the doors (gates) of the palace are beautiful, in which there are doors of Vajra (strong or shining of diamonds). There are (subordinate) crowds of kings, nuts, Magadhas, and Baths. There are huge horsemen and gazhalas (phalkhana) for horses and elephants, which are full of horses, elephants, and chariots all the time.

Because Many are knights, ministers, and commanders. The houses of all of them are also like the palace. Outside the city, near the pond and river, there are many kings descend (camping).

(Right there) Seeing an unrivaled garden of mangoes, where all kinds of fragrances were doing and which was pleasant in all respects, Vishwamitraji said- O Sujan Raghuveer! My mind says to stay here

Kripa K Dham Shri Ramchandraji ‘Very good lord!’ Having said that, he stayed there with a group of monks. When Mithilapati Janakji got the news that Mahamuni Vishwamitra had come,

Then he took many warriors, superior Brahmins, gurus (Shatanandji), and the best of his caste, ministers (honest, loyal devotees) of the Sacred Heart, and thus happily went to meet Vishwamitraji, the lord of king sages.

The king bowed at the feet of the sage. Vishwamitraji, the lord of the sages, blessed and pleased. Then he bowed with respect to all the Brahmanandamali and the king was happy knowing his great fortune.

So Repeatedly, Vishwamitra made the king sit with efficient questions. At the same time, both brothers arrived, who had gone to see Phulwadi.

Sukumar is a teenager, both Shyam and Gaur Varna, who give pleasure to the eyes and steal the mind of the whole world. When Raghunathji came, everyone (impressed by his form and sharpness) got up and stood up. Vishwamitra made him sit with him.

Everyone was happy to see both brothers. Everybody’s eyes filled with water (tears of joy and love flowed) and the bodies were a thrill. Videha (Janaka) became especially Videha (devoid of body’s repose-Mercury) by seeing the sweet idol of Ramji.

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