Watching Sumantra return to Ayodhya and grieve everywhere

Watching Sumantra return to Ayodhya and grieve everywhere – Seeing this condition of ministers and horses, Nishad Raj fell into despair. Then he called four of his best servants and accompanied the charioteer.

Nishadraj Guh returned by sending (departing) Sarathi (Sumantraji). His sadness and sorrow cannot be described. They took all four Nishad chariots to Avadh. (Seeing Sumantra and horses) They were also immersed in sadness moment by moment.
Sumantji, distraught and oppressed, thinks it is a shame to live without Shri Raghuveer. After all, if there is a dead body, there is no such thing. Just after leaving Shri Ramchandraji, he did not take fame (why).
This life became inauspicious and sinful. Now, why do they not travel (do not leave)? Oh! The lowly mind (very good) missed the opportunity. Even now, the heart is not broken into two pieces!
Sumantra regrets beating hands and beating his head. As if some miser have lost the treasure of wealth. They walked as if a great warrior had run away from the war wearing a warrior’s garb and being called a great knight!
Just as a prudent, knowledgeable Veda, a practicing monk, and a noble (noble) Brahmin, by deceit, drink liquor and repent, similarly Minister Sumantra is thinking (regretting).
Like a good family, sane nature, sensible and mind, word, deed, the husband who considers the husband to be a god, has to leave the husband luckily (separate from the husband), at that time there is terrible anguish in his heart, Similarly, it is happening in the heart of the minister.
The eyes are full of water, the vision is dimmed. Can’t hear with ears, distraught intellect is getting stuck. The lips are dry, the mouth is dry, but (even after all these symptoms of death) do not die, because the heart is in a period of time (that is, after fourteen years, God will meet again, this hope is hindered Is pouring)
The color of Sumantraji’s face has changed, which is not seen. It seems as if they have killed the parents. There is great guilt (anguish) of loss of Ramviyoga in his mind, as if a sinful person is thinking on the way to hell.
Words do not come out of the mouth. In my heart, I regret what I will see in Ayodhya? Whoever sees the zero chariot with Shri Ramchandraji, he will hesitate to see me (that is, he will not want to see my face).
When all the distraught men and women of the city will run and ask me, then I will answer them with a thunderbolt on my heart.
When all the mothers who are oppressed, will ask, then the Creator! What shall i tell them? When Lakshmanji’s mother asks me, what pleasant message will I call him?
When Shri Ramji’s mother comes running like this, remembering the newly born cow-calf, then when I ask him, I will answer him that Shri Ram, Laxman and Sita have gone to the forest!
Whoever asks will have to answer the same! Oh! I have to go to Ayodhya and take this happiness now! When Deen Maharaj, whose life is under sorrow (of Darshan), will ask me, sadly,
Then with what mouth will I answer them that I have reached the princes efficiently! On hearing the news of Lakshmana, Sita and Shri Ram, Maharaj will discard the body like a straw.
My heart did not burst like mud at the time of the burning of the beloved (Shri Ramji), from this I know that the creator has given me this ‘tortured body’ (which sinful creatures get to suffer hell).
Sumantra was repentant on the way, and the chariot immediately reached the banks of the Tamsa River. The minister humbly bid farewell to the four Nishad. Distraught with gloom, he returned to Sumantra’s feet.
Ministers entering the city (due to guilt) feel as if they had come after killing a Guru, a Brahmin or a cow. Spent the whole day sitting under a tree. Got an opportunity when it was evening.
When it was dark, he entered Ayodhya and, standing the chariot at the door, he (secretly) entered the palace. All those who heard this news, they all came to the palace to see the chariot.
By recognizing the chariot and seeing the horses distraught, their bodies are being hugged (eroding) like hail in the heat! How are the men and women of the city distraught, such as fishes (distraught) when water decreases?
On hearing the minister’s arrival (alone), the entire Ranivas got distraught. They found the palace as horrible as the abode (crematorium) of the beloved.
All queens ask very much, but Sumantra does not get any answer, his voice has become (stopped). Neither is heard through ears nor does anything feel through eyes. Whatever they come up with, they ask him, “Where are the kings?”
Seeing the minister distraught, the maids took her to Kausalaji’s palace. Sumantra went and saw the king (sitting) there as if there was a moon without nectar.
Raja is lying on the earth completely depressed, devoid of postures, beds and jewelery. They take long breaths and think in this way as if King Yayati is thinking of falling from heaven.
Kings fill their chest with thought every moment. Such is the predicament as if (brother of Gidha Raj Jatayu) had fallen due to the burning of the feathers. Raja (repeatedly) ‘Ram, Ram’ ‘Ha affectionate (beloved) Ram!’ They say, “Ha Rama, Ha Lakshman, Ha Janki”

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