Vishwamitra’s King Dasaratha asks Ram-Lakshmana, Tadka slaughter

Vishwamitra’s King Dasaratha asks Ram –Which is pervasive, Akala (nirvayava), wishless, unborn, and nirguna and who has no name nor form, is the same kind of unique (supernatural) character for the devotees of God.

I said all this character by singing (Bakhankar). Now listen to the story ahead Gyani Mahamuni Vishwamitra used to live in the forest knowing the auspicious ashram (holy place).

Where he used to chant Muni, Yagya, and Yoga, but was very afraid of Maricha and Subahu. On seeing the yajna, the demons used to run and create trouble, due to which the sages used to get (a lot) of sorrow.

Vishwamitraji, son of Gadhi, was worried that these sinful demons would not die without (killing) God. Then the exalted sage thought in his mind that God had incarnated to defeat the weight of the earth.

On the pretext of this, I should see his feet and beg and bring the two brothers. (Aha!) I will look at the Lord with eyes full of knowledge, disinterest, and all virtues.

It did not take long to go in many ways by wishing. After bathing in the water of Saryuji, he reached the king’s door.

When the king heard the arrival of the Muni, he went to meet the Brahmin community and brought respect and worshiped the monkey and brought him to sit on his seat.

After washing the feet, he worshiped a lot and said – Blessed today there is no one like me. Then got many types of food, from which the great sage took great pleasure in his heart.

Then the king put the four sons on the feet of the sage (prostrated him). On seeing Sri Ramachandraji, the sage forgot his body. He was so engrossed on seeing the beauty of Shri Ramji’s face, as if Chakor was tempted by seeing the full moon.

Then the king rejoiced in his heart and said these words – O Muni! In this way, you have never been kind. What made you pay today? Say, I will not take any time to complete it.

(The sage said-) O king! Groups of demons haunt me a lot, that’s why I came to ask you for something. Give me Mr. Raghunathji with a younger brother. I will become Sanath (safe) after the demons are killed.

Hey Rajan! Give them with a happy heart, leave attachment and ignorance. Hey master! With this, you will get religion and Suyyash and your ultimate welfare.

Hearing this very unpleasant speech, the heart of the king trembled and his face lost its radiance. (He said-) O Brahmin! I have got four sons in the fourth, you did not think and talk.

Hey monkey! You ask for earth, cow, money, and treasure, I will give my all with great pleasure today. Nothing is more lovely than body and soul, I will give it to him in a moment.

All the sons love me like life, Lord too! It is not possible to give Rama (in any way). Where the most frightening and cruel demons, and (absolutely Sukumar) my beautiful son!

The knowledgeable sage Vishwamitra felt great joy in his heart after hearing the voice of the king, rooted in love. Then Vashisthaji explained to the king in many ways, which brought the suspicion of the king to perish.

The king called both the sons with great respect and taught them in many ways with a heart. (Then said-) O, Nath! These two sons are my life. Hey monkey! (Now) you are his father, no one else.

Because The king blessed the sons in many ways and handed them over to the sage. Then went to the palace of Prabhu Mata and bowed her head at his feet.

Among the men, both brothers (Ram-Lakshman), as a lion, walked happily to defeat the fear of sage. They are also the reason for the sea of grace, patience, and reason for the whole world.

God has red eyes, wide chest and huge arms, Neel Kamal and black body like the Tamal tree, Pitambar (clothe) and beautiful Tarkas are tight at the waist. In both hands (respectively) are the beautiful bow and arrow.

Both Shyam and Gaur Varna’s brothers are extremely beautiful. Vishwamitra received great funds. (He started thinking-) I came to know that Lord Brahmanyadeva (a devotee of Brahmins). God left my father for me also.

On the way, the sage showed Tadka. She ran in anger as soon as she heard the word. So Shri Ramji took his life with a single arrow and knowing him, gave him Nijpad (his divine form).

Then the sage Vishwamitra, considering the Lord to be the storehouse of knowledge in the mind (to complete the Leela) gave such a learning, which does not cause hunger and thirst, and the light of the power and glory is great in the body.

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