Vishwamitra enters Sri Yagyashala with Sri Ram-Laxman

Vishwamitra  –Let us look at the Swayamvara of Sitaji. See whom God blesses Laxmanji said- O Nath! The one who will be pleased with you will be the person of praise (he will get credit for breaking the bow).

All sages were pleased to hear this great voice. Everyone blessed with happiness. Then along with a group of sages, Kripalu Shri Ramchandraji went to see the Dhanush Yagyashala.

Both brothers have come to the Rangbhoomi when all the residents of the city got such news, then the children, young, old, women, men, all forgot the house and work.

When Janak ji saw that there was a huge crowd, he called all the faithful servants and said – you immediately go to all the people and give everyone a proper seat.

Those servants called gentle and meek utterances, putting the best, medium, low and small (all category) women and men in their respective places.

At the same time, the prince (Rama and Lakshmana) came there. (They are such beautiful) as if their beauty is covering their bodies. His body is beautiful sooty and fair. He is a sea of virtues, clever and perfect valor.

They are being beautified in the society of kings, as if there are two full moons between the stars. He saw the idol of God as he was feeling.

The great Randhir (king people) is seeing the form of Shri Ram Chandraji as if wearing a heroic body of himself. The crooked king was frightened to see the Lord, as if a terrible idol.

By deceit, the demons who were sitting there in the guise of kings saw the Lord as a direct time. The residents of the city saw both brothers as human beings with Bhushan form and pleasing eyes.

Women are delighted in heart and are watching them according to their interest. It is as if you are beautifying yourself by wearing the ultimate unique idol.

The scholars appeared in the form of Prabhu Virat, who has many mouths, hands, feet, eyes, and heads. In what way (how dearly) are you seeing Janakji’s homogeneous (Kutumba) Prabhu, as if dear relatives (relatives) seem dear?

The queens, including Janak, are looking at him as their child, their love cannot be described. To the yogis, they see calm, pure, even, and self-light as the ultimate element.

Hari devotees saw both brothers as the presiding deity of all happiness. Sitaji is looking at Shri Ramchandraji in the sense that he is not able to say affection and happiness.

She is experiencing that (affection and happiness) in her heart, but she also cannot say it. Then how can a poet say that. In this way, as he had the feeling, he saw the Kosaladhish Ramchandraji in the same way.

The beautiful Rajas of Kosaladhish who have beautiful eyes and a white body and steal the eyes of the world are embellished (thus) in the society.

Both idols are going to defeat the mind by nature (without any make-up). The likeness of crores of Kamadevs is also despised for them. His beautiful face is also blasphemous (degrading) of the moon of Sharad (full moon) and like the lotus is very much like the eye mind.

The beautiful Chitwan (who defeats the mind of the whole world) is going to defeat the mind of Cupid also. She loves the heart very much, but it cannot be described. There are beautiful cheeks, flickering (swinging) coils in the ears. The chin and the lips are beautiful, soft speech.

Laughter is the scorn of the moon’s rays. The eyebrows are crooked and the nose is delightful. (High) Tilak is seen on the broad forehead (being radiant). (Black curly) hairlines are also embarrassed by looking at the hair.

Yellow chowkoni caps are embellished at the ends, with flower buds (kadhi) made in between. There are three beautiful lines in the beautiful (round) neck like a conch, which is as if to tell (limit) the beauty of the three worlds.

Beautiful girdles of gajmuktas and garlands of basil are adorned on the heart. His shoulders are (high and athletic) like the shoulders of oxen, the heels (pride of standing) are like that of a lion and the arms are huge and a storehouse of strength.

Tarkas and Pitambar are tied at the waist. The arrow in the (right) hands and the bow on the left beautiful shoulders and the yellow yajnopaveet (jane) are graceful. All the parts from the nail to the crest are beautiful, they have great beauty on them.

Everyone was happy to see them. The eyes are unbroken (Nimesh void) and the stars (pupils) do not move. Janaki was happy to see both brothers. Then he went and grabbed the lotus feet of the monk.

After pleading, he narrated his story and showed the whole Rangbhoomi (Yagyashala) to the sage. (With Muni) Wherever the two best princes go, they start to see everyone surprised there.

Everyone saw Ramji facing towards himself, but no one could know any special secret of it. The sage said to the king – The creation of the Rangbhoomi is very beautiful (Vishwamitra – like hearing the praise of the composition from the disloyal, detached, and knowledgeable sage), the king was pleased and got great happiness.

One stage was more beautiful, bright, and spacious than all the other platforms. (Himself) the king seated the two brothers including the sage on it.

Seeing the Lord, all the kings lost in the heart (disappointed and uninspired) like the stars become lightless when the full moon rises. (Seeing his glory) It was believed in everyone that Ramchandra would break the bow, no doubt.

(Seeing his form here, it was decided in everyone’s mind) that without breaking Shivaji’s huge bow (which is not possible), Sitaji will put Jayamala in the neck of Shri Ramchandraji (that is, both ways we will be defeated and Vijay will be in the hands of Ramchandraji). (Thinking this way, he said) O, brother! Thinking like this, you lose your glory and glory, strength, and strength, and go to your home.

The other kings, who were blinded by arrogance and arrogant, laughed a lot to hear this. (He said) Marriage is difficult even if the bow is broken (that is, we will not let Janaki go by hand), then who can marry a princess without breaking it.

No matter what time it is, once for Sita, we too will win her in the war. Hearing this pride, other kings, who were righteous, Haribhakta and grown-up, smiled.

(He said-) By removing the pride of the kings (breaking the bow which cannot be broken by anyone), Shri Ramchandraji will marry Sita. (Talk of war, so) Who can win the sons of King Dasharatha in battle?

Do not die in vain Does hunger quench even more than the ladders of the mind? Hearing our supremely pure (sincere) lesson, consider Sita ji as a true Jagjjanani (leave the hope and longing for her as a wife),

And considering Shri Raghunathji the father (God) of the world, fill his eyes and see his image (such an opportunity will not be found again and again). The sum of beautiful, pleasing, and all qualities, these two brothers are settlers in Shivji’s heart (Shivji himself, who is always hidden in the heart, has come before your eyes).

Leaving near the sea of nectar (Bhagavadarshan form), why do you (the falsehood of getting Jagjajnani Janaki as a wife) Why do you run and die after seeing the deer? Then (brother!) Do what you like, go and do it. We (by seeing Shri Ramachandraji) have reaped the fruits of taking birth today (made life and birth successful)

Saying this, the good king started to see the unique form of Shri Ramji after becoming engrossed in love. (What about humans?) Gods are also seen flying on planes from the sky and showering flowers singing beautiful songs.

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